Wednesday, January 18, 2006

This was dictated to me by Mulan. She insisted that I write down exactly what she said, nothing more, nothing less.

"My family has thirteen people. Of the Sweeney's. My Sweeney family is the best family ever. They are very helpful, and they have so much fun with me. It's really fun when I have some time alone with my real Sweeney family. It's very nice when I be really nice for my family. I love my family more than any other family. I love my cousins Megan and Kaitlyn and my other cousins Nick and Katie. And my grandma and Aunt Bonnie. And I love Jim and Tammy. And Bill. And Sandy, and Wanda. And Meg and Tsuyoshi. And that's my whole thirteen family. I want to have a family night at my house with thirteen people. My family gives me lots and lots and lots of care. I think I give so much, a million, and a kazillion pieces of love back to them. I love my whole family, so much. I just want to have so much time with my family. Do you think I love? I love my whole thirteen family. Nobody knew that we had thirteen people in our family.




Brent said...

That's pretty sweet, Julia.

lori said...

I love that! My favorite part is that she's giving "a million, and a kazillion pieces of love back to them". Let's see, a kazillion divided by 13...that's lots of love for everybody!

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