Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am beat and it's late so this will be short. Thanks for the posts! I spent a big part of today working on the tedious details of putting up a new website, and much talk about the forum. Unfortunately, we have to start from scratch, people! ARGH. Oh, this is just so frustrating. The good news is that I can get to the "Who are you people anyway" entries and at least save them. The new forum should be up in a week at the latest. Oh! Oh! Oh! This all just KILLS me.

Thanks for all the posts. Oh the Catholics who think they can do anything as long as they confess! That is so terribly disturbing and screwed up. And I was a bit like that back when I was a Catholic. Thank God I am not a Catholic now. I mean, thank my mind. Or thank those two Mormon missionaries who saved me inadvertently.

Any news? Well, the Jill and Julia show should be open by September, the movie will be released at least on DVD by August or September. Project Runway rules, Mulan and I watched raptly tonight. I vacillate between Obama and Clinton... and even Edwards. I'm getting married in May. I am trying to finish my book by the end of March. (I know, I've said that before...) I had a long talk with a guy in Portland tonight, I'm doing my show, "Letting Go of God" there May 28, and now I have to read a book with Mulan before she goes to bed. That is everything I can think of for the time being...


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear.

My forum has gone kaput. I don't know, it's the place I did the forum at - the company, and anyway, things do not look good. And I am so sad because they said they probably lost everything that was there. And the forum was so awesome. And I especially loved all the comments in the section where I asked, "Who are you people, anyway?" The answers were so wonderful and they meant a lot to me and now they are probably irretrievably lost. Oh! Oh! Oh!

Well, here are my announcements:

1.) My film of "Letting Go of God" will be released this year, on DVD. It probably won't be until summer at the earliest. In the meantime, I am taking it to at least one film festival for sure and three more for maybe.

2.) I am revamping my website, which of course makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a life-makeover. It is embarrassingly out of date and I am going to make it something more appropriate and, to use a phrase from Project Runway, my favorite show - it's "forward thinking." Well, they actually say, "Fashion forward." But you get the idea. It will be cleaner, simpler, and more straightforward.

3.) I have been trying to finish my book, and that's why I have dropped the ball on blog writing. But of course, I have not finished the book. But I am not going to let go of my optimism about the book. Until I am officially labeled crazy. Which I do hope is not in the near future.

4.) I am going to open a real Jill and Julia show (with Jill Sobule) in the fall - we are getting things together for it now. It's gonna be fun. In the meantime we'll be doing some Largo dates and maybe some M Bar dates to workshop our material.

Well, I just wanted to say, I'm so sorry about the forum, it is so sad to me. I'll have to find another forum that is more reliable. Poop.