Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yesterday Michael, Mulan and I went to the Chicago Botanical Garden. Our first visit to this magical place was over Labor Day, and I was stunned that in our midst we have one of the most arresting, well-organized, peaceful, and gorgeous botanical gardens I'd ever been in. I love Huntington Gardens in Los Angeles - well technically it's in Pasadena - and have so many memories being there with different family members and friends. But I think the Chicago Botanical Garden is even more beautiful.

Michael teases me (to cover his more sincere irritation) that I join every museum I go to (and for the most years possible) even if I'm sure not to be returning enough times to justify the expense. However this time he happily signed us up for two years. The museum is free but they charge $20 for parking, so in essence you're buying a reduced parking pass. But of course really it's to support this holy place in our midst. We wandered around for over two hours, seeing all new places since our last visit.

I do not have a green thumb. Michael says that when people say someone has a green thumb all they really mean is that the person remembers to water the plants. I do want to learn. My experience gardening is limited to buying plants randomly in Los Angeles and plopping them in the ground, only to look up surprised a few months later and see that they're growing over the rooftop of the house. Not much was required. Here in Illinois it's a different story. I'm just beginning to understand how the growing-things-endeavor works. On the larger plant side of things, I'll admit that I'm mad to have a weeping willow and a sugar maple in the front yard. Somehow, someway.

Last night we had mexican hot chocolate and watched about four back-to-back Tivo-ed episodes of "The Big Bang Theory." I love that show.


Anonymous said...

Michaels just being humble about the green thumb. I have none, but my Mom comes over and starts jabbering away about light levels, soil ph, different feeding requirements for all these techically named green things. Its like having an ear for music, some people just have it!

I shrug my shoulders, and give homage to her green thumb, and throw out my latest "endeavor".

Unknown said...

I am so envious right now! I lived in Highwood for a few years, and the Botanical Garden was a favorite place for us to visit (among other Chicago areas spots I am homesick for). Thanks for bringing up those memories for me on this rainy western Washington day.

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