Monday, January 30, 2006

Okay. I've talked to several people today and read all the comments and I'm not going to change the title. I like it the way it is too. My favorite alternative came from my friend Julia J., which was: "Hello God? It's me, Julia." Which I thought was hilarious. But not worth all the hassle of changing it.


Sheldon said...

Hurrah! Great to hear that you're not changing it.

I, too, was saddened to read of Wendy Wasserstein's passing. I can't believe she's gone at such a young age. We'll never see the fast-paced, clever wit of "The Sisters Rosensweig" again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia
My fiance a long time fan wants to know if there is any way to obtain a copy of "in the family way" on CD? Thanks Ross

Justin Kreutzmann said...

The name ramains the same. Wasn't that a Led Zeppelin movie?

Erik said...

"Letting Go Of God" is a brilliant title. I don't think it matters that it "gives away the ending"--it's intriguing and provocative and makes me want to know what the journey is going to be that gets you to that place mentioned in the title. I'm glad to hear you're keeping it.

Anonymous said...

Too late for comments?

It seems as though changing the title now would make it pretty difficult for you to build upon what you've already done. Would people recognize that it was the work you've been doing for the past few years? I'm glad you're leaving it as is... says it all.

Or maybe.....God who?

Susan in Spokane

Anonymous said...

Good call! The original title was way better.

Anonymous said...


The title "Letting Go of God" does indeed give away the ending. This type of title is always very off-putting with audiences, as with such dismal failures as "Finding Nemo" and "Saving Private Ryan".

I would suggest considering the title to "Wait a Minute, I Guess It Was Really Me Who Said 'Ha' After All"

Seriously, the title is perfect. Don't let them make you doubt your instincts.

By the way, I saw you at TAM4 (I was at the Speaker's Dinner on Saturday), but sadly did not find the opportunity to fawn over you. My girlfriend was with me, and she severely curtails my fawning outside of our relationship.

Robert Lancaster

Anonymous said...

Glad you're keeping the original title -- you could always use some of the clever alternatives as chapter titles in the book version!

What I particularly like about "Letting Go of God" is the way it plays off -- in my mind, anyway -- that tired truism that I sometimes hear: "Let go and let God" -- Let God WHAT ?

If God is Our Heavenly Father, he's a Deadbeat Dad!

I guess if we put that on a bumper sticker or T-shirt, there would be public stonings.

shannon said...

I guess it's too late but I was gonna suggest "Letting Go of God, the Brutal Dictator in the Sky"

Anonymous said...

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