Friday, October 02, 2009

Mulan, age 9. Knitting. She's very much into knitting. Also "iCarly." Which is what she's watching right now.

I have to admit, the show is funny.

Why am I glad that the Olympics are not going to be in Chicago? Probably because I would worry too much. Why? What a symbol it would be, the Obama, the Olympics - the whole thing made me nervous. Anyway, Rio! I'm glad, I'm glad I tell you. Even though i'm glad also to be here - in Chicago - with it raining and threatening us with autumn no less.

My inaugural picture - a typical Friday night. I'm going to watch a netflix doc. about Lorenz Hart. Mulan is going to watch iCarly.

Dinner tonight: grilled salmon and steamed artichokes. Odd but somehow perfect.

Today I had an attack of missing Los Angeles. Jitlada, Loteria, Surfas,the Larchmont wine and cheese shop, Susinas, Sunday Hollywood Farmer's market - ALL YEAR LONG - OH, and the Academy theater! - Kate Mantinis afterwards, the hot, sweaty Octobers. What was I thinking, moving here?

I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles missing Seattle and Spokane. I guess you - I - can't truly love a place until I've left it.

"Bright Star" - my favorite movie this year..... I have to see it again. And again.


MJ in Michigan said...

Mulan's lovely, and I can hardly wait until my niece (who is 6 definitely a Disney Channel girl) can sit still enough for me to teach her to knit.

It's great to see you post. Might even inspire me to break out the blog again Happy fall in Chicago! (It's my favorite time of year in southern Michigan!)

Petra said...

Hi, this is your blog. Funny. *G*

Nice to "see" you again, Julia! Thanks for posting!

: ) P

Claudette said...

I'm impressed with your daughter's interest in knitting. That's great! You're the second person that has recommended Bright Star, and I just might have to check it out!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful daughter. Glad to see a post from you. Been reading up and enjoying your writing very much!

Have a great fall :)

Michael McVey said...

Lovely to hear from you again. My gf is a power-knitter while I can barely tie my shoes. Good for Mulan.

Another Chicago Writer said...

Mulan looks beautiful!

And, welcome to Chicago, Julia!!

My wife and I live in Lincoln Park and are both big fans of your work. "God Said Ha" is one of our favorites and we have watched it at least four times, perhaps more...

I agree with you about the Olympics. I was also very worried about what might happen if we got them, and I also think we need to work on keeping our children safe (and many other issues) far more than on preparing to host the Olympics.


manny said...

The Obamas, The Olympics, & Oprah

timmyB said...

Glad to see you posting again, Julia. Los Angeles misses you!