Thursday, February 01, 2007

I am so sad about Molly Ivins dying. I can hardly stand it. I guess it might have been considered inevitable that she died from breast cancer. But somehow, I always thought I would get to meet her someday. It’s so sad to have Ann Richards and Molly Ivins die in the same year! It’s like the life of the party has disappeared. Oh, oh, oh. This really is making me sad, today. When I read Ivin’s book, “Shrub” (about George W.) I immediately went out and bought ten copies and sent them to people. And that is back when I (now realize) felt optimistic about politics in America. I actually thought everyone would read that book and Bush wouldn’t be elected. The first person I thought of when Bush WAS declared the winner in 2000 was of Molly Ivins. I wanted to be at her home with her, drinking whiskey and just letting the waves of shock and outrage that this man had been elected wash over us until the tide was really out and we really accepted that this is what happened. I wanted to eat chili with her. I wanted to watch movies with her. And now even though that was probably impossible, now it’s absolutely impossible. Sad day. Sad day.

Last night Jill and I did our show together at Largo. It really seems to be coming together. I had such a good time. I am going to learn keyboards now. Jeez. I ‘m in a band now. I can’t stand it, it’s such a surprise. And also, not exactly true – I’m more the court jester of the band, but just that I get to sit onstage with Jill and other musicians is so thrilling, so darn fun, I am pinching myself that I even met her and that this is what has come of it!

Pomegranates are out of season. My friend Julia is driving to the last outposts of farmer’s markets looking for them. I reached a level of acceptance when my produce person at my grocery store said, “It’s over. There are no more pomegranates this year.” And then he walked away and I stood still next to the Brussels sprouts, frozen in shock that winter has passed so quickly.

But! I have a new recipe for Brussels sprouts that Mulan and I are loving, loving, loving. You take a bunch of Brussels sprouts and shave them or cut them finely. They become a big fluff of green. Then you put some olive oil and a slice of chopped bacon in the pan with some garlic, and then stir fry the Brussels sprouts. We’ve been having this with a chicken walnut sausage for dinner. It’s FANTASTIC. Add a glass of good red wine and you’re as close to heaven as is possible on this earth.


moontaco said...

Hi Julia. I just found my way to your blog because I was Googling Molly.

I work for her publisher, and I worked on all of her books. I am devastated.

I'm afraid I'm not up-to-date on your health. I hope you're well. (I guess I should go read some of your blog and try to catch up!)

Becky Cochrane said...

I know! I will miss her wit so much. She was truly one of a kind.

Anonymous said...

Art Buckwald, Molly Ivins who’s next (bad news comes in three’s) Boy talk about the salt of the earth, non pretentious and had to work for what they where. Sure will miss them. Julia what do you think about Al Franken, I’m from Minnesota actually I’d vote for a yellow dog before I’d vote for republican Norm Coleman. Thanks for the recipe, here is a Great Site for food lovers.

Petra said...

I am so glad you are back on the blog, Julia! And even MORE excited that you are doing shows in April. I will be in LA toward the end of April. Whoo yaw!


lynn's daughter said...

I was also very sad when I read this today. I guess she was one of those people that you take for granted will always be around, because you can't imagine being without their wit and humor. Then, they're gone. It leaves a huge gap.

Maria Alexander said...

Oh, Julia! This is such a terrible loss. I'm speechless.

Anonymous said...

Texan reader/blogger here. Molly Ivins was a real treasure. Her syndicated column reached our local paper here in Fort Worth and her view of the present administration was just an "inconvenient truth" to the neo-cons with whom I am forced to share my city and my state. Many articles about her passing were published last week and I haven't yet seen a negative response from the usual suspects who demonize her (as well as the rest of us who share her's early). I give it a couple more weeks before some Republican blowhard starts referring to her a Socialist and, in the process of losing all respect for the dead, begins doing a little happy dance over her demise. It'll happen....just wait. Those of us with more sense mourn her death deeply. I hope she's sharing a beer and some barbecue with Ann Richards in the Great Hereafter and sending good thoughts and inspiratin to all the Democratic candidates.

Anonymous said...

"inspiration". Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I watched you in an old SNL skit last night... 'The Honest Planet'... LOVE ITTTT!

"It's not that I wanted the position for myself, I just resent seeing you get it."


take care!


Anonymous said...

Who's Molly Ivins? From what I can deduce, she's some sort of writer who died who criticized George Bush. Has she ever done anything important? It seems like society is divided into those who stand up and actually do things, and those who sit back and criticize those who do things.

Anonymous said...

It seems like society is divided into those who sit back and do horrible things, and those who stand up and criticize those who do horrible things.


Anonymous said...

Heaven!!?? Oh my, oh my - I thought there was no such thing as, (gasp!) heaven!

Anonymous said...

Molly Ivans... good riddanse to bad rubbish... what a HACK!

lleichele said...

Julia, I've been following your career since your earliest days on SNL. To keep this short, I just want to say that "Letting Go of God" is one of the most constructive cultural contributions imaginable. As our society undergoes the difficult adjustment to a value system that does not require frequent references to a god's lording (i.e. a reality not based on ghosts, mythology, or patriarchy, but rather ture goodness, personal responsibility, the finite resources of the earth, and limiting suffering) the kind of dialogue you promote in such a kind and methodical way gives a fellow questioner hope and warms my heart. Keep up the AWESOME work! I love your evolution into such a wise, reality-based human. ;)

Krayon said...

I stood in the produce section yesterday pondering pomegranates as well.


Unknown said...

Hi Julia, Downloaded your audiobook from i tunes and it made for a very enjoyable couple of hrs. I am in Melbourne Australia. Had a similar upbringing to you and left the church when i was 26 yrs old. I have read every book on the subject for the last thirty years and i thonk i enjoyed yours the most. I loved your voice and you are very very funny. Look forward to more of the same from you. Best Wishes!!

Anonymous said...


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