Monday, November 02, 2009

We took Mulan to The American Girl store on Saturday and had a birthday lunch with her at the cafe. They give your doll her own special seat, and this is Mulan's doll enjoying a cup of tea. It's really pretty funny. In the bathroom, in the stalls, there's a place to put your doll while you... ahem, go. I don't know why I love the American Girl Dolls so much, I should hate the whole thing. But I love the clothes, and the accessories, and the historical doll's stories.

When Mulan was five, and first discovered American Girl dolls, I made a deal with her that if she got rid of all her Barbies I would let her have an American Girl Doll. She agreed. But Barbies, as we know, are uber-post-pubescent and American Girl dolls are pre. I can see Mulan is beginning to lose interest - a wee bit -- in the American Girl dolls. She is gravitating towards Barbies again. She likes the fashion. And oh god, I really don't like the Barbies all that much. Now she's been given a few and I haven't made her give them up. Oh well. But as I watch her play between the younger looking dolls and the super-sexualized dolls - it's just like her at 10, on the edge...

We began to watch Giada DeLaurentis on The Food Channel and she is always showing us her ample bosoms. Now it's become a word we use, certain girls are "Giada'd out" or certain Barbies are "Giada-ing it" in certain outfits. That makes me laugh.

On the topic of Giada DeLaurentis - her show - it's so food porn! I know it's a cliche now to say that about the food channel shows, but her shows really really are. There's all this music and close ups of cutting and fingers wiping off knives, and it's not for any real reason - it's not to show a technique or anything, it's just to get you all hyped up, if y'know what I mean...


Anonymous said...

I bought my daughter an American Girl doll when she was 12. It was more for me than her... I boxed it up after a few years still practically new looking along with her last favorite doll which was one that she received from her grandparents when she was four.

It was a little blond haired baby-doll that she named Sayaka after a friend in her Montessori class.

Imagine the looks on the faces of southern women in Georgia when they would lean over and ask about the name of her little blue eyed doll. Invariably, they would turn to me for confirmation saying, " Sayaka...that's an interesting name."

Miranda hated Barbies so I never had to worry about those hussies!

Anonymous said...

it's so funny you would call Giada's show food porn cause i had always thought that but had never articulated it...i like Ina Garten myself, gimme a lovely chubby lady that knows what she's doing anyday, =).

Anonymous said...

Anthony Bourdain, "No Reservations" . What a show! Seared nutria in a pine nut sauce. Mmmm.

Petra said...

Oh mylanta! I said that Giada was porn in the kitchen YEARS ago! Back in 2004 or 2005, the only non-network channel we got was Food Network, so that's what I watched while folding laundry, etc.

: ) P

John said...

Giada, with her selective Italian accent and beauty is definitely food porn, but you can't forget the queen of food porn, Paula Deen. Y'all know it's true Hun. She's just an old Southern woman who locks to eat ayund cook. 8)

Anonymous said...

My husband calls Giada's show "Everyday Italian Breasts"
I had an American Girl doll when I was 10, when they first arrived 20 years ago. Loved her. My nieces have them now. I wish theyd had all the accessories back then!

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