Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Too tired. This is my family room just off the kitchen. I cannot find anything. It's a sea of junk amidst a sea of plastic wrapped furniture. Two more days and it will all be done. This part, anyway...

Mulan has a birthday party here on Sunday. I have to clean the house, I must put everything away, I must find my MIND. Then my hostess SMILE.

I was supposed to go to L.A. to pitch something next week but it's been postponed. Jim and I continue to talk through the movie we're writing. The process is so much fun, I would do it for free.

Wait a minute, we ARE doing it for free. Ha. Anyway, we're making real progress and I am enjoying the entire process.

I'm obsessed with Mad Men. I can't stop thinking about the last episode.


Anonymous said...

I'm obsessed with Mad Men too. Sadly, I can't see this season's shows until January over here unless I buy them from iTunes and I'm too cheap.

Good luck with the painting, party and pitch.

Anonymous said...

You're living room is going to look fab after things are arranged. Somehow this picture reminded me of the humming bird blanket you had draped over the couch in the "God said Ha!" set. I've watch that a couple hundred times on the tele. I adore humming birds!

Anonymous said...

IMHO, the best source for Mad Men news and fan discussion is

Basket of Kisses

Anonymous said...

Great desktop wallpaper and iPhone wallpaper by Dyna Moe


MrPlayerHater said...

Obsessed with Mad Men? I'm so far gone that I'm following the characters on Twitter. Its actually quite fabulously done and adds to my enjoyment of the show. Apparently they are done by fans,and not the writers, but spot on nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

I have only just seen the last episode of Mad Men.

Five bucks says that Henry Francis either dies or is otherwise prevented from marrying Betty.

ofertas muebles said...

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