Monday, October 05, 2009

Okay, I'm so committed right now. I'm going to post a picture a day. For a year! But I won't always be able to write.

I loved all the notes from yesterday's posting. Ah, I must write an Ode to Ironing. Tomorrow, perhaps.

This picture is of a Oaxacan - Mexican - lizard - painted in the style - anyway, he was part of my husband's dowry. I have it on my mantle. Our mantle. I love it. There are other insects too. Maybe I'll get them in a picture someday.

I am so tired! I spent so much time today going back and forth with Showtime about weather (that's funny - weather - of course I mean whether...) the movie ("Letting Go...") should be letterboxed in HD or regular TV sized and not HD when it premieres on Showtime in November. We went with HD. I barely know what all this means. Well, I know what HD means. The point is, it's going to be GREAT! I'm so excited. It's finally going to be legit and on the telly.

I made dinner - pork chops with a marscapone cheese-capers-lemon rind sauce. Also steamed artichokes and broccoli. Mmmm...

And much wine.

Michael is home and I am glad.

Jill Sobule and I booked a show in Park City for the spring, I think March 17. Yippy.

Today I listened on my ipod, while walking Arden to the lake, a downloaded recording of the book by Christopher Buckley about his parents, who he called Mum and Pup. I think the book is, "Losing Mum & Pup." It's so stirring and engrossing and heartfelt. I have never read any of his other books, (C. Buckley) but I'm completely taken with his point of view. God, imagine having William F. Buckley be your dad! It made me think a lot about my own dad - so dissimilar and so similar in his smaller-than-life way to William F. Buckley. Christopher talks about the first time he had an open crisis of faith and his father took him to Mexico and they read G. K. Chesterton and Evelyn Waugh aloud. If my father had been able, this is exactly what he would have done with me.

I also read some poetry in Katha Pollit's new book, "The Mind Body Problem." The poems are breathtaking, especially "Shore Road." And the poem that is also the title of the book - that's a great one too.

I'm doing Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on Oct. 29 & Dec. 3rd. This is good news.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

If a picture speaks a thousand words, and you post one daily for a year, then we're looking at 365,000 words. Thats a LOT of bloggin'. lol. I did an ironing haiku once. :)

Steamed artichokes are so excellent!

jen duncan said...

Hi Julia! I think I bookmarked your blog back when Obama was winning the election (thank God!) and I was so heartbroken about prop 8 (still stunned). Then you up and posted the other day and reminded me, "I LOVE Julia Sweeney's writings! I have credits over at Audible! I must go download something." I'm saving them for this Friday's road trip. Then you posted AGAIN the very next day and it reminded me that a picture a day is a GREAT way to keep the blog from getting so dusty, so now I'm doing it too. Thanks for the inspiration, in so many ways.

Petra said...

My birthday is October 29th! What a great present! Julia on WWDTM!

: ) P