Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hello all. Happy holidays. I am up in Spokane for the next week or so. And I haven't posted a blog recently because I just love the discussion that's happening in the comments section of my blog and I don't want to interrupt.

SO... the forum is here! It's here! It's here! Please click on the forum link at the right (in my list of links) to get to it. Or go here: Julia's Forum. For the time being I won't be posting on my blog and will probably just post only on the forum. I think this will keep things going in a much more straighforward and open-discussion-oriented way.


john evans said...

Julia, I just finished listening to Letting go of god. It was such a treat! Thank you. Your humor, humility, warmth, honesty, thirst for discovery, courage, creativity and love of family and friends all shines through your show and your blog.

I have been on a similar journey the past three years. Oh, so many people I have learned about and admire! It seems I develop a new “man-crush” with each new book. As incredibly important as Dawkins, Harris, Dennett, Shermer and all the other voices of reason are right now, there is nothing that beats laughter. You give atheism
such a nice face — such a nice heart. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia! I found my way here through Rosie's site. My bf and I saw you on the View and we thought you were awesome. I'm agnostic and my bf is a not-so-sure-Catholic-leaning-towards-agnostic.

I was raised Lutheran (got baptized as a baby, later confirmed). In high school, a friend of mine was a born-again Christian. Before long I had "accepted Christ" (had to get baptized again...I guess the first time didn't take...LOL) Fast forward to me being 40 and going through a personal crisis. I meet a new friend who happens to be Mormon (do you see a pattern here? LOL) She has me meet the missionaries and they all turn on the pressure BIG-TIME to get me baptized in their church. So I get baptized a THIRD TIME! (Just covering all the bases I guess!) And a week later I get confirmed...again.

I can honestly say that the last experiment (the Mormon church) was the biggest mistake of them all. Join, then leave the Lutheran church - no big deal. I kept my friends. Join, then leave born-again Christianity - for the most part no big deal. People left me alone, but I retained my friends Join, then leave the Mormon church - BIG DEAL. It's a VERY big deal. I lost all the friends I thought I'd made. You see it's one thing to never join the church - they can be friends with people like that. But to leave the church is unfathomable and unacceptable to church members. And if you move, the church follows you. I moved to a house in another state with a different last name and they found me! Knocked on my door and said "Are you so-and-so?" Amazing. They work very hard to retain members and get fallen away members back to the church, but their methods are akin to stalking. So they stalk you while they hate you. They don't want your friendship, they only want you back in church.

The one thing I credit the Mormon church with is that that experience made me really study the Bible, the Book of Mormon, etc and made me really think about my faith and my beliefs. I credit Mormonism with me becoming an agnostic (atheist?)

So, no, no more baptisms or confirmations for me. This girl's done.

P.S. If anyone would like to read some interesting stuff about ex-mormons (many became agnostics/atheists) or have questions about leaving the faith, check out If you have questions there are forums that are very active around the clock. Tal Bachman (singer of "She's So High" and son of Randy Bachman of BTO) posts there often.

Anonymous said...

Julia, I had seen your name listed at the Secular Outpost along with mine, but I didn't know why. Then Dan Barker played a clip of your monologue recently and I knew why. You are both brilliant and funny. Thank you!

I started the Debunking Christianity Blog.

Email me, please.

jolene siana said...

Hi Julia,

I read your piece in the 2006 "The Best American Nonrequired Reading".

It was truly enjoyable and thought provoking.

Thank you.

Warm regards,
Jolene Siana
Author of Go Ask Ogre

PS. I was raised Catholic.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that people are saying they are atheists now. It's about time for some reason in an unreasonable world.

Unknown said...

Hi Julia,
I just read your piece in "The Best Nonrequired Reading of 2006." It could have been me writing it. Just a few days ago I admitted to a complete stranger I was an Atheist. Wow! It was hard to say.

Earlier this fall a friend asked me if denying the existence of God was at least a little depressing. I thought about it for a second, then told him I found it liberating.

Still, although my evangelical parents are distressed by my apparent lapse of faith I haven't the guts to tell them the whole truth. I would love to write about it in my blog, but my mom reads it "religiously." (She pays more attention to the words in my blog than the words in the bible, but still...)

By the way, I'm 56 years old, but still feel like I'm 12 when it comes to my parents and this. On the other hand I can openly discuss my unfaith with my 25 year old son. So there is progress.

Thanks for the article.


Donita Curioso said...

Julia, I hope you will continue to keep your blog current. I went to your forum but I couldn't hang with it.

I'm looking froward to seeing more shows with you and Jill at the Largo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
I've admired your honesty and sense of humor about your cancer and the loss of your brother. I was raised catholic and as an adult moved to Taoism as my spiritual foundation which makes sense for me. But I think an agnostic path is truthful. More then someone staying in a religion out of guilt or fear. I believe heaven is in the heart and mind of each person and is all around us in nature. Peace and good health to you.

Petra said...

I love the forum, Julia, thank you again. It is so good to see such a wide variety of opinions and information!

Please, Julia, keep posting here, though, because whatever you may post in the forum might get lost in the crowd!

Best wishes to you and Mulan, for a happy, healthy, safe, successful and peaceful 2007.

: ) Petra

Anonymous said...

I also hope you keep posting on your blog. The forum is just too all over the place for me. I liked reading your thoughts. They are more coherent than most of what's on the forum.

Anonymous said...

I agree with John Evans. You could read the phone book and still be charming, funny and witty.

Dr. Deb said...

Came by via Rosie. Recall seeing you in a very moving one woman show about you and your brother getting cancer.

Hope you are doing well.

suzi finer said...

Love your blog! You have a great "voice" on the internet...keep it up!

Anonymous said...


I miss your blog entries :-(

Anonymous said...

me too.

Fargofan1 said...

Same here. I miss your posts and/or blog entries. But I assume you also have your own life, lol. Just know we're really fond of you.

Lenny said...

I'm terribly fond of you too. Happy New Year!

Jeremiah Christopher said...

I sent you an email, but in case you read the comments more...

I posted a story about the government fining and imprisoning people who blog about, or criticize the administration or the government. Please check it out, and spread the word. This affects all blogger rights. There is a petition to sign as well. Please help save BLOGGING FREE SPEECH!
Thank you Julia, for your time,
Jeremiah Christopher

TaxTheRichNow said...

Hi Julia,
I was just reading about you in Dawkins' book, "The God Delusion". Thought I would post, because, like you, I am a fully recovered Roman Catholic. Even more, I was born and grew up in Spokane and went through Catholic schools, first grade through university, including eight years under the tutelage of the Jesuits and Gonzaga (high school and college). And so, of course, I am an atheist. I refer to this phenomenon as the "Voltaire Effect". Take a clever little boy (and since little girls have been properly raised, a clever little girl), subject them to Roman Catholic dogma, and presto! an atheist.

Anyway, I thought I would tell you about the event that finally undid all that RC education. In my last year at Gonzaga U. I (rather puckishly) wrote a paper for my Ethics class in which I pointed out that the same natural law argument used by the church to conclude that birth control is unethical should equally conclude that diet cola is unethical. The common theme is this: From the church's point of view, sexual pleasure exists to promote procreation. By the same logic, the pleasure of taste exists to promote nutrition. If you gain the pleasure while avoiding the objective, you are violating natural law.

The instructor for that class, a Jesuit priest, decided that I was attempting a "reductio ad absurdum". Actually, I was testing his intellectual integrity. He failed, and here I am 40 years later a confirmed atheist.

Take care, be well and have good fortune. You are a beloved treasure of our culture.

Anonymous said...

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