Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Well, today I got reviewed in the New York Times. It's a very nice review, but the picture. I want to throw myself in the Hudson over the picture. I look like I scream at people for two hours, "HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY BELIEVE IN GOD???!?!?!?" Wow.

But my friend Dan Karslake just called me as I was being driven back to the apartment I'm staying at (I had to do an interview for a special that NBC is doing about Saturday Night Live, the early nineties) and said, "You are the toast of the town! And yes, the picture is horrifying, but you look young and thin. Even if you look really, really, REALLY angry."

The anguished, angry atheist. That's the picture.

I promise not to obsess about the picture. Sometimes you just can't take the actress out of me.

Mulan and ma and I are off to the Natural History Museum today. Yesterday we toured Brooklyn from the second story of one of those busses. It was AWESOME. I lived in Brooklyn for two years and I learned all kinds of things I didn't know. I am so into these tours now. I'm going to take the ones in L.A. when I get back.


Lori Doyon said...

I just read the review in the NY Times. I knew it was gonna be good, maybe because the icon for 'Critic's Pick' was next to it yesterday when I checked to see if it had been reviewed, which it hadn't, but that seemed to me a great sign of the thing to come.

Good! I'll get my money's worth! I'm seeing the show on Friday.

I knew I'd get my money's worth anywhichway, with or without the NY Times approval. What are they God or something?

Anonymous said...

Okay, you dangled the carrot, Julia, so I had to go to the NYT review to read it for myself. It is a terrific review and you should be proud.

Now, about the photo. Seriously, I don't see anger in the picture at all. I see anguish, perhaps. An actress emoting, definitely. True, it is not the kind of photo that anyone wants printed anywhere (least of all the New York Times), but I must agree that you do look young AND thin!

Anonymous said...

For anyone looking for the article, here it is:


Lori Doyon said...

Oh and about the picture . . .

I agree with petra, my first thought was anguish and passion not anger.
And you do look younger than your years.

The secret to my youthful appearance is having an open and questioning mind.

A secret we seem to share.

The minute I start feeling I'm an authority on anything I feel my brow furrow.

I have my opinions based on the knowledge I have accumulated thus far . . . but I know there is always more to learn.

One of the things I wish to learn is how to handle the physical changes age brings.

Seeing my "Ralph Macchio Syndrome" as a combo of genetics, attitude and a healthy lifestyle so I can accept the compliment.

But part of me shudders at the double standard that looking young is a boon to women, but not much of a matter to men.

Anonymous said...

Maybe.....the reviewer thinks that the only way someone can not believe in God is to be angry? Hence, snapping a photo at the very moment you express what he sees as anger?

Sheldon said...

The picture is not just horrible, it's also ridiculous. It doesn't even make sense in light of the article's content.

Talk about a rave review, though! Kudos, Julia! Rah! Rah!

"“Letting Go of God” is refreshingly unrancorous, lucid and, yes, inspirational."
- The New York Times

Anonymous said...

Hey Julia,

I just read the review in the NY Times. Congrats! Don't worry about the picture (unless it's different in the real Times, I only saw it on the website). You do look young and very attractive.

Your show stays with me in profound ways. It continues to resonate within me changing my perception of so many things.

Randy, Zander and I send our love to you and Mulan. I hope we can catch up soon!

Much love,


becky said...

Add my voice to the rest of the throng. I've read some of the critic's pans before, and this is one glowing thumbs up -- well deserved, too!

And hey, at least your eyes were closed on purpose in the picture -- would have been worse otherwise! You've got a nice anguished look going on in the picture. I'd take that over inadvertantly goofy, any day.

Libbycookie said...

So glad the show went well & the review was so good. We missed you at UnCabaret in LA on Sunday - though Margaret Cho & Taylor Negron were a hoot. Beth is still IN THE NOW and sending LOVE and not FEAR...

Anonymous said...

The picture doesn't look so much angry as like you're catching a medicine ball...or a baby.

Congrats on the review though!

Anonymous said...

Glad to read the review. Saw the show in Vegas last year, and will be seeing you again in Boston this week. Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

great review, but that picture, looks like one of those faith healers. I think the photo person has a bias. sorry

Siamang said...

Here's the picture...


And here's the proper caption:

"Deepak Chopra is full of SHIIIIIIIIT!

Donita Curioso said...

I think it looks like you're trying to stifle a very large sneeze.