Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Charlie Rocket is dead

Oh I am so sad. I am at work at Universal Studios, and it's a rainy day. And I'm very depressed. Because Charlie Rocket is dead. I just heard today that he killed himself on Oct. 7th. He was a fellow actor in It's Pat and he became a friend.

I would see him a few times a year, he'd come to parties at my house. I always loved to be around him. I am so shocked and sad. I was thinking about the last time I saw him. I think it was coming out of some Hollywood party and we were both waiting for our cars fromthe valet. Was it at Kathy Griffin's house? A year ago? It must have been two years ago. Oh dear, how time flies.

We gave each other big hugs and stood (if I remember correctly) in the rain, (just like today) waiting. I liked how tall he was, he could engulf you in a hug. He was wearing a tweed overcoat and he looked British -- a chimney sweep -- a Dick Van Dyke with a sinister side.

He always seemed so happy. His wife, Beth, was always warm and conversational, a real glow by his side. I can hardly concentrate on work, I'm just so depressed about this. And it makes me think that maybe I didn't know him all that well, that he could have killed himself. And it makes me wish I'd spent more time around him.

We had this one big scene in the Pat movie, where his character, Kyle, tries to seduce Pat with wine and music. We laughed so hard that day, we could hardly shoot the scene. He was so hilarious in that scene, and every take he had something new and it would take me by surprise. I remember thinking it was the most enjoyable day I had ever spent on a set -- and that movie had plenty of great, memorable, funny days -- Dave Foley playing Chris and Kathy Griffin playing Pat's neighbor. Julie Hayden, a friend of mine, played Charlie Rocket's wife in the movie and they were just great together. Later, Julie got cancer at the exact same time as me. When I went for radiation, she was getting chemo and we would sit together. Once we called Charlie up from the hospital to just chat.

And now both of them are dead. Come to think of it, my brother Mike and my Dad were also in the Pat movie. For some reason this all makes me want to move back to Spokane. Like that's going to slow down time for some reason. Or that Spokane will allow me to just digest everything. Or something.

Anyway, I can't imagine what pain Charlie Rocket's family must be in at this time. I just remember laughing around him, always laughing. He was so clever and dark and his voice was soothing and disturbing at the same time. He always looked so dashing. He always seemed so genuinely happy to see me. And I always lit up around him.

There's another moment in the "It's Pat" movie where Charlie's character, Kyle, hacks the code to Pat's secret computer diary. He's so happy, he grabs a Pat doll he has in his room and kisses it on the lips saying, "We're in! We're In! We're in" as his voice gets deeper and more sexual. And then he tosses the Pat doll behind him and starts to read the diary. And it was so funny to me, his take on that. And whenever I hear those words, "I'm in, I'm in" - I think of him. And I laugh again.

Anyway... It's still pouring rain. I wish I were home. I wish I were making cookies. I want to be quilting and a fire in the fireplace. I heard around the office that the electricity was out in my neighborhood, but I just called home and they have power. But still, I feel like fleeing home, rushing in the door and just grabbing Mulan, like it's a natural disaster. Like -- yeah, she's alive. It's so weird how this is effecting me. Or maybe typical or appropriate.

Another thing about Charlie. I loved how he talked about his wife. Beth is an artist and he always spoke about her with such admiration. And they had been married for a long, long time. And I just loved that about Charlie. How much he loved his family. How he would tell funny stories about his son, Zane, and things that happened in his house with such enthusiasm. The mundane twists of everyday life were so amusing to him. Oh. I am just so sad. I've got to just go home.

My dear friend Jim Emerson, who co-wrote "It's Pat - The Movie" with me, wrote something about him for RogerEbert.com that I will reprint here.

Charles Rocket, R.I.P.

Jim Emerson / October 17, 2005
Actor, comedian and musician Charles Rocket had roles in such films as Robert Altman's "Short Cuts," Kevin Costner's Oscar-winning "Dances With Wolves" and the Farrelly Brothers' hit "Dumb and Dumber."

But the Associated Press article about his death (he apparently cut his own throat and was found October 7 in a field near his home in Connecticut) began: "Actor and comedian Charles Rocket, who had roles in a variety of movies and TV series and briefly gained notoriety for uttering an obscenity on 'Saturday Night Live,' committed suicide, the state medical examiner ruled."

AP devoted nine paragraphs to Rocket, and four of them referred to "the incident." The first line of his IMDb entry is: "Once uttered the "F" word live on "Saturday Night Live" (1975)." In some way, I think he must have known that would be the stupid piece of trivia that followed him to his grave.

It's so strange and unpredictable the way a person's "public life" can be encapsulated for mass consumption. I worked with Rocket briefly on a little "SNL" spin-off movie ("It's Pat," 1994), and he was a genuinely funny guy. (He played Kyle, the obnoxious neighbor so obsessed with the bizarre sexual "mystery" of Pat that he fell in love, not knowing or caring if Pat was a him or a her; the not-knowing both fed Kyle's fantasies and drove him crazy.)

There's a surfeit of "down time" for the actors on a set, even a low-budget, tight-scheduled studio picture like this one, and I remember one afternoon in particular that could have been dull if it hadn't been for Charlie Rocket. He kept a group of us (Julia Sweeney, Dave Foley, Kathy Griffin, among others) laughing with his stories -- including, eventually, his definitive account of the notorious "f-word" incident. He didn't do it on purpose, and didn't even remember saying it; they had to show him the playback before he was absolutely sure he'd said it. And, the record will show, he was neither the first nor the last "SNL" cast member to have made this particular mistake -- but because he was on the show in 1980-81 (with Eddie Murphy, Joe Piscopo, Gilbert Gottfried), just after the now-legendary original cast had left, the profanity struck many as a deliberate, desperate act on an unfunny, dying show. Charlie Rocket, who died at age 56, deserves better than that.

An obit in _Variety did feature a few interesting tidbits:

Rocket appeared in feature films including "Earth Girls are Easy," "Dances with Wolves," "It's Pat" and "Dumb and Dumber." His last film role was in the 2003 Sylvester StalloneSylvester Stallone film "Shade." On TV, he appeared on shows including "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," "Cybill," "Touched by an Angel" and "thirtysomething."

Rocket played accordion in many bands, performing (with Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie) on a tribute album to Fellini composer Nino Rota. And I was happy to find a personal appreciation in the Providence Phoenix. It mentions the "f-word incident" only in passing -- but it does note that the group he co-founded, the Fabulous Motels, was virtually the house band at the influential Road Island School of Design for a time in the 1970s: A news anchor job lured him to Colorado Springs, and when he later moved to Nashville, the network affiliate insisted Claverie [his real surname] was too weird a name. Picking from a number of suggested monikers, he chose "Charles Kennedy."

Then came what we all hoped would be the big break. Charlie was selected to star on Saturday Night Live for the 1980-81 season. He would anchor "Weekend Update." He would finally get the type of audience that his talent demanded and deserved. But this was the year that Lorne Michaels left in a disagreement with NBC. Jean Doumanian took over and hired some very bad writers. Charlie was stuck in the middle, trying to do his best in an increasingly untenable situation. Those who knew Charlie were not surprised to find that his best SNL moments were the "Rocket Reports," filmed skits of his own design. Before the season ended, he blurted out the f-word and was tossed off the show.

Moving to Los Angeles, Charlie appeared in dozens of films in supporting and starring roles, and
more than 50 episodes of different TV shows.

But that’s just the "Hollywood career" stuff. To his thousands of friends and fans here in Rhode Island, Charlie was the kindest and most generous type of person. We loved him without reservation, and he gave us that love back. He was a towering figure in the underground arts scene in the Providence of the 1970s. He heavily influenced Talking Heads, the Young Adults, and dozens of other bands. Those who were active then will tell you that Charles Rocket, in many ways, helped create the template for the underground/hipster/bohemian art scene here and elsewhere. We love you, Charlie. Our hearts are with Beth and Zane, and the rest of Charlie’s family and family of friends. He was our hero.

To Charlie.


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Anonymous said...

thanks, julia. i appreciated your memories on a man that made many of us laugh-even if we didn't know him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Julia, for bearing your feelings and thoughts to all of us. I have no doubt that Charlie's death has caused a great deal of depression. It is sad that he is known most for his mistake than for the accomplishments he has made and the lives he has touched over the years. I hope you feel better soon and that this experience helps you to grow. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I have read some very trashy comments about Mr. Rocket and I was glad to see your comments and that of Mr Ebert. It is a shame people are so quick to forget that this man was someones father, husband, son...family. If he was or was not well known he was a humn being who did touch people. The list of his creditials are pretty good- some big box office hit. thought go out to the family and friends-tragic

Anonymous said...

After reading some really ugly things in reference to his death, it was good to read what you wrote about Charlie Rocket. Maybe I'm the only person of my age (50) unaware of the SNL debacle, but I know him only from his guest appearances on Moonlighting and Quantum Leap and a myriad of movies, and I was always happy to see him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insight into Charlie. He obviously was a very special person to many people and will be greatly missed. I found a picture of him from late August and he seems to be smiling. (Google Charles Rocket and Newport Arts Festival. There are also kind words about him there.)It just seems so hard to believe, from all I have read, that he would be a candidate for taking his own life. But I guess people can hide their pain well. Take Care

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Charlie's sister, met him only once - gorgeous guy vs. gawky teenager - and I've always remembered him. My heart broke when I read about his death and the sadness of his many friends. I thought of my friend, Martha, and what the family was feeling and the day was sadder and sadder. How strange to be mourning the death of someone I didn't know and grieving for a friend I hadn't seen in 30 years. If someone reads this and knows Charlie's sister, Martha, please let her know Pat is thinking of her and holding her family in her heart.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Julia, I was watching the SNL 80's special tonight, and I never realized that Charlie Rocket was even on SNL, and I've always loved his work, especially in "It's Pat", and "Hocus Pocus"....so I thought I'd do a Yahoo search on him and that's when I discovered he'd taken his life. I was so saddened by the news....I don't know how to explain it....I enjoyed him so much, and he slipped away....it's so sad. But, your thoughts on him gave me an insight into what he was like, and I thank you for that. My prayers are with his family...Take care, Julia.

Anonymous said...

Yet another fan of Charlie's. I hope he realized that he had many, many fans. We are mourning his death. Luckily, his friends are making sure that people know him more for the fact that he was sweet man and very talented rather than as a guy who made a mistake many years ago. Besides, it was just a word.
May your beautiful memories of your friend sustain during this difficult time.
I'll be watching Law and Order this weekend when USA reruns his episode.

Anonymous said...

hI wonder if we'll ever know why Charles Rocket killed himself? What dark forces could have taken him to that place? His pain must have been greater than the pain he knew he would bring to those who loved him. I hope he is at peace now. And that his family will be able to put the horror of his suicide away so that they may cherish his memory.
Your words are very touching. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, this is so sad. I think he was so funny and handsome in It's Pat. It is nice to read that there was much more to him than SNL. As for those people saying nasty things -- to heck with them. They did not know the real Charles Rocket. You are lucky that you got to consider him a friend. I wish I had had a chance to know him.
Thank you for the memories and for giving us a chance to see Charlie's talent in It's Pat.

Anonymous said...

I heard there was a Memorial Service for Charlie in NY recently. I hope that if you went you were able to say goodbye to your friend. I bet it was a real celebration of his life. Thank you for sharing your memories of your friend.

Anonymous said...

An absolutely beautiful tribute, Julia.

Charlie was my all-time favorite SNL castmember; an absolutely brilliant comedian. He deserved (and still does) so much more from that show.

nickoury said...

Hi Julia,
Somehow I had not heard of Charlies' death, so when I first saw your highlight, I thought you were commenting on some devastingly great performance of his, I couldn't imagine anything else.
It was terribly sad to read what had happened. In 1980, I and a good friend of mine, who knew Charlie quite well, were going to try to get tickets for an SNL show to see him live, but we never did.
It's something I remember every once in awhile, and despite not having gone I always looked forward to seeing him throughout that year on SNL. He was one of the sharpest players on the show that season. I hoped he would be back on despite the finale, which I rated as extraordinary for a pretty lame skit, only Charlie would have been so daring. That charm and rakishness is what made him so endearing.
He will be truly missed by those closest to him and anyone else who was touched by his humanity and wonderfully devious sense of humor.

Epsilon said...

Stephen Huff’s
Friday, December 09, 2005

come to the end of a long, knotted rope
I dangle from the tangles
an aged actor performing a last, sad role,
I play the part of the man I most hated
I play the part of the fiend I least admired
I play a worn-out, washed-up has-been
too desperate to know his time
here at the butt of a long, running joke
I strangle in the angles
a weary bone digger digging his last, sad hole,
I play the part for which I am most fated
I play the part of failure perched on a high wire
I play an unknown, unloved, un-nothing
too burned to be quit of the fire

Anonymous said...

Ms. Sweeney;

Long time fan of yours and SNL's in general. Sorry I'm only just now discovering your blog and comments here. I've literally grown up watching SNL since I was a little kid and Sat. nights were my big 'get-to-stay-up' nights. I remember Charles Rocket as his cast was the first I watched on the show. I also loved seeing him in "Max Headroom" and he was the Scrooge of my favorite episode of "Quantum Leap." I am saddened to hear of his death and the nature of it--I only wish that perhaps if I'd gotten to meet him, perhaps I might've had some words of my appreciation that could have made some difference, however crazy or far-fetched that sounds. Happy Holidays to you and my condolences. --Ron Horsley

Anonymous said...

Yea, I get the old "move back to Spokane" urge too. (Prep class of 76). The cure is to go back in January and drink beer at the Viking or some place. It goes away until next time.

Robert Angel said...

I was trying to look up Charlie Rocket's picture on the internet but could not find one. I am at a lose to remember what he looked like but I am sure I have heard of him. I am sorry for your lose of a good friend. Perhaps you would like to upload his picture on the move data base in the "It's Pat" movie listing. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia... I'm Charlie's nephew back in RI. I was just google-ing him and came across your website. I just wanted to thank you for all the kind words and anecdotes. Regardless of all the Hollywood b.s. he really was the coolest guy I knew. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

I best remeber Charles as Richie Addison On "Moonlighting". He and Bruce Willis had a chemistry that really made them seem like brothers. He will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
I'm sorry about your friend Charles Rocket and wanted to thank you for also mentioning my friend Julie Hayden (Harris). I just looked her up on IMDB last night in a moment of reflection and was floored when I saw a deceased date. I'm in shock and in mourning nine years later. (I did a google to find more info and found your blog).
Julie and I both took our first Groundlings workshops back in the late 80's with Steven Hibbert and and then Nancy Ryan. Although I'd not been in contact with her for well over a decade, I've always felt a kindred spirit with her and hoped we'd at least bump into each other again on a Melrose street corner some day and enjoy a cup-a-java together once more. I don't know what else to do or who to commiserate with, so my apologies if this is the wrong venue for my catharsis. Dang.
Sweet dreams Julie and Charles.

Kathy B. said...

Julia, Charlie was from a large family in New Hampshire. I had the pleasure of being in high school with Charlie and two of his brothers. As juniors and seniors we would play coed touch football in the field next to his home. Charlie was the funniest guy in our school and it was a pleasure to have known him. Thanks you for the wonderful tribute to him. I greive for him and his family.

madscrawler said...

I was a freshman at RISD during Charlie Rocket's last year there. I didn't know him, but all of us knew of him. He had star quality even then. I captured a few seconds of Charlie on Super 8 film in May 1973, when he and Rudy Cheeks performed a comedy act at Colab, the RISD spring festival. If you'd like to see a bit of Charlie in his youth, a low-res version of the movie I made about Colab is temporarily available here:


Anonymous said...

Do you have any film of Charlie's old band The Fabulous Motels from RISD, or any live audio of them (or the Young Adults)?
I know Rudy C, and I've been on a search
for some record of Charlie's old band. Not much out there, any help would be super....don a

Anonymous said...

Even though I wasn't alive to see the entire season, I am familiar with Charlie Rocket from his stint on SNL when it first started to suck. I watched a rerun from that season (which come on so rarely). He was no Chevy Chase or Dennis Miller when it came to Weekend Update, but he was pretty good (like Norm MacDonald when he first started). Besides, it was Jean Doumanian and the writers that made season six bad, not Charlie. Yeah, he did utter the f-word, but the show was suffering at the time and it needed a mercy killing. Who would have thought he'd do it to himself years later.

Also, I never knew his real last name was Claverie. Oh, well, now I know.

GB in GB said...

"Charles as Richie Addison On "Moonlighting". He and Bruce Willis had a chemistry that really made them seem like brothers."
So true. I loved "Moonlighting" and the bachelor's party is one of my favourite episodes. I recently watched all the reruns of "Touched By An Angel" and spotted Charles, so looked him up on IMDb to see what he was up to now. Discovering his demise, it was very sweet to find your nice tribute among all the trash (I knew nothing of the SNL episode - I'm British).
God Bless you Julia, and all Charles' family and friends. He's at peace now.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad. Like "gb in gb", I just learned of Charles Rocket's suicide when looking him up on IMDb to see if he'd done anything recently that I could check out.

He was one of my favorite actors -- so underappreciated. I thought he was brilliant, especially in his roles in "Max Headroom", "Tex, the Passive-Aggressive Gunslinger", and "It's Pat" (which is itself way underrated, Julia -- I just saw that it's in the bottom 100 on IMDb -- what the heck?!?).

Julia, thanks so much for writing this tribute to him. I was so shocked after I learned of his death, and like others was only finding stupid capsule obituaries prominently featuring the F-word thing, until I found your blog entry.

Your reminisces capture him beautifully -- I especially loved "He was so clever and dark and his voice was soothing and disturbing at the same time.". Thanks so much for giving his grieving fans something positive and loving to read about him -- it helps with the pain and disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled across this entry via Rocket's Wikipedia entry. It's very lovely. Rocket's performance in the "Brother, Can You Spare a Blonde?" episode of Moonlighting is one of my favorites. What a great, three-dimensional turn. He did some great work here and there...what a shame he never really broke through. Anyway, as I said, lovely entry...and FYI, I still mourn Maybe It's Me.

Anonymous said...

When I found out on 30th Oct 06 that Charlie had killed himself over a year before I couldnt understand why.

It really upset me that a minority of people had made really nasty comments about him without knowing anything about his private life & what he was facing.

Well I did find out why this poor man saw suicide as his only way out of his psychological pain.

He moved to a quiet place, lost contact with people especially close friends, suffered from depression - which he hid from people. Didnt get enough work & was suffering financially.

Then in August 2005 at the Newport Arts Festival he was doing a video with Chris Guest & another co-star. This other co-star made a really nasty comment to Charlie about him being fired from SNL - 25 years after the fact!!!

Charlie made a joking comeback but he was hurt real bad. I believe he hadnt fully recovered from his depression.

He took his life a few hours before he was due to film the SNL 80's documentary.

If you think I'm making this up you can see what i wrote & some of the links & evidences used on this link:


I also put some pics together:


20th feb 07

Anonymous said...

some pics of Charlie

Click on my name above


Unknown said...

Thank you, Yasmin for all the great photos! I have great admiration for Mr. Rocket's work and being 55 have seen him in so many guest spots that I was always delighted in finding him on. As a young girl I found him not only a spicy dish, but with a hidden complex depth that fascinated me. That and a unique humour and ability to play a wide range of ditzy to dangerous was admirable. My greatest respect goes to his family. And I have a weird respect for his choice of dashing demise. His choice. Wish it hadn't been, wish there had been some kind of timely intervention--wishes, wishes, if onlys of life. Loved you big guy.......

Anonymous said...

One thing I could never get through in my head was that the "f" word was so serious to remove the greatest talent on SNL at the time and for years to come (sorry Julia, but Charles was head and shoulders above you all, in every sense).
If the censors and network took a poll from all viewers asking "should Charles be given another chance?"
I would have said "No hesitation! Yes! For his wonderful work entertaining us all I don't even want an apology from him.
Carry on Charles doing what you do so well!"
I don't know if he ever did apologize and don't care.
Is anyone naïve enough to think that someone watching television at 1:00 in the morning has never heard that word on a screen?
I am sorry to you Charles. I'm sorry that you won't know that I never held anything against you. I'm sorry that I'll never get to meet you somewhere and ask for an autograph and tell you how great I always thought you played every role you took on. I'm sorry that you felt so desperate and alone.
If I could have given back to you just a tiny part of all the smiles you gave me it might have turned out differently.
I'm sorry Charles Rocket is gone. Sorry for me and all who will never get to enjoy him again.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing him in Dumb and Dumber, Earth Girls Are Easy, How I Got Into College, and It's Pat. He usually played the bad guy but he did so in an appealing way that made you want to see more of him. I recently saw some of his earlier SNL skits (before my time) and he was hilarious, especially his Rocket Report. He was a great actor who should have gotten more recognition. Depression is no joke. Anyone who has experienced this knows this. We should always be there for one another and we should never be afraid to ask for help.

Anonymous said...

I just watched Earth Girls Are Easy for the first time. What a wonderful movie, and what a great performance by Charles Rocket as the hapless jerk of a boyfriend. I looked up the actors on IMDB, and was shocked and saddened to discover that Charles Rocket had committed suicide. Thank you so much for your wonderful tribute to this man who brought so much joy to so many people. Let us remember him for who he was in life, and not judge him harshly for the way he came to an end. No one can fully understand the pain that another feels.

Anonymous said...

Hello there,
Oct. 07 and I'm watching Dumb and Dumber on WGN. imdb'd and ask.com'd a few things and ended up here.
It must be very difficult when you know someone who ended their life on their own terms.
These are truly difficult times and I can see how one more thing could put someone over the edge. Wow Ms. Sweeney, you have been though some tough ordeals, I read years ago about your one woman stage show and some trials and tribulations you went through. You are an inspiration for others who think they can't get through something. We can if we stay strong, just be nice to people and animals as much as possible. Oh. And don't watch tv news, that will make one happier as well I found out from personal experience. Stick to comedy central and the food channel.

Anonymous said...

Im A big fan of charlie. rip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia!Although it has been three years since Charlie's untimely death,he plagued my mind often before and after his death, and I just found your blog site. You see, I knew him before he was a big Hollywood star when he was a news anchor on our CBS affilliate in Nashville..you could say he and Beth were my bosses for awhile because I babysat Zane when he was about 3 or so. What a beautiful family and so nice to me, a Brit from so far away from home. My heart goes out to Beth, Zane and all his family and friends who got to be a part of his life. I have lost track of Beth and Zane, but would love to be able to write them. If anyone could help that would be awesome. My e-mail address is glennisekperkins@aol.com Thanks Julia for memorializing such a wonderful human being.

Anonymous said...

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