Friday, November 21, 2008

This is a picture of my dog, Arden. I am too swamped today to walk him, but at least I get to honor him with a picture on this blog. Somehow I don't think he thinks this is a good trade-off.

My DVD is finally finished and available. You can get it on or from or at Amazon doesn’t have it as a possible in-your-hands-date until Dec. 11th even though I shipped them the DVDs. I'm breathing a sigh of relief that the finishing of it all has been accomplished. It’s done, done, done. Also, if you’re interested, you can view the trailer, the audience q & a, and the audience interviews on YouTube. If you go to my website, and look under “Stuff I’m doing” and click on Letting Go of God – you’ll get the mini-web-page for the DVD and a pointer to the extras on YouTube.

I'm still in the after-glow of Obama winning the presidency. I'm ooing and ahing over each cabinet nomination. I have been convinced that Hillary Clinton is a good pick for Secretary of State, even though foreign affairs seems to have been the topic on which she and Barack most diverged. But I think Hillary was making herself out to be more of a hawk than she really is. She had to prove she could be tough and aggressive as a woman, and that is one way to flex your muscles. I’m hoping she does eventually become President, after eight years of Obama. I also hope that she can remake the Secretary of State job into something that she can use to promote herself as President even though history has not been kind to Secretary of State presidential bids. But we’re in a new era, and she can recreate that role.

There are numerous things regarding the Obama Presidency that I’m chewing on and mulling over, but one of the most inconsequential and picayune (and yet real) is this: , Barack Obama is younger than me. By two years. Two years younger! Seeing what he has done with his life has made me reassess all my own life choices. For example, when Barack was at Harvard Law school I was spending most of my energy on guys and parties and writing skits. How was he so smart to marry someone else so smart, so young???

Obviously, I didn’t choose politics, but I just marvel at Barack’s skill at sizing up the playing fields within various institutions and coming out a winner. I realize how much younger, emotionally, I was, how naïve I was, how lacking in ambition I was in my twenties and thirties. I don’t feel bad about myself, I’m glad for all I’ve done. But Barack’s ability to excel just takes my breath away. He does his homework. I kind of tried to fudge my homework an hour before class.

The other thing I am thinking is that… wow… I’m middle aged. Really middle aged. In the middle. I have spoken about this with many of my friends and most of them seem to be going through the same emotional readjustment – we are older than our President! It used to be that old white guys were president. Now it’s a younger half-white guy. We are thrilled, we are supportive and we all could care less about skin color – but age.? The age thing! Younger? How can this be?

The last time this happened to me was when I began to notice that soldiers were younger than me. It was just the same thing. Soldiers were older men who fought for us and defended us. Suddenly they weren’t. They were younger guys who even looked like teenagers. Then we realized that many of them were teenagers. It was a shock.

I am starting to go into overwhelm as I get ready to move. The books in the living room are packed, but not the hallway. I have drawers full of old mail, receipts, half-written letters. I’m having to face all of it. It’s like going through your own dirty laundry and having to smell each piece of clothing closely. YUCK.


Anonymous said...

Julia, I always appreciate your posts and reading what you have to share.

-- Lisa W.

joe said...

I'm 28 this year, and while i'm not going to pretend like that's "old", I had a similar revelation that you had when I was watching the Olympics this year. This was the first Olympic games where I was older than the vast majority of the athletes....

I was an elite high school athlete (runner), and competed in college as well. Even though by the 2004 Olympic Games I had stopped running, I at least took some comfort in watching the Games and knowing that most of the athletes were my peers, and even though I was never good enough to make it to the Olympics, at 24 I at least could still think "yeah, I could be there." But now at 28 i'm watching kids ("kids") that are 16, 19, 22 who are at the top of their sports, and I realize that some of them were born in the 1990's!!

Ah well, it's all relative, I suppose. By the time Obama leaves office, hopefully, I will be 36, and I'm sure there will be a whole new set of milestones and revelations that will have passed (like kids born after the September 11th attacks will be almost of driving age).

Lois Lane said...

Awwww...Arden! Poor pooch doesn't know he's practically famous being on the interwebs and all.

Maybe your next DVD can be letting go of age. It happens to the best of us, don't know why it seems so hard to fathom. We're all like that in some way.

I'd like to plug your DVD on my site. Do you have a link button that people can click and it takes them to the buy me page at Amazon? Also, would you be willing to give an autographed copy away if I had a contest? (my blog peeps love contests)

Good luck with the packing. Try not to sniff too cloesly. :) Have a good weekend. Love, a fellow homework fudgerer

Anonymous said...

Great trailer, Julia. I posted it on my Facebook page so at least two more people will see it.

It was a little confusing when I clicked through from your homepage though because I could only hear the Jill song and the trailer sound was muted. I could hear it fine when I went directly through YouTube.

Best of luck with the DVD. Can't wait to get mine soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm really disappointed that Amazon won't ship the LGoG DVD. I ordered 2 copies in October, and thought they would at least be shipped by the 21st of November. The web site suggests Nov. 25 as the likely shipping date.

Still, I guess it might indicate good news that they are selling a lot of them and don't have enough inventory?

I can't wait to watch...

Venus said...


Would you please post your excellent book list that led to your atheism again? Especially the book on human morality that had such a big impact on you. I remember from your previous blog that it was a great list.

Lois Lane said...

Heading out of town, just wanted to pop in and wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, is now shipping the Letting Go of God DVDs. At least they *claim* to have shipped my copy today (11/25/08).

I searched on and first, but didn't see the DVDs offered there -- maybe I just wasn't thorough enough in my searches, though. :)

Anonymous said...

FYI, just notified me today (11/26/2008) they have shipped the order I placed on Mon 11/24/2008, which includes your 'Letting Go of God' DVD and another completely unrelated item (stainless steel water bottle). Their estimated arrival date via USPS is 12/5/2008. Thought this would be good news for all the fans hoping for prompt pre-holiday delivery for gift giving!

Anonymous said...

I've just ordered the Sweeney Triple Feature--"God Said 'Ha!'" DVD, "In the Family Way" CD, and "Letting Go of God" DVD--from Amazon. I'm looking forward to a terrific Sweeney overdose.

Thanks, and congratulations (on the movie, the wedding, our guy Barack...), Julia!

Anonymous said...

Amazon is lying to you. I have no doubt that they are shipping the LGoG DVDs, but their claims of "shipping" objects and updates that items are "in transit" are bogus, if you use their free super-savor shipping. If you plug your "tracking" number directly into the USPS web site, you get a completely different story than if you go through Amazon's "where's my stuff" page. After several phone calls to Amazon and the USPS, I can confirm that Amazon is just making stuff up. My 2 LGoG DVDs have been "in transit" from Springfield MA since 3AM on the 24th (Monday). I live only 125 miles from Springfield, and they still claim a Dec. 1st delivery (and USPS says it hasn't even picked up the package yet!). If it was really "in transit", it could have walked here by now.

Amazon is a good company, but I am really disturbed that they are basically lying to me (via web site and over the phone) regarding the status of my order. It will be interesting to see when the DVDs actually arrive.

Anonymous said...

PS. Amazon has dropped the price to $14.99, only hours after they shipped mine on the 24th (a $3 price drop).

Anonymous said...

I recieved my copy today, 11/26/08 after pre-ordering it. It was wonderful! I'm going to show all my friends at our Thanksgiving party tomorrow!

Happy Holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

got your dvd. love it.
packaging, menus, extras -- all fabulous.
Great Lighting, edits and your hair looks good.
So glad you went darker than the blonde look from a week earlier.

This show will touch many - for many years.

congrats on getting the dvd done and out there.

ps the end credit roll with Jill's song and your photos is a great touch.

Lois Lane said...

We got our first big snow in Chicago. Roads are a wreck but the trees and parks sure look nice. You sure about this move? :D

Good luck with all the packing and gearing up.

Anonymous said...

Finally, the LGoG DVD has arrived in the mail. This is really nice work, Julia. Thanks. While it is not spectacular in terms of cinematography, or even production, what is really impressive is the writing/organization of the soliloquy. It's dense, yet it's understandable, it's funny, and it's educational. Julia (while getting a bit melodramatic at times) does a nice job of conveying her sincerity and portraying the honest conflict in herself as she experienced it originally (as opposed to reminiscing about it from the point of view of her current "self"). This comes across better in the video version than from the audio CD. Julia can really draw the audience in. And all of this is especially impressive because it was filmed "live" during a single performance. It's a very moving story that a lot of people will relate to. Congrats, Julia, and thanks again!

Tom Moran said...

We're roughly the same age, and I was also exhilirated and (slightly) appalled when I realized that the new president would be younger than me.

I remember when Playboy centerfolds were fascinating older women. Now they're young enough to be my daughter.

Not that there's anything wrong with that... :-Þ

Anonymous said...

KUDOS, JUlia! I got an email from Michael Shermer (the e-Skeptic) and your CD was being promoted!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, got the LGOG dvd through amazon and love it. I watch a little bit every night. Sooo great.
Even though I've seen the show live and own the cd, the dvd is wonderful to watch all over again.

Petra said...

I am so jealous of everyone who has already watched their DVD! I sent the link to my hubby for a xmas and I KNOW it is in this house SOMEWHERE. But, I will be a "good girl" and not find it, open it, watch it and put it back! LOL.

How's the packing / moving going?

: ) P

Froggymama said...

Everyone needs an Arden.

What a great dog, you can tell by his eyes he's a one in a million mut.

Our mut Buddy sends his love.

Lois Lane said...

Are you all moved in to the new place? It's colder than a well-digger's ass today. It's -30 with the windchill!

Knock three times, wouldja? :)

In the meantime, I hope all of your merries are happy and your happies are merry. XOXO

Anonymous said...

What a cute dog.

I recently discovered you, Julia Sweeney, when I read 'The God Delusion'. What a funny, charming, and beautiful woman you are.

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Spencer Troxell said...

"Picayune" is a good word. Thank you!

Petra said...

I FINALLY got to watch the DVD, Julia. I have two words for you:



Hope your move and the holiday season were easy.

: ) P

mom said...

are you on facebook? I rally want you as my friend. Letting goof god was without doubt themost meaningful change in my life for the positive. I still have the spiritual love but you made it all make sense.

be my friend , find friends, Donna Harden, Jacksonville, Fl

love you,

VAMP said...

Yep we're OLD...middle aged and in menopause...oh joy. To top it off my daughter's are going thru puberty. The house is a tornado of estrogen and a vortex of hormones. *whew*

Hope your move went well and you're keeping warm. I miss Chicago, I lived there for 26 years until I met my husband from here I be now. And I don't miss scraping off my windows and heating up my car key...and drivin' sideways.

Wishin' you all the best for the new year. My dog says "Hi" to your dog...woof.

Anonymous said...



M e l i n d a said...

Do you have a sister in AR? If so, I think I am friends with her. :)

Petra said...

He spoke to us, Julia! To us! President Obama, in his inaugural address, spoke to us for the first time in history!

We are a nation of Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus - and non-believers.

It was the first time (of many) that I cried during that speech.

I have hope.

: ) P

susan said...


You are wonderful.

fozziebare13 said...

Hey Julia,

We miss you. Please blog again. Your This American Life spots have really affected me and I love hearing from you.

Please check out my blog if you can. I'd love to blogroll you when you start posting again.

Lois Lane said...

I agree with Fozziebare! We miss you! I hope your move went well and you are all settled in!

It's going to be 30 degrees this weekend, and I'm almost ashamed to say I'm excited! LOL!

*runs off singing, "It's like a heatwave!"*

teachagiftedkid said...

Just before the election I noticed that I am just about two weeks older than Barack. It has been unusual to run into individuals born in '61 but a week or so later I listened to a fellow sitting behind me at the airport tell another that he was born in '61.

Why do we identify so much with the year we were born when we don't even become aware of things until 5-7 years later? Those born in '61 missed out on the Vietnam War protest and barely have memories of segregation. We were only 2 when Kennedy was shot. We were in an elementary classroom when a man landed on the moon and we watched Gilligan & Brady Bunch after school every day. We are the fringe of the baby boomers from the end of WWII. Are we qualified to be in charge?

Will our youth, playfulness and intellectual experiences plus the benefit of the technology be enough to to move our world forward?

plainwater said...

Where are you, Julia Sweeney?

deang said...

I'm also middle-aged now (in my 40s), but I remember the first time someone called me "sir", back when I was 20. I was at work in a suit, but it still made me feel so old.

Anonymous said...

Julia, you should get a Facebook account. I'd totally friend you. ;oP

Anonymous said...

Lovely dog!!

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Mark Pohl said...

just found you on and thoroughly enjoyed letting go of god. i am sorry for and familiar with the sins of the faith that you have experienced. have you ever heard of the author Donald Miller or his best-seller, Blue Like Jazz? Anyways, during his college years, he set up a "Confessional" in the middle of his decidedly liberal campus. The kicker? When people entered, he was the one that confessed - the autrocities committed in the name of Christ and the failures during his own journey.

this is the jesus i believe in. one that is humble and redeeming, and one that is reconciling the world to himself. An even greater HOPE we can believe in. :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Very cute dog! You're one of my favorite comediennes!

Hope to see more blogging from you in the future! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweeney, you should get a Twitter account.

One example of how funny Twitter can be:

Neets said...

I happened to see you and 'the letting go of god', can't tell you how relieved i felt to see a woman going public on media saying what I believe.
I see you have close to 50 comments on your blog. The chances that you might read this comment is very slim. And the last post is dated sometime in November. but I still would like to take a chance and hope you would get the time to visit this post I had written a long time ago Hope I could hear you comments on it.

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great bloggings

AG said...

Julia, Julia. Wherefore art thou, Julia?

We miss you.

Clare said...

Julia, I notice that sports people look like babies!

At one point in my life I worked with girls (in Girl Scouts) who were 15-18. They were organizing community projects, traveling the world, thinking up useful future project, etc. I thought, Where was I when I was 18? Oh yeah, smoking pot and traveling in my VW van. Hmmmmm. No wonder I was slow to mature! :>

Julia Smith said...

Julia - just learned about you and your work on, I'm hooked! Guess what? My youngest daughter's name is Arden! But she is much prettier than your Arden, and leaves squirrels alone. Happy Easter Day!
Julia Smith

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