Friday, October 16, 2009

I am still dealing with the camera that is acting wacky. I will get some lithium batteries to see if that's the thing. Still, I was able to get this FABULOUS! shot. ha.

This is my messy office desk, a moment in time. As I look around, I feel it truly represents Oct. 16, 2009. The Letting Go of God DVD is next to the booklet from the Letting Go of God CD. I'm working with my old graphic designer - the one I used for the CD to redo the cover of the DVD before it premieres on Showtime, which by the way, will be December 8. Next to the DVD are all my notes from the past three years of Jill & Julia Shows which I am trying to adapt (the stories I tell anyway) into a book of short stories. A Bill Bryson book - a Dictionary for Writers and Editors is under my main big screen. (Praise be for Bill Bryson.) The last tried batteries for the camera are off to the right. Kathy Griffin's book which she just gave me is off to the left. In the far right, on the wall there is a picture of me and Elvis Costello at the 25th Saturday Night Live reunion which, aside from that one moment, was one of the worst nights of my life. Longer story for another time. Oh, in the corner of my desk is a lobby card of The Killing Of Sister George that my friend Gino gave me recently. Anyway, no, not very momentous or profound. But a moment in time, for sure. And I got a picture for the day up.

Today I felt much better, thank you. The cake was appreciated by children on the way to school, and most importantly, Mulan seemed proud. We went to the Fall Frenzy (that's the real name of the event) tonight. It was frenetic and fun and dear lord, Mulan is growing up.


Petra said...

A book of short stories from the Jill & Julia show sounds awesome! Maybe you could include a CD with some of the songs and stories as well? Or a free download? I have watched the TED one so often!

I am really enjoying these little snippets of your reality, Julia. Thanks for sharing.

: ) P

MrPlayerHater said...

Yay! Just wanted say how happy I am you are blogging again. And with pictures too!

Anonymous said...

The office, the hub of so much creative energy and expression.

I'll be checking out showtime in December for sure, thanks Julia!

I haven't seen any of your latest work except youtube snippets so I have a lot to catch up on.

You're really gifted at putting into words what so many others feel but don't know how to express. Thats the work of an artist!

Glad Mulan enjoyed her event and attractive cake!

TimmyB said...

I love pictures of writers' desks. I once had an arty calendar with photographs like that for each month.

What's the contraption to the right of the monitors? A scanner? Or a printer?

I enjoyed the Kathy Griffin book and bought a copy for my brother and his husband.

John Lacey said...

Your messy desk is so much cleaner than my messy desk I'm afraid.

Courtney said...

Just wanted to leave you a comment because I love your blog! It's nice to have you back in the blogosphere (is that a word?) . . . Awhile back I tried to post a picture a day for a week and I failed, so I admire your efforts! All best to you and your family. said...

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