Friday, March 21, 2008

I got up early and all I’ve been “ripping” (as-they-say) is Duke Ellington. I guess I didn’t have all my music organized in alphabetical order. It was at one point. Anyway, it’s a Duke Ellington morning. Who knew I had so much and why do I have so much? I mean, I feel a little Duke Ellington goes a long way. But then, I feel badly if I consider not putting it in my music library when I have it.

I am not going to TAM this year. I love TAM too, I’m going to miss it. I have another thing planned then, and it was going to be too hard. And also, as Mulan gets older, she gets harder to leave rather than easier. Now she’s this person I am so entrenched with, in this never ending conversation with, and she has all her classes and so forth, and taking her with me (which I have done before) is difficult because she is not into the skeptic conventions yet and leaving her here is too expensive and I don’t like it. Anyway, I decided to take a break for a year, maybe two, from the skeptic conferences. I don’t want anyone holding me to that – I am going to introduce someone at the Atheists Alliance International in the fall, which is going to be near where I live, in Los Angeles. But that is it. I have gotten some great emails about TAM, and I wish in some ways I were going. But I am not.

I am learning to navigate myself around my new website, and I put up the song that Jill Sobule wrote for my movie, a song called “Letting Go of God.” I think it’s a great song. I helped write the lyrics and anyway, you can listen or download it now off my home page and that makes me so happy.

I’m working now on a trailer for the film – actually a couple of versions of the trailer and the website that will be devoted just to Letting Go of God – the movie. And the forum is going to be back soon, by the end of next week, maybe sooner.

I would still be happy to support Hillary if she gets the nomination. But I think we have an opportunity with Barack that is irresistible. Now I can’t remember if I put this in a blog entry before or not, but last Fall when I was going to vote in our primary – oh jeez, that wasn’t last Fall, that was in February! Lord. Anyway, I was driving to my voting place and Mulan asked me if I were voting for Barack or for Hillary, and I said “Barack” and she said, “Yeah, because a woman can’t be president, right?” OH! That just killed me! It almost made me change my vote right there. Of course all I do now is drill into her how it is possible for a woman to be president and wouldn’t that be wonderful if she were and blah blah blah. Then later, when I was listening to Barack give the speech this week on race, she was listening with me. Now, to Mulan, Barack is not of another race than well, anyone else. He is just a guy. For her the difference between people if mainly if are they are male or female or they are kids or adults and if they are easy or strict. Race is not on her radar in any way. It would be so awesome to have a woman be our president. But I just… It’s very hard for me to like Hillary. Just everything in me, just… well, it’s hard for me. And I hate her religiosity. And I hate that she voted for the war.

Okay, I’m rehashing everything again. BORING.

If anyone is watching “Make Me A Supermodel” on Bravo – and I confess, against all my better judgment, I am -- mostly because of Mulan (see how I blame her!?) – I think Perry will win. But I like Ronnie the best. And I like how Holly looks the best – even amongst all the models – I like her look. But jeez, she starts talking and she’s like a roaming baby deer wandering on the freeway. But then she does the catwalk and she’s all THAT. I don’t know, I like her. The former prison guard frightens me. He seems to be playing out that time old, homophobia, homoerotic dance that feels like it’s going to end up with someone getting killed, where he is the killer. That is probably not fair, just a feeling, y’know… I think Perry will win because he’s got the right personality for a TV competition win, big and grand, young and beautiful, outrageous and insecure, needing it and heterosexual, but willing to do anything with anyone, reckless and arrogant, he's got it all. But Ronnie! Ronnie! He deserves it, I swear, he really does.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, (Wow. I can't believe I'm casually addressing someone I used to watch on TV on SNL... how very strange.)

I just wanted to say I agree with you about HRC. I would love, love, love to vote for a woman president whom I felt halfway good about. But I can't support anyone who supported the war when so many people knew it was wrong. Besides, it seems to me she buys into the politics of fear almost as much as the guys we're hoping to get rid of. Barack is the only candidate who doesn't quite.

Meanwhile, I've been trying to buy your "Letting Go" CD for months, since I first found out about it by seeing you on TED Talks, but your site has been a bit wacked out (as I'm sure you're aware). Sounds like now it might work... but then, perhaps now I'd rather get the movie...?

Petra said...


Buy the CD, I PROMISE you will love it. Just the portability alone (the car, the bedroom, etc.) is enough to make it worthwhile.

I'll buy the movie, too, though. I was fortunate enough to be in LA when Julia was doing the rehearsal shows for the movie.

I sat front row center and laughed and cried and laughed some more.

And one of the most remarkable things is that I spoke with all the people around me during intermission. No one left their seats. We all just felt the need to connect with other people going through that journey with Julia. I met a former nun, a waivering Protestant, and a couple of other atheists. It was a phenomenal experience.

So, yeah. Buy the CD. (And no, I don't get commission *g* LOL.)

: ) P

Anonymous said...

Hi, Julia. It sounds like you have a great music collection. Don't forget to backup your files once you have them all imported. If your hard drive crashes you'll be "Letting Go" of your music.

I saw your show three times (including a workshop snippet at the Knitting Factory long ago) and bought the CD for myself and all my dearest friends. Just this week I was listening to LGOG on my iPod Shuffle at the gym. I believe you are a genius! The way you've crafted this story amazes me. It's so thoughtfully constructed and hilarious. As with all great art, it's rewarding in new ways each time your experience it. Sorry to get sappy, but I really love that show.

BTW, did you catch the PBS docu on The Mormons recently? It was a combo American Experience/Frontline production. It's streamable on the site. Because of your show (and Angels in America) I've become ever more curious about their religion and history. I find their narrative fascinating and peculiarly American.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I can't wait to get the CD. Do what timmyb says. My hard drive just crashed and I lost my 5 year olds birthday party, my 15 year olds birthday pictures, the last pictures taken of my father a week before he died and my mother's birthday party two weeks ago. She probably won't be here next birthday. I did not mean to talk about that....
Great blog and I'm glad you are doing so well. Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia! I hope that when the forum is up and running, you will still continue to blog here. You've been spoiling us with the frequency of your entries...thank you!


Anonymous said...


"Letting Go of God" is a brilliant song you co-wrote with simply the best songwriter working today -- okay, and my hero. It's nice to see the comments on your blog are intelligent. When Jill posted the song on her Yahoo Music blog, I'm sure you know how -- er -- nasty the comments were. My favorite to Jill was, "Get ready to start shoveling coal in hell"!

When I gave the song to my friend, Tom, his comment was, "OMG -- she knows Julia -- Julia is my hero!"

If the "Jill and Julia Show" ever rolls into Minnesota, it appears that you both have groupies waiting!

B Fay said...


Do Dragon*Con.

See the following as to why -

Pretty much EVERYONE who is doing TAM is doing Dragon*Con anyway... call it 'TAM with more stuff, childcare and more interaction with scientists rather than just watching speeches'!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this blog site but I like it very much. Anyone konw where I can buy the CD?

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