Wednesday, October 07, 2009

This picture is of a church that I pass by every single day as I walk to the beach with Arden. This morning they were putting out pumpkins and it was so beautiful I determined that I just had to return and take a picture. When I did, much later today, it was nearly six. The light was soft and the day was fading away. I feel so lucky to live here. I often have no other comparison than that I feel I am living on a set at the studio for "quaint home town."

Today I attended a lunch for many local ladies who are mothers at the nearby public school. It's a totally different breed of cat, these women I meet here. I like them very much and I feel so fortunate that Mulan gets to have this place be her growing-up-town.

I go back and forth about big towns vs. small towns - but I must admit that I was moved by the response I got yesterday from the person who moved to the village in Cornwall, England. This is my Cornwall, too! I really feel very content and slow here. And I mean slow in the good way. I can think better. I don't feel on-the-spot somehow. I can fade in and out at will.

I just finished listening to the book on tape which I want to enthusiastically recommend. I always listen to a book-on-tape while I walk the dog, This one was by Christopher Buckley called, "Losing Mum and Pup." It moved me so deeply. I recommend it and I encourage downloading the audio version which is read by Christopher himself. I am obsessing over him and his parents at the moment, and it's all because of this book. Listen to it!

That's all for today. Tomorrow we are told to expect rain.


Another Chicago Writer said...

Hi Julia,

Christopher Buckley's novel, "Supreme Courtship," is delightful, as well. I'm going to read "Losing Mum and Pup" soon.



Petra said...

Love the pumpkin photo. This is my favorite time of year and that photo frames it up well!

: ) P

Anonymous said...

Why is the orange color of a pumpkin the most rich and vivid shade of orange in nature? Maybe since it's tied to my favorite season. Oranges pale in comparison!

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