Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Well, I believe I’m taking a blogging break. I am in the midst of writing two other things and I am so preoccupied with them that I am incapable of blogging at this time. So, I’m taking a possibly long hiatus.

There have been some changes in future projects. I won’t be releasing “Letting Go of God” on Sept. 15th on DVD. There are some other possibilities in the works, including a limited theatrical run and a cable sale, and I need to fully look into those before releasing the movie. I’m sorry, this is just the way of self-released material I think. (BTW, the film did very well in Seattle at the film festival and got more attention than I anticipated it would. In fact, it made it to the top ten movies out of 400 entries in their ratings system, and that was after only one screening – the other films had two. In any case, I was made more optimistic about a wider type of release after Seattle.)

Jill Sobule and I are currently planning to open our show at the new Largo site – at the Coronet Theater in L.A. in late September (not late August as previously thought) on Sundays. That is in development.

I point you to two other blogs and an article that friends of mine maintain and which I feel are very, very good.

My dearest friend Jim Emerson’s blog about movies (and sometimes other things too) at:


My very good friend Chris Marcil’s blog who is reading the Harvard Classics and blogging about it daily. Look for the June 12th post where he compares Thoreau to Jonathan Richman and then adds a Richman video which is great. (Richman is also a friend, so I love anything with him in it – but the association with Thoreau is a good one.)


And here is an article recently posted by another very, very good friend, Kathleen Murphy,


This is an art site and she wrote a really brilliant article about “Last Year at Marienbad” – a movie which is apparently playing in Seattle at SIFF later this month. The article is about “Last Year” but it also about movies in general and it makes me want to stop everything and go watch movies with Kathleen for about ten years.