Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Moving my blog to blogger

Well, I'm moving my blog to blogger.com. This was all started by a person who wrote me about all that was wrong with my blog and site -- too small of print, no way to respond in the way you can on other blogs, etc. And I realized he was right! So I have been consulting with my website people and I'm changing my site -- new home page, etc. Also, I'm going to have it link to blogger.com because they clearly have the best set up as far as I can see. It will all be much better. So, in the meantime, I'm not really blogging. Waiting for the remodel, you know.

I did my first of my Sunday morning shows on Sunday and it seemed to go well. I leave for Spokane on Wednesday to do the benefit and then I have two more performances of In The Family Way before I start Letting Go Of God again. If I can get an audience, I'll continue the Sunday thing between February and May -- then the goal is to shoot the film then.

I saw a sneak of the movie In Her Shoes this weekend. I sobbed the entire movie. Like... the whole movie. I couldn't stop crying. It's a formula chick flick that completely works and is engrossing and stylish and funny and ah... a tearjerker.

More when I am on blogger.com...

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