Friday, March 28, 2008

The forum is back. Click on the link listed just to the right. All these great conversations should be happening there.

And for the record, even after I was so angry at Hillary over this whole running-from-sniper-fire comment and weird retraction, I STILL actually like her. And I would support her if she got the nomination.

I just left Jill Sobule’s house where we listened to the Earth Day special I did that’s going to play on some NPR stations on April 22. Jill did the music. It sounds okay! Jill of course, is fabulous. I feel I make some jokes I wish I hadn’t and I say “right” way too much during interviews with people, but overall I am deeply proud of it.

Not much more to report. A Jill and Julia website is in development. We are doing two shows next weekend here in L.A.

Oh! The big news for me was looking at a rough cut of the trailer for “Letting Go of God” and it looks really nice.

Well, I just wanted to make a post to say… let’s take this party into a bigger room, shall we? Please go sign into the forum. I’ll still be posting here – I was (when the old forum was up) posting blog entries in both places, but I will probably only do my blog entries on here. But I will comment and post as well on the forum.

See you.


uk dan said...

Thanks Julia for all your efforts to reinstate the discussion forum. I hope the gang return as I have so enjoyed , and learnt from , the debate generated .

Rosie said...

I am delighted to have discovered your site...see you in your forum soon

Anonymous said...

Hillary has a record of a notorius liar. She was fired when employed on the Joint Judiciary Committee investigating impeachment of Richard Nixon. While an undergrad at Berkley,she was President of SDS and petitioned Berkley's president to give a speech at commencent. When she won approval with support from the regents over Berkley's president, she agreed to have her speech reviewed and approved prior to commencement. When she got to the platform to speak, she tore up her speech and proceeded to denounce and ridicule the keynote speaker, Adam Clayton Powell, the first black senator in Massachusetts.

Do you think her character is any better now?

Moderator said...

FYI: I'm totally not that anonymous dude.

Wolynski said...

Your blog is great - please continue posting.

As for Hillary - I don't think this running from sniper fire thing is a big deal. Everyone was running from sniper fire in Bosnia at the time, whether there were actual snipers or not.

I agree, Hillary is likable

Mike Brown said...

Hi Julia --
I just listened to the Earth Day special, too, with my whole family sitting around to hear. My own reaction: Julia sounds great, but did they speed up the recorder to make me sound even faster than usual? Probably not. Even I had a hard time understanding myself sometimes. Yikes. I promise I will Calm. Down. and. Speak. Clearly. in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Great blog!

kellycoxsemple said...

"I sing," "I tell stories!" How exciting that there will be a Jill and Julia site! In my very first apartment after college, I had a huge Jill Sobule poster over my jukebox.

Best to you with the film and all your other projects. Seattle is one of the best places on Earth!

Anonymous said...

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Dwacon said...

People seem to have amnesia about the Clintons. Go back and watch the TV Funhouse vignettes during the Clinton years. It was all about prevarication.

Why expect anything different?

Boy, I can't wait until Obama gets in office so we can put all you white people on plantations...


deeya said...

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Jen said...

I think you are just too smart for me Julia...but I still enjoy reading your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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