Saturday, October 31, 2009

Michael set up his turn table in the basement (which is still having it's own remodeling work done on it - oh the mess!)

Anyway, we put his records on shelves. He hadn't even even taken the records out of the boxes they came in when he moved from Boston to Chicago twelve years ago!

We listened to The Kinks, The Go-Gos, Bruce Springsteen and Jefferson Airplane. Mulan danced around. Wow, the slowness of getting the album on the turntable, setting down the stylus, sitting back and listening to entire albums - not just songs - it demands a different kind of listening. Even the scratches and pops, I miss that in music!


Anonymous said...

Ah, records. My nieces and nephews look me rather oddly when I talk about the "record store".

Remember the record cleaner from Roncoe. They played that commercial over and over. Then the was the glass cutter to make glasses out of old jars, the nut cracker ect. We are haunted by madison avenue ditties. :)

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