Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Well, the new website design goes up in the next few days. I am so excited to get that old design off! I really like the new design. We are already talking about further designs too – because now I want more sections in it, for example, I want a whole area where people can talk about their own loss-of-faith stories.

Things are going well here in New York. The house was packed last night for the show, just packed. I almost felt sorry for the people in the first row. They were so crammed in next to the stage, I could almost touch them. Really, they were like two feet away from me. There were even a lot of “Uh huhs!” “Mmmm hmmms” during my show, like it was a revival meeting or something. Wild. And really, really fun.

I have booked a couple of interviews that I’m really excited about. This morning I am doing an interview with Terry Gross, the host of Fresh Air. To me this is just… just the most exciting thing. She interviewed me about eight years ago, after the release of “God Said Ha!” I am such a fan of hers and I listen to Fresh Air regularly. I'm not sure when the interview will air.

Then, on December 5th, I’m doing The View. It’s kind of funny to me because I mention the View in my show. I don’t know if they will realize that or not. But I don’t care, because I am so happy to get to be on that show too! (My mother will not know if she should be mortified or proud. I’m sure she will be vacillating back and forth.)


Anonymous said...

Julia, are you familiar with Robert Ingersoll? He traveled the country giving talks against the established religions and hypocrisy much like you do, but without the humor. I have tons of his quotes on our site. Very worth checking out.

Comparing what you're seeing to a revival is actually a good thing! One of my biggest problems is that there don't seem to be enough *passionate* atheists. It's hard to get everyone together to fight for something, because so many of us have a "live and let live" kind of attitude.

But it wouldn't be too terrible if you ended up being the visible face of an atheist revival movement. I'm sure we wouldn't put *too* much pressure on you ;-)

Sheldon said...

"The View"!!! Ugh!!! Well, the good news is, you'll be seen by a lot of the midwestern housewives who wholeheartedly believe that Jesus is the way, , the truth, the light, etc., etc.

Kathy Griffan warns us to be careful of Barbara Walters, though. They got into a fight years ago over Michael Douglas and his "child bride," and she hasn't been asked back since. She was on to promote the SciFi Channel's Halloweed Special, and some of the ladies said, "I'll be watching," and Walters said, "Well, I WON'T."

So, be forewarned! : )

Anonymous said...

Personally, I enjoy The View, especially now that Rosie is on - people seem to be more free to express their OWN views. Actually, I was hoping they would book Julia, and I even sent in an email to that effect!

I think they need an atheist as a co-host. Would that job interest you, Julia? Are you going to be a guest or a co-host? Either way, I will be watching!

Smartypants said...

According to Terry Gross's announcement on Fresh Air today, you'll be on tomorrow's show (Thurs. 10/26).

Lori Doyon said...
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Lori Doyon said...

Scooped by smarty pants!

I popped on here to tell you that very thing, but I got the "Site Down for Maintenance" a 1/2 hour ago when I first tried.

I'll have to listen to it on the web since I work during Fresh Air's scheduled times here.

Just a hint for all you out there who don't get Fresh Air you can go to their web page and listen -- sometimes it takes 24 hours to become available online.

As for The View, I don't watch it unless my favorite rabble rousers are on, Janeane Garafalo, Susan Sarrandon, Tim Robbins, and now Julia Sweeney.

Anonymous said...

I never watched The View until Rosie began hosting. I still can't watch all of it...insipid. But sometimes they get into it and it can be interesting.

Today, Jane Fonda was on. She has found would have been interesting to have both of you on at the same time. She didn't talk about that but tried to concentrate on her work with teens and her book.

After that I turned it off. I'll watch you Julia. That could be interesting if they put the blond bombshell and you on together.

Anonymous said...

I just heard the Fresh Air interview and I know all too well what you went through. I came out of Pentecostalism and found that I was much happier out of church than in. Then, at a moment of great crisis, I rediscovered my faith and re-read the bible. As much as I like what Jesus said, I now understand the Religous Right and their views. There is little in the Bible that would contradict their hatred and intolerance. The Old Testement advocates genocide against unbelivers. The New Testement demands celebacy and seperateness from unbelivers. Then I looked at my born again family: untreated depression, a majority of women married and/or pregnant by 18, pure manipulation of people's fears and predjudices toward self-serving ends. Anyway, now I'm an a Christian Existentialist, which I can't describe here in brief.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but you need to fire your Web "designer".

Text should *never* be presented to browsers as images. I'm forty-one and I could barely read the tiny type; it took me several keystrokes before I realized my browser wasn't enlarging the text to a comfortable size because it was *part of a picture*.

Your site is completely inaccessible to the visually impaired, and mostly so to those of us in middle age or older. :(

Please see a guide on designing for all users, not just young ones with good vision. Thanks.

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