Thursday, April 17, 2008

Okay, as of today, I am officially anti-Hillary. I have held out. Most people I know really can’t stand her. I was always quick to add that if she were the nominee I would support her. But after last night’s debate, how she was pushing things all out of context, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I really hate what she’s doing, and I feel her worst self is being revealed. Now, if she does become the nominee, I would vote for her. She is far better than McCain. But I am not a real supporter.

The way she is relentlessly pounding on Obama about this off-hand remark about bitter people, the way she is going after him about his pastor’s remarks, it’s just embarrassing at this point. It really made me angry.

My NPR special, “Home Sweet Earth” which is 30 minutes long, will air on several Public Radio stations on Tuesday, April 22. We are in the process of getting the website up. You will be able to download it for free from the website after Earth Day, April 22.

I can’t help it, I want to write a doctoral dissertation on “The Real Housewives of New York City.” I can’t go into it here, I am running late, but OHGOD that show. How interesting it is. How people’s memories are revealed – how inaccurate they are. I hope those women see the show and realize how they misremember things. We all do this, but it’s so stark and embarrassing on that show. On the other hand, I have affection for those women! I really do. I also read that Bethany’s boyfriend Jason was fired from his financial president of an investment company job because of appearing on the show. WOW. The thing missing from the show was how the show affected the show and the people. I mean, these women wouldn’t know each other at all except for the show. And the show obviously was pushing certain behaviors and situations. I don’t even think that’s bad, but it’s part of the show too – the show. There is something deep and witty there I cannot think of right now because I’m running late. More later… Oh! And the Pope! What about the Pope and Bush?!? And how they hate "Relativism." Yes, for them, making the world black and white, good and bad, keeps them in business.


Sheldon said...
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Sheldon said...

Please write more on the Bush/Pope thing. I'd like to hear your (and other people's) opinions on that.

I don't know who makes me more nauseous...the man whose money came from a great-grandfather who was in business with the Nazis, or a man who now controls millions of Catholics and WAS a Nazi. They're certainly good bedfellows, no?

And is it just me, or does this Pope look more and more like Emperor Palpatine every day? Yikes!

Eaton said...

It's interesting that Bush's opposition to 'relativity' doesn't affect his stand on killing people in Iraq. The Pope, not being so heavily invested in oil stocks, is at least consistent there.

Anonymous said...

When I heard on the radio the description of the Pope in Washington meeting with bishops, my first thought was--goodness, what a lot of white, sexually repressed men in one place!

Joe said...

I agree with you regarding Hillary. Just when I think she isn't going to sink any lower with her tactics, low & behold she does. I also think that the moderators of last night's debate are a tad to blame as the topics should have been things like the mortgage crisis, the recession, Iraq, etc.

Opinions Are Like Assholes said...

I feel that Hillary is being intellectually dishonest. She knows good and well that people cling to guns and religion and trumpeting that she disagrees with it is just validating the republican position that these are somehow important political matters. So she's selling out her own beliefs and making politics in general more adverse to reason in order to garner political advantage. Really ugly if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Hilary isn't better than McCain. If it came down to them in the election, it would most certainly be a lesser-of-two-evils vote.

Jerry Patrick said...

Hillary has officially pissed me off too, and I hate that. I really liked her and supported her until she started in with all the mud-slinging.
She's very buggy.

Lanie said...

Ooooh, I can't wait to hear the NPR show. Earth Day and everything! Now I'm going to go read "Living Like Ed" and maybe later I'll be "Blogging Like Julia" myself!

BubbaRich said...

I'm still whatever the 3-way version of "ambivalent" is about the candidates. I know the "default positions" of any democratic candidate will be closer to mine on most issues. I've wanted to be an Obama supporter, but I haven't heard him relate any specific position on an issue that puts him above McCain in my mind, much less Clinton. The main reason I worry about a McCain presidency is that I don't like what he would do to judicial appointments, both on his own behalf and for his wingnut supporters.

Clinton has played the regular political game as much as everybody else, and has been somewhat worse at it. But I know something about what she is for and against. The specifics I learn about Obama don't make me feel like he's necessarily the right guy for the job. His opposition to the space program, his waffling on abortion rights, his statements about getting out of Iraq ASAP, whatever the consequences, his complete lack of concrete ideas or directions for any of his promising but vague progressive statements, and all of this over a year into his campaign, I don't see any reason to think he would be a good practical leader, or even any better on most of the issues than the other two candidates.

I'm still waiting for Obama to look like a good progressive candidate, not just a vague spouter of slogans. His time is running out.

Anonymous said...

OK, so I totally want to be a countess! I don't get Alex at all--she and her husband are just pathetic.

And I *WAS* a huge Hillary supporter but she is just embarassingly bitter herself right now. UGH.

Anonymous said...

"Senator Obama, why don't you love the flag pin?"

It's time to turn off ABC and all the corporate owned media. Of course they spent the first hour assassinating the character of the candidates. They would prefer a Republican in power who will deregulate their industry even more and allow more media consolidation and market ownership. ABC and other networks should never be allowed to ask the questions and stage these things because of their conflict of interest. Let the mothers of the dead Iraqi soldiers ask questions; let the people who can't afford health insurance ask the questions; let our writers, scientists and educators ask the questions. We The People have to take this responsibility and never let profit-hungry corporations with a vested interest in the outcome of the election stage this kind of sham again.

Anonymous said...

I don't particularly want to be a Countess which could t mean being wedded to a past-his -prime, three times married (-not a great recommendation) Count.
What I do like, and what all five women subjects share is the wherewithal to live in New York City without once having to hail a cab.. it's that on-call limo service that raises the specter of the green-eyed monster...for me.
I also like that none of their homes is made unduly messy by the presence of piles of books and newspapers.
And that they are not awash in the 4th class mail that decorates my own Versailles.

And that neither sleet nor snow, nor any possible news of any day, from nuclear proliferation to the obituaries interferes with their appointed rounds.

Those are really classy compensations for suffering their travails with such grace, and lack of complaint.

On Hilary.. one can't blame her for what is now her pathetic desperation: she had it in her head...I don't know why or how she thought it would ever come to pass.. that she was headed for the history books: the first woman President of the last bastion of White male supremacy in the industrialized Western World...
Her husband after all was simply the 42nd President of the U.S., in a long line of White male Presidents: nothing to get really excited about.
And now, some other woman is going to get the historians' world record award... and be the answer to the inevitable 4th grade American history question:: "Kids, who knows the name of the first lady President of the U.S.?"
Stuff, as they say, happens.
But isn't the really significant part of this interminable race (all three candidates earn salaries(from the public as Senators)- a job from which they have all been noticeably AWOL for almost a year.. and who knows how much time in the PLANNING to be absent) the clear indication that whoever gets the gig is certifiably mad as a hatter?
A megalomaniac?
And potentially dangerous?
The drive for power always has that element of a certain level of psychosis, but desperation to inherit the insoluble mess that George W., has inflicted on us in every area of our lives, civil, political, religious, economic, military...AND moral, really lifts that aspect of it to a new level entirely.
But what to do about that is ...sadly.. impossible to zero in on.

Norma Manna Blum

Anonymous said...

These are difficult times and I'm afraid no one can save us at this point. I don't see any politicians who are actually good enough to represent this country at this point in time and we really need some greatness right now. The money they are spending is obscene and the debates are laughable.

I too am very disappointed in Hillary especially since she said she would represent all women and instead she's just George Bush in a skirt. In trying to win she's given away everything that made her good.

I don't know how our generation failed so spectacularly. We started with such high hopes and dreams and what of a horrible world we're leaving for our grandchildren. Hopefully we will get our act together before it's too late!

Keep up your humor it will be needed in the coming days. Sorry to be so negative but as a person who grew up studying war tactics and later becoming very political I don't see good things in the future unless we, the American people start doing our jobs and making the government work the way it is supposed to. The war in Iraq is un-winnable because you can't win a war on insurgency with military might (after all we invented this type of war when we broke away from England), you can only win it through political action. And you can't give a gift of democracy. Democracy is something that must be fought for and won by the country who wants it. I hope I'm wrong.

Good luck an I wanted to thank you for all the wonderful things you've done.

bookboy said...

Julia, long time no blog. Glad to hear you've gone Obama. He is Our last best hope. There is a book I would like you to check out it's called "The Compassionate Carnivore" by Catherine Friend. The wife and I are Veggies but I would almost eat meat to suppourt people like Cathy. What are you reading lately?

Anonymous said...

My disillusioned sentiments exactly re. Hillary and the Pittsburgh debate. The respect I'd had for her scrappiness evaporated like holy water on a smug Sunday Schooler, self-righteously chiding the kid from the ghetto for his wicked words and friends. I used to think her health care plan was better, but Obama is so much more genuine, he could make things actually happen in Washington. (dare we Hope?)

I think he's a closet atheist. His parents were both atheists, and he writes in his latest book about joining his Chicago church despite lingering doubts, for its social justice organizing power. He seems drawn to the ethos of Christianity rather than looking for some Big Adviser in the Sky. I really hope that in his mandate as a unifier, he might also make time for a little separatist action, re. the church and state! But perhaps that is Hoping too much...

Looking forward to your NPR show, Julia, and hope you have a performance in SF soon. I've enjoyed your blog for years, taken much heart in the kindred spirit I've felt in your voice, even if this is the first time I've gotten around to posting... This election cycle is galvanizing me, I guess!

Mary said...

Because Bush and the Pope piss me off too much to write a coherent comment, I think I'd better focus on the Real Housewives.

1. Alex and Simon are too weird and narcissistic to be believed. Their love of adornment extends from spending thousands of dollars on designer clothes that will be worn once to having two children and raising them to show off ("I can do something harder" "I am smart").
Oh, and we must go to (St. Bart's was it?) because you can show more skin there. Hint: thong bikinis and speedos aren't doing them any favors.

2. Jill is fascinating although a bit insecure. Could it be because her status comes from hubby who isn't really that nice of a guy and who doesn't really enjoy the company of her daughter? I think I'd have a gay husband on the side too. You've got to have someone to have fun with.

3. Ramona? Lots of history boils up in nearly every one of her conversations. A little therapy would go a long way. Her husband and daughter seem nice, so maybe her role in the family is to be the crazy one.

4. Luann may be married to a count and expect a certain level of respect, but she wasn't born into royalty so I don't get it. Come on, a book on manners and etiquette? I do think she's gorgeous though.

5. Bethenny is my favorite. She's presented with a situation and seems to get to the core of it. She's got a few things to work out with her own life, but she is also aware of that. I envy her her clarity.

Okay, that was way more fun to comment about. I'm as deep as a puddle.

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic wedding and really really enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

i just saw a photo of the pope's visit to new york

that popemobile is actually pretty cool. i wonder how fast it can go?! can't get it going very fast with all those police and guards in the way. but i popeville i bet they have a speed track just to see how fast they can get it going!

Anonymous said...

all politians have tactics...
some are just more tactful than others about it.

i guess she needs to work on her discreetness.

Jesse said...

As for the Dem's, Hillary is the sanest one there is; considering that she isn't "bitter" enough to believe that AIDS was created by the government to kill black people.

I advise you start reading-up on Libertarianism on Wikipedia, as it may change your views on a multitude of things.

Thee Erin said...

Giving up on Hillary, eh? Too bad!

Obama has no agenda for womens' health. Go ahead - check his website.

Compare it with Clinton's.

And you know what? I have had hard times and expect to have more. My family is from a small town in Pennsylvania; I return there often. I inherited a gun once owned by my father. It's in the closet next to the umbrellas.

I wasn't a bitter person. That is, not until Obama said that people like me are naturally xenophobic, bible-thumping, bitter gun owners, and he made this classification in order to prompt Californians to donate to his "cause."

Obama's remark was not "off-hand." It was awful awful!

I appreciate Hillary Clinton's pounding.

Bobby McGill said...

Just got around to reading this entry. Hillary lost me long ago. But her little put on hillbilly routine at the candidate's WWE campaign stop banished her from my mind forever.

BTW, I will be writing an article about religion in the coming weeks for The Korea Herald. It is the larges english language daily in that heavily Christianized country.

I would like to email you a few questions if you are up to it.

You can reach me through my blog.


Anonymous said...

All you had to write was "I am now anti hillary" and you found yourself a new reader !

Anonymous said...

Yes we get it, Hillary doesn't come with the 'cool' cache of being a black nominee.

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