Thursday, December 03, 2009

My two nieces, Kaitlyn and Megan, who are 9 year old twins, came to stay (with their parents) over Thanksgiving.  We all went to the Shedd Aquarium and Mulan and her cousins all got a penguin in the museum store.  They came home with the penguins and dressed them in bathing suits and from then on, the stuffed playtoys were a major part of our lives.  Here they be in all their splendor.

It's snowing!  It's not sticking, but still.  I'm so happy about it.  I say, bring it on.

Spent the day redoing the blog look and playing with the new features and getting ready for "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" for which I'm soon going to be on the Metra and moving towards downtown Chicago.

I continue to get letters about the movie playing on Showtime.  I read each one, it's really a wonderful thing that this technology allows me to do that.


Nicole, Shawn and Nev said...


Big BIG fan! Saw something that isn't meant to be funny but because you talked about it I wanted you to see it.

Abstaining Blue Footed Boobies get SEXIER!!! HA!

Petra said...

Love the new colors and look, Julia!

: ) P

Erin said...

Hi Julia!! Stayed up late last night and watched "Letting Go of God" and absolutely LOVED IT!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience! For some reason today I seemed to find an inner peace and almost a relief to hear someone explain it all in depth, like I wasn't alone. Now, i'm going to be on a quest to find copies of your other monologues!! Keep on keepin on!!

Julie said...

I Tivo'd the Showtime airing of "Letting Go of God" and finally had a chance to watch it last night. My husband and I loved it. I found it truly inspiring, and I am going to try my best to make sure everyone I know sees it.

I wrote a little review of it at my blog; if you get a chance to check it out I hope you like.

Anonymous said...

Actually watched "Letting Go of God" and have to say you were fantastic. I am into my 60's but very much identified with everything you said. Saying it with humor on serious subjects is perfect. Thank you so much for all the splendid performances you bring to us. Hopefully you will bring one of your Stage Performance's to San Francisco soon. Would love to see you in person. Most Gratefully, Bevelicious

Darletta said...

Julia, I am an African American female who lives in the buckle of the bible belt. Five years ago I found my self looking for answers. Your journey of discovery in "Letting Go of God" eerily parallels mine. You have managed to put into words what I've gone through and felt. I thank you for that. Now, if I could just get my mother to watch it maybe she would stop praying for me to change my mind and just appreciate the wonder that we all are. I'm getting her the dvd for christmas. LOL!

Andria said...

Stumbled upon Letting Go of God this afternoon and was happy to find another traveler on the same path. I especially appreciated your description of comfort and familiarity of the church at your father's funeral. I tell my mother that the my experience is like trying to squeeze back into a once favorite dress that is now 4 sizes too small.

I have never been able to accept anything as true without verification. There is still beauty and mystery to our world that, even with truthful and unflinching examination, remain beautiful.

Thank you.

Lorna said...

Love the penguins :)

"Letting Go of God": I skipped grocery shopping because I just couldn't stop watching. Very well done, and extremely funny! Thank you for sharing in such an artistic way. I've personally never believed in god, or any 'supreme being'. Not even as a kid. Just seemed like a fairy tale to me, like believing in the tooth fairy. We have a special needs son, and people always say 'god doesn't give you more than you can handle', or 'god gave him to you because...'. I just smile politely. Amazes me...

Paul Birrell said...

Thank you for making "Letting Go of God."

I recently watched a Dawkins lecture online and love the thought, that you also express, about how much more marvelous the Universe is without a god.

My wife and I watched together and think you and your monologue are brilliant. We didn't notice the jowls, but thanks to Tivo we can watch again without the jowl filters turned off.

Does a monologue like this just preach to the proverbial choir or can a-naturalists hear from within bible lined walls?

Anonymous said...

I was surfing channels looking for something interesting. Did I ever find it! I watched and laughed and wondered with you on your L G of G segment. Frankly I was astonished at how brilliant you are.

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled by those who take the words of the Bible and twist them so they can sell DVDs. Specifically, remember when Julia remarked about Luke 14:26 (about "hating" your parents, sisters, etc.), the passage is really saying not to love them more than the poor man, the criminal, the lost, etc. It is saying that you can't just love your own life and serve ONLY your family. It means to be selfless and serve both, especially those that need to be made aware of God's presence in their lives. I challenge you to read the Bible and do some investigating. God knows we are intelligent and says some complex things. Anyone who reads it on the surface and mocks it because it suits their natural instinct to be selfish, is buying into the lies that the enemy whispers in your ear. I know, I believed them once too. Satan is the greatest car salesman on earth. he will make you laugh, stimulate you, REASON with you, and do whatever it takes to make you think that life should be nothing but EASY and FUN. But that's not reality is it? Life is tough, and God wants to give you the tools to navigate it, knowing your true worth. To think you already know it is false, because you doubt yourself sometimes. Not very concrete. But He ALWAYS knows! Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something. I mean, look at it! Sweeney is selling something just like Bill Maher! It's a trend to bash God because it sells! God doesn't want money from you or to brainwash you. He wants you to be free from yourself! Its human selfishness that's taken the freedom He's given us and turned the Earth into the selfish place it is! Look into the concept of free will. That is the next step in the investigative process. You are the princes and princesses of a kingdom greater than your own. Be broken of yourself, and be free!

Duane said...

Hi Julia,
Just watched "Letting Go Of God," and it brought me back to where I used to be before discovering a source of information which changed my view, not so much on organised religion, but on God. If you haven't read some of the many books on the life of Edgar Cayce, then you haven't been exposed to the explanation to so many of lifes mysteries. So much of what he has said and done are truly amazing, and verifiable, that you have to give serious thought to the veracity of that which isn't provable. Do yourself a huge favor, and go to Amazon, and choose from the huge offerings on this most amazing of men that ever lived.

Anonymous said...

I saw your show. I agree with you. I got a really powerful telescope from Santa so I could look for god, but I never saw him. My mother told me not to tell anyone that because it could be rough on me, because some people really believe there is a god. She said she believed in one but she said she'd never tell me to. So I don't.
I've tried to think it out and see what I come up with, and I think we're in our heaven now.

Betty Ann said...

I loved your show on Showtime, and took the liberty of referring to it on my blog -
As a Jewish educator I was particularly taken by the short exchange which described someone telling you that you're really Jewish, what with all this struggling with God.
It's true! I feel really lucky to be Jewish. Judaism has a really big tent - room for so many different ways of understanding (or trying to understand) God.

Anonymous said...

I watched in the middle of your showtime event. to think that we are here by chance is like saying your car is here by chance and every different model. your car was made the universe and the creatures were made.I use to think like u when i was in my 20'. I am now in my 50 and have learned i was wrong.

Anonymous said...

i saw your show and i have to disagree with everything you believe in! I think it is wrong for you to say there is no god and teaching Mulan there is no god! there is a god and one day you will realize that and there is a purpose to why we are here! i don't think you should even be on tv!! you are sending a wrong message!!!!

dimsum said...

I don't know how much tickets are for your shows these days, but today I'll wind up paying $35 to have seen you. You will not benefit from it and were not even performing at the time. We were both at the public library; you using the free WiFi on your MacBook and me reading the booklet that comes with the DVD of Louise Brooks in "Pandora's Box." Another guy was also on his laptop (Windows 7) and feigned interested in your computer to introduce himself to you and gush about being a fan. I decided you were just a private citizen and did not intrude. When I left the library, I found my car had gotten a ticket for not having a sticker for that suburb. It was my fault, so I'll pay the $35. Another treasured memory.

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it's going to be a sad day when all the athesist burn in hell and the christians are enjoying time with our great creator.

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