Thursday, June 05, 2008

Yesterday I pitched a TV pilot at a studio. And as I was leaving the lot, I thought, “I want Hilary to be Vice President.” Why? Because it would be such a funnier show!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on! Hilary? Cute and ardent, sincere and conniving, smart and studious – and then her sidekick Bill coming in from the kitchen? He would get the biggest laughs. Obama constantly frustrated by them and Michelle hating Hilary but having to act nice. This show is a hit! Not half as good of a show as if Wes Clark were the VP.

I actually have been feeling better about Hilary lately. I think I have defensive feelings for her when she is down. I actually do admire her. I liked how much fun she was having in Puerto Rico campaigning. She said it was the most fun she’s had since the race started and I believed her. I do think it’s weird that she is suspending her campaign. That is odd. What is she going to get out of that? It seems very withholding-ish to me.

Wednesday night Mulan and I saw Aimee Mann perform at Amoeba on Sunset. I got her new CD. It’s really worth buying. I also saw Sam Phillips – coincidentally, serendipitously, at Borders performing one hour after Aimee. I liked seeing her too – and I got her new CD as well. Not as good though, I have to say. Maybe it will grow on me.

The trailer is done! I don’t know when it’ll be out there, but at least we finished it.


JR said...

I think the "suspended" campaign is for legal reasons, so that she can continue to raise money to pay off her serious debts. There's a good chance this entire delay is about money, as the first thing after sign-in on her website (which she suggested her supporters visit) was a Contribute button. I still think she could have been more graceful about her exit, but it can't be fun to owe millions of dollars.

The other (more disturbing) reason to suspend a campaign is to leave open the possibility of a catastrophic disaster for Obama...dirty laundry, a chorus of new preachers, or even an assassination. If any of those happened, she could jump right back in, take support of all the superdelegates, and finish her campaign triumphantly.

I'll feel better about Hillary when she has successfully (and believably) exited the race and is campaigning (again, believably) for Obama. I'd even like to hear her say she doesn't want the VP spot. Anything less would continue to rub salt in the open wounds of her supporters.

I'm still a Wes Clark fan, though I realized yesterday that he'll be 72 (the same age as McCain today) when it comes time to run in eight years. I just think he has a little less baggage, but still represents an intelligent, believable voice on the war and other major issues. He's a Rhodes scholar and speaks four languages, which tends to overcome the idea of putting a military careerist in a diplomatic position.

Adrian said...

I fear that Hillary has trashed the party in her quixotic quest to become the president. She's so effectively demonized Obama that many Clinton supporters are saying they'll go to McCain. If she had any integrity or care for the country left, I think she should step in immediately and quash it.

That she hasn't, that she acts like the fact that Obama has got more delegates is a form of oppression, really turns me off. Hopefully she'll see sense, but until she does, she's not a plucky underdog, she's a malevolent, spiteful person. I find it hard to treat her as a light, comic character while she's acting so vindictively.

Sheldon said...

I'm just not sure I can handle all the TMZ reports we'd have to read in which they'd refer to them as "Hillbama."

Plus, you know Hillary would try and run the show. She's not a "back seat" kinda gal. Of course, that's sitcom material in and of itself, isn't it? Kind of an "I Love Lucy" feel to that: "Hillary, you've got some 'splaining to do!"

Anonymous said...

Sigh, even here, the woman cannot get called by her last name. Senator clinton. Hillary Clinton.
I have preferred Obama for some time but never got over my chagrin at the way the media and everyone else just calls her "Hillary". I don't know, maybe it's me, but it seems disrespectful somehow.

Anyway, jr is right, it's for fundraising. She would like to raise money to pay off her campaign debts. Give her a break. She's done, She's bowed out, she's going to back Obama.


Anonymous said...

oooh didnt know aimee had a new cd out ... thanks for the heads up !

Anonymous said...

"Sigh, even here, the woman cannot get called by her last name. Senator clinton. Hillary Clinton."

Gee, I wonder how that happened.

By the way, Julia, in MyYahoo, the title of this post gets truncated to "Yesterday I pitched a TV pilot at a stud". Just thought it was funny.

JoAnn said...

Julia, you are such a bright, perceptive woman....but I do not know how you can believe anything Hillary Clinton says or even consider using she or Bill as comic characters. They are both the worst kind of people - grasping, nasty, and out for no one but themselves. I totally agree with everything in the comments prior to mine.

I think HC is counting on something catastrophic happening (I cannot even type the words) so she can step up. Meanwhile, it's all about the money. Heaven forbid that she tap her vast wealth to pay off her debts.

She HAS trashed the party in her quest to be TOP DOG with her malevolent comments. She is just a nasty person who has helped the Democrats, once again, go to hell in a handbasket.

Venus said...

SHELDON. It is ironic that Sheldon commented below on how he doesn't like what he considers extreme liberals criticizing him, when he is extremely intolerant of anyone who doesn't think just like him and he attacks people like nobody's business!

Sheldon said...

VENUS: This is me, once again, not taking the bait. Get another hobby.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Sweeney,

Thanks for your latest film which I will be attending at SIFF next week on Friday. I hope that your health has improved by then and you can make the showing as it is advertised that you are scheduled to do.

Regarding your discussions of community; it was the local atheist community that alerted me to your film and potential visit, through that very interesting world-wide community building tool we are using right now - the internet (and web-based mail).

Christopher Hitchenss made a comment in an essay about his a recent leg of his book tour, promoting "God is Not Great" though the Bible Belt. After a few presentations that were attended by many supporters of his ideas, he realized that many of the attendees at his readings had thought up to that point that they were the only atheists in town.

We free thinkers really need to quit being so distrustful of others and open up more fully to help ourseves find others like us. When I lived in conservative areas in the days before the WWW, I still managed to find others of the "unchurched," by just doing the other things I liked - going to libraries, science and science fiction gatherings, the zoo, and such. When I sat next to someone or we found ourselves strolling in the same direction at the same pace, I'd just ask, "What brings you here today?" If through the conversation I realized that the other party was far too religiously conservative for me to get along with, I'd recognize that we at least had some pleasant conversation about the things we liked.

I still love Bach even after giving up on religion for 25 years. I can share my love of Bach with you and with religious people as well.

I think you might also want to reconsider business networking. It takes a very long time to build a sufficient social network to find the person who has a band saw, or can do your taxes or take care of your remodeling the way you'd like, and without business networking groups the alternative is just to find a random vendor from the yellow pages (or on the web). Business networking groups help accelerate the connections between those who need services and those who can provide them. A conscientious business person is never going to refer on of their cherised clients (and I am not using cherised ironically) to someone they do not trust, even if that person has joined their networking group. Rationally self-interested business people spend a lot of time vetting their referral network so that when they send their clients to other professionals, their clients will be handled with tender-loving care.

Hey! This community thing does work, you just heard from someone in the freethought community who holds a different view on a certain topic than you do. We agree on some things and don't agree on others and still we can get along! You got a weedeater I could borrow?

Looking forward to meeting you in Seattle.

Yours Truly, Johnny Blogger said...

Julia... about the post on why we might do things for other people... I hope we do them because it is the right thing to do. Maybe the old Golden Rule thing. We do unto others, and hope someday they might do unto us.

The real reason I find myself helping an older lady unload her cart at Costco or paying that extra dollar for the person who comes up just short is it just makes me feel better.

You talked about driving your trailer editor back to his building. It was the right thing to do. He is making you feel good with the trailer, you are feeling good about helping.

I think after 9/11, every American felt like this was the thing to do for our fellow man. Unfortunately, it seems like in the years since, we have gone back to living our lives for best interests of #1. It's sad but seemingly true.

I have enjoyed your blog (linking to it as one of my favorites), as well as your work on television. I am just starting the blogging habit, and thank you for your blog helping me to understand that it's all a great stream of consciousness.

Have fun here in Seattle!

Julie said...

It is so easy to get caught up in the game that is campaigning that you sort of almost forget how similar Obama and Hillary's views are. Also, that they are Politicians and can most certainly come off as self serving, nasty, etc. (Although I have never really understood the hatred some people feel for the Clintons in seems based on something else entirely. Can they really say that the last 8 years were better for the country than when Clinton was in office? They'd be lying.)
I feel for her as well because I think the press was a bit harder on her, but I look forward to focusing on the actual Presidential campaign now.

Ex-Crusader said...

Oh, I wish I could have seen Sam Phillips! I've been a fan of hers since my (scary) evangelical days. Her music has been an appropriate soundtrack to my growing apostasy over the last 20 years. Strangely enough, she seems to still cling to some concept of the divine. That's where she loses me a bit. Keep listening to the CD though. Hers can take a while to get into.

Chudofix said...

Sorry, my english is not very good so i will try to bee short.
I was watching on tv your politics,
and they are good, becouse our politisions are the wors!
How many lies do they say on campain, you wouldnt beleve.
Best wishes from Croatia, city Sibenik, small place Biliche

Anonymous said...

I actually really wanted Hillary to win for a few reasons. 1.) I hated how quick some liberals were to eat their own. A lot of people just never gave her a chance. Granted she's not the most liberal democrat, but **niether** is Obama. 2.) The media treated her horribly. The coverage of her campaign made me feel homicidal at times. 3.) Pure spite (not the best reason, I know)towards foaming at the mouth misogynist wing-nuts and towards some of my fellow liberals who were so quick to bash her (which I think misogyny played a part in as well, in some cases).

I just never understood the overwhelming support for Obama. Yes, he's an articulate speaker. So what? That doesn't mean he's going to be a great president. I guess the bar really is that low after 7 years of Bush. Anyway, I don't dislike Obama, but I was really rooting for Hillary on a gut-level. In the end, there isn't really much of a difference between the two, policy-wise.

I can't wait to see Aimee when she comes to NY in July. I'm enjoying her new album right now. It's always nice (and a bit too uncommon) when someone is consistently good throughout their career. I always know I can count on her--even if the music isn't up my alley (the Forgotten Arm, for example), she's always an interesting lyricist.

Anonymous said...


I am not trying to "bait" you. I just think you should be more aware of your own behaviour and extend to others the same courtesy you would like extended to you.

Anonymous said...


I am not trying to "bait" you. I just think you should be more aware of your own behaviour and extend to others the same courtesy you would like extended to you.

Sheldon said...
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Sheldon said...

Gee Venus, thanks so much. What would I do without you stalking me on the Internet and counseling me? How did I ever survive 4 decades without you?

By the way, very clever how you post all this in total anonymity, not even bothering to register with blogger. Such a safe place to ridicule and judge others, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

jr, really, Wes Clark is better on the war than Hillary Clinton? How's that? Go here: and you will see that he was not "anti-war." I was so frustrated at that time, there were so many people that were opposed to the war, but so few leaders said ANYTHING. My sisters and I can't help noticing that people go on and on about how horrible Hillary Clinton is for her vote on the war and how much better all these men are. You need to go back to that time, look at 2003 and read what people were saying. Bless Obama for being opposed to the war from the beginning, but how many times has he voted to fund it?

Anonymous said...

"Yesterday I pitched a TV pilot at a studio." Hope you were able to wear your biochemical nuclear suit to the meeting. And be sure to hit the scrub-down station afterwards. Hope the pilot gets picked up. Congrats, newlywed.

Ryan said...


I'm a huge fan of Julia's, her "letting go of god" cd is a favorite of mine, which I listen too even still at least once every few weeks (perhaps sometimes I give it a little rest - but it's just sooo perfect! It's like my own testimony of how I became an atheist - except I was raised baptist instead of catholic).

However, the type of dismissive attitude towards Sen. Clinton on this site is somewhat disheartening. Of course, people's opinions are their own, and I'm glad to hear Julia sees some of the things others see in Sen Clinton, but all the same.. I dunno. I mean, one of the things about Obama that has made me stand-offish is this idea that he's the messiah of politics, with his huge rallies and where people get emotional and hand over money (tv evangilism??), and it's all about the "hope" that he "inspires." He still has yet to wow me, and his FISA and public financing flops haven't helped out too much in that aspect.

As for Sen Clinton suspending her campaign, I don't think she should even be doing that. She has every right to a recall vote on the convention floor (which I dearly hope doesn't happen in a football stadium). She deserves it, and so do her supporters.

Atheist/soldier/PUMA Pac member,
Ryan Fleury