Friday, October 30, 2009

This picture has nothing to do with anything. Except it's something I own that I absolutely treasure. It's by a Oaxacan artist and I have several pieces of art by him. It's a wall hanging and about 18" x 12". This was sitting in the basement on a fold-out banquet table because I haven't found a perfect wall to hang it on yet. Anyway, I grabbed a camera and took this little picture. What about the woman underneath with the veins that reach up, above ground? That is awesome! Oh, the guy's hand broke off and I have to re-glue it. I just realized that looking at the picture. Ha.

I did "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" last night. I have such a blast doing that show. The other panelists were Amy Dickenson and Luke Burbank. They were hysterical. I was so nervous to do the show. This is my third or maybe fourth time to do it, and I just get nervouser each time. My hands were actually shaking I was so nervous. To me, this show is much scarier than doing Saturday Night Live. In the lightening round, when Peter Sagal goes through the questions very quickly, I swear I cannot even understand one word he's saying. Then I get panicky about it and say to myself, "Just listen, just breathe and listen." But then that almost makes it worse, my anxiety about not being able to listen, just compounds everything! Dear God, I am so not cut out for this show and yet I really want to be because hanging out with these people is a thrill I wish to experience again and again.

I had a friend, Rhonda, in town and we all went out for drinks afterwards. What a great night. But I didn't get to bed till almost 1:30 a.m. and I will probably be paying the emotional price for this later today.


Anonymous said...

What a colorful, vibrant piece! Just the texture on the tree trunk alone is enough to grab your eye. Find a wall :)

hollygee said...

Love the bas-relief.
Don't give up on Wait,Wait. I love your addition to the line-up. I am amazed at how you all -- and yes, you are among them -- can think/be witty before I can formulate words to answer a question.

Your escalator operator said...

I heard you on WWDTM one of your previous appearances and you were great! As a fan from your SNL days I think it's great you're on the show and hope you keep doing it.

jen duncan said...

That looks like the epitome of self sacrifice right there. She died happy, knowing it would benefit those she left behind.

Dave O said...

This was the first time I've heard you on Wait Wait, and I loved it! Hope to see you again!

Dave O said...

You should look for this guy. He comes to the Art Fair On The Square in Madison, Wisconsin, each summer. Gorgeous stuff!

eda said...




Erica said...

just hear the WWDTM podcast, you did much better than I ever could! and your laugh cheered me up all the way to work.

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