Friday, October 26, 2007

All I can say this morning is this: I should not watch “30 Rock” alone anymore. It’s too funny, too disturbing, too nightmarish, too smart for me to watch and not have someone there to make sure that I don’t slide down a rabbit hole afterwards. Tina Fey is so brilliant, Alec Baldwin is so damn hilarious, and it’s way WAY too real for me. It reminds me of my years at SNL and it reminds me that I’m older and not there or anywhere near the center of anything like that and probably never will be and it fills me with regret and dread and delight and relief! It’s a marathon of emotion for me just to watch the show and this week’s episode features Carrie Fisher as an older comedy writer and her character is so pathetic and familiar and I can’t believe she did that part and of course she did that part because it’s so real and true and funny and awful. Oh god. I was up half the night thinking about that show. And I drank two glasses of wine. I wrote a rambling email to my girlfriends from Spokane. Oh god.

I am going to put this up on my website, but I thought I would toss it out here first: Jill Sobule and I are doing two shows at Largo in November, on Nov. 6th and 13th. And we are going to make them have a quasi-Christmas theme and record them and put them out on CD and on audible by Christmas time. Jill has a few wonderful Christmas songs and I am going to try to think of some Christmas stories too. I’ll probably talk about Mulan and Santa Claus and Christmas Mass and the baby Jesus. I don’t know yet, but we usually have a lot of fun doing those shows at Largo.

Also, I am about to revamp my website. Probably in the next two months. It’s going to be more like a house, or rather, have a house type of theme. I have ideas, people!

I am also watching Mad Men and loving it. There is a lot of good TV on these days. My other new favorite show is a BBC show called, “How Clean Is Your House.” Oh god, it is really funny and interesting.

I just did my show, “Letting Go of God” in Seattle – or to be more specific, in Bothell last weekend. It was really fun. I sort of remembered how much I love doing this show. I have three shows scheduled for early November in Connecticut and New Jersey and then I just booked another show in Park City, Utah on Dec. 1st. I am thinking that I will let my booker book me to do about 15 shows a year of Letting Go. As far as the movie goes, I’m not sure what is happening yet. I am waiting to find out about if it gets into Sundance before I make any decisions. But I am sort of attracted to releasing the movie myself, more expansive, but somewhat like I released the CD, which has done well and it’s really fun that the internet makes this all possible, unlike when I had to release “God Said Ha!” through a distributor ten years ago.

Okay, I have to go get Mulan up for school. It’s Friday and I am not getting on a plane today and that is good news. Last Friday was so frantic and hysterical – we were flying to Seattle after Mulan got out of school and I had so much to get done before we left, I was running around and behind with everything all day. We rushed to the airport with all my stuff – the computers I need to do the show, Cds, even Christmas presents for my nieces who we were staying with in Seattle. And I handed our tickets to the person at the airline desk and he said, “These tickets are from Burbank.” I had driven to the wrong airport! Oh my god, I am losing my mind. Fortunately they rebooked us from LAX, but I have been marveling at my lack of togetherness ever since. I want to write a book called, “Slow Down” and last Friday’s craziness will be the first chapter.