Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This is me and Murray Gell-Mann at TAM4. Clearly I am now just bragging and flaunting who I got to hang with over the weekend. But I cannot help it! Also, it's true.

Update on the cd of "Letting Go Of God." Many people are writing to me because I announced on my website that the cd would be done by now. Well, it looks like my cd will be available on Feb. 22 or maybe even before Feb.22. This is when I head up to the TED conference and I already promised I would bring the cd with me. I am meeting with the designers this Monday to go over everything. It will also be available on to download. I will make an announcement to anyone who has written to me about it. The delay is partly due to my own chronic indecisiveness with regards to a few things like which performance to use, which music we were going to use, etc. It's also due to juggling too many projects at once. So, if you are interested in the cd, I apologize. But it's coming! It is, it is.


Anonymous said...

Bragging about meeting cool people is ok with me. I can't wait until I get the photo Phil P. took of Dr. Gell-Mann looking at my tattoos. I've never been more validated as a scientist :p

Besides, I had a celebrity moment too--I called my husband during TAM4 and said "Guess what! Julia Sweeny's daughter hit me on the head with a pillow!! How cool is that?!"

I really enjoyed meeting both of you.

madeline said...

Yeah!!! Great news about the release date of your C.D.

I'm planning on buying several for friends and family, as well as myself. What a great accomplishment. You should feel very proud of yourself.

I have so much respect and admiration for you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the CD. Maybe I'll give a copy to my sister-in-law who got me to read "Darwin's Black Box". After all, turnabout is fair play...

niecey said...

I love reading your blogs. I'm so glad I discovered your site. I heard you on an interview once, probably more than ten years ago talking about a job you had once (might have been at a club...or a ticket taker? Can't remember). You were saying how you used to steal some of the proceeds. I was listening to it with my boyfriend at the time. I was thinking...dang!
how can she be so free with that information? I was really impressed by that. At the time I had been doing similar things to make ends meet and it was very humiliating. This is something my boyfriend didn't know. Still have never told him. But the fact that you were so frank and unashamed of it made me feel better. Not right, but better... more human.
Just wanted to say thanks :)

shannon said...

"Neicey" thinks it's cool to steal and be unashamed about it? God people love to talk about how God equals morality.

Anonymous said...

I am really suprised Ms.Sweeney, you are very articulate and well-read and intelligent for most comedians I have ever encountered if you were going to be labeled just that. I hope you enjoyed doing your Pat character, it was alwasys frustrating not not knowing the sex of the character. I sense you crave small-town life. Passing through Spokane it definitely had a religious feel. My brother went to Gonzaga and I visited Fairchild Air Force Base a couple of times. I am amazed at your writing abilities and how because of technology you can actually correspond with a star you liked. I can't imagine chatting with Jim Morrison of the Doors or Malcolm X; with these blogs. I always admired your work with SNL and on a personal level, you and Victoria Jackson were the most beautiful women to ever be in that ensemble. You definitely can be proud of your accomplishments and contiuned success. I've never read anyone's blog before, but I was inspired to write after watching how crappy SNL is today compared to when you were involved. Religion is a touchy issue, one where I was a devout Assembly of God member for 5 years, but came to the realization I lust too much. I didn't want to pretend anymore that I was sticking to the gospel when my nature was naughty. I partook in it mainly to meet wholesome women, but that really was fair to them. Anyways, your diversity in acting, and music is a pleasant suprise. Will look forward to continued reading. Tony

Anonymous said...

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