Monday, May 16, 2005

A wonderfull time had by...well, me for sure.

So. Yesterday. A big day. I had to get ready for the show and the party. I had Mulan with me all day, basically talking non-stop. And a dog leaping into the air all morning because he thought I was taking him on a hike, which I wasn’t. And we filmed the show yesterday – not for selling, but for a reference for me for the future – and then we had the party at my house after the show. I was really stressed out in the morning, getting alcohol, ordering the dessert, putting out flowers, tucking away all the odds and ends and all those things you think won’t take much time, but ends up taking LOTS of time. I was so happy when I got to the theater and I knew that I was basically done with the hard stuff. All I had to do was the show and enjoy the party.

I think it was a big success. I know, I had a fantastic time. About fifty people came to my house and we ate Mexican food and had margaritas and I got to meet so many amazing people. There were people from all over – I got to talk to the Irish Skeptics, there were two of them who came all the way over here, and James Randi was here too and he even did some magic for Mulan, which blew my mind! I was so tickled to even have him in my home. It was fun to have Michael Shermer here – I kept thinking of when I read, “How We Believe” and how it was such an important book for me and then, wow, here he is, coming to my own house!!! I was having to pinch myself.

People stayed until about 11:00, we all ended up hanging out in the living room. It was just fantastic. I was so glad to have the party. I can barely move today, of course. But I’m very smiley today.

I am thinking of two things and then I have to get to work. One is that Mulan kept asking me for the phone number to the place where I called to have her adopted, because, well, she’s going to adopt a baby from China too and she’ll need to know the number. It was so hilarious. I kept saying, well, you can’t adopt a baby for a really long time and you’ll probably get married, and she said, “No! I’m going to adopt a baby just like you and I need to know the number!” And it was so funny to me, us going back and forth like that about the phone number.

Also, somebody last night, I forget his name – oh that’s so bad, but I couldn’t remember everyone’s name! Anyway, he was saying that it doesn’t matter whether people believe in God or not, what matters is if they are critical thinkers. And I really like that. It’s true. What really happened to me is that I went from being a non-critical thinker to a critical thinker. What went out with the bathwater was my faith. But I have no problem with people who feel they have sufficiently researched their religion and feel they are making a wise critical choice. But what gets me is when religion encourages no questioning, blind faith, and then when it’s taught to children I go nuts. Children should not be taught about religion at all. They have no real critical thinking skills, they can’t. It’s really abusive, in my mind, that people teach children about God without letting them know the arguments for the other side and explaining that they will make their own decision about these matters when they are skilled at critical thinking.

Of course, barely anyone would believe in God if it were that way.

In any case. It was a great day yesterday and I am beat beyond beat today.

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