Monday, September 11, 2006

I am back in the game.

Because, you see -- my computer exploded three weeks ago. And now, I have a brand spanking new Mac and I have recovered most of my lost files. I am too tired to post anything. But I will report that I had a root canal today. It took three hours. My tooth has seven roots, which is apparently many more than the norm. A mutation! In my mouth! Even the Endodontist was amazed by the rootyness of my tooth. Assisatants were called in from other rooms just to look at it.

My cds are nearly ready. Everything that could go wrong, has. But let me tell you, it’s going to be so great! The book is 102 pages. It is the text of the whole show. There are two cds. I redid the slip cover and the book and it’s all taken very, very long. But I am truly excited to release this cd/book. I meet with my publicist tomorrow morning about forming a plan. I am really curious how this will do. I have low expectations and high hopes all at the same time.

Right now I am on Vicodin because of the root canal. So I shouldn’t write more. I will write more… tomorrow.

I am going to compile a list of 500 people who definitely want to buy the cd/book through my website and see how that all works in the system before I make it available to the general public. It’s sort of funny, maybe there aren’t 500 people out there who even want to buy it! But that’s what my business manager says I must do to make sure there are no cogs in the system. That’s probably a good idea. I looked at the galleys for the book today (after so many revisions for art, text placement, etc.) and I am so proud of it. I can’t wait for whoever is interested to see it too.

On the religion front: I reread the Epistles of Paul yesterday. I was debating whether I should add quotation marks in the text of my book to distinguish which epistle I was quoting from when I quote Paul. I decided that Paul says so many ridiculous, disgusting, sexist, delusional things that it really didn’t matter. As always, the Bible gets more coherent to me (in my recollection) when I haven’t read it for a while, and then I do and I am amazed again that anyone takes it seriously at all. I was reminded, almost poignantly, of Paul’s enthusiasm and commitment. But we all know lots of examples of enthusiasm and commitment that were dead wrong.

Speaking of dead wrong, I have been re-watching Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” series on DVD with Mulan at night. It’s really so good. And then I was milling through a biography of Sagan’s last night and saw that before he died he made a list of all the scientific things he had gotten dead wrong. To me, it was all very hard to understand types of things, like how close to the speed of light a human could conceivably expect to go – things like that.

Imagine if a Pope did that, though. I mean, just imagine!


James Hammond said...

Hey Julia! Sign me up as one of the 500, please!

Mutant teeth. Ha!

See you at the lectures this year, I hope.


The Disillusionary said...
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The Disillusionary said...

I'm in with the 500, Julia! I'd be oh so honored!

Petra said...

Me! Me! Me! Please count me among the first 500, Julia. Sorry to hear about your computer. Not fun.

Most people say they would rather have a root canal than _____. What is it YOU were trying to avoid? -bg-

TimWarp said...

Julia, I'm delighted to see you blogging again! I discovered your site during your hiatus, and just had to keep checking back until you resurfaced.

I'm eagerly awaiting your cd/book, and will even pay Retail! {insert grin here}


crabbydad said...

I'm in for at least a couple of CDs! Wee-hoo!

greenISgood said...

Where better to include for one of the 500 than Waco, Texas where I live now - OHMYGOD! Who needs it more? Talk about cultural deprivation....

In any case, can't WAIT to get your cd/book! It's about damn time...

Peace n' luv

Paul Roub said...

Please count me in as one of the first 500. I'll sign an affidavit, I'll pre-order, I'll prosletize (so to speak)...

bookboy said...

You will be in good company, Sam Harris is coming out with a new book also. We are planning featuring your book and like minded on a Mission Table at the front of our Barnes & Noble store. I can tell ya, this will be one of those ground swell books, used for i.e. book clubs, bible classes and so on. We been waiting a along time. Let' get the Party started.

April said...

Is the list in a specific location or do you just want names? I would gladly put my name and contact information on a list for you, but I'm not so sure I want to just put it here publicly.

SweetThursday said...

Yippee, you are back!!!!

I also would love to be in the 500. How do I do that? Are you accepting bribes? How about some flattery.

Or my first born son? But you are no Rumplestiltskein . . . the Catholic Church is, as I learned when my Luthren Mom had to go to church by herself while me & my sis went to Mass with Dad . One Sunday when my Dad was out of town on business, Mom took us to her church, Shhh...don't tell anyone, and I liked it better. It was prettier, and the service was shorter. When I asked my Mom if I could go with her from then on, she said, "No, that in order to marry my father she had to sign a paper promising to raise her children Catholic."

I never have liked trollish bearded old men, that dance around a fire singing their praises, no matter what form they take.

And you ain't a trollish, bearded old man dancing around the fire singing your praises. You don't have to. You are great! Heck 5 X 500,000 will eagerly read your book and love it.(We have now entered the flattery section.)


Did I make the list?
Pretty please, pretty Julia.

SweetThursday said...

I just noticed I said "Yippee" in my last comment to you.

I want you to know I don't go around spouting out "Yippee" all that often.

You just bring the joy out.

I am also not an empty flatterer. I speak the truth and usually nothing but the truth.

niecey said...

mac's are cool :)

Anonymous said...

Please include me also

Susan S.
Spokane, WA

Forrest said...

Yeah, sure, why not? I'll take a couple of those cd thingys.

(there I hope I didn't sound too gushy)

Stranded in Georgia with a bunch of "gitter done" , praying for money... well GEORGIANS!!!! Help me with a cd or two.


Sheldon said...

I'm SO interested in the new book! Sign me up, too!

Sheldon said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your root canal. That is NOT fun. But how cool is it that you had a genetic mutation in your head all these years?! I think I remember reading somewhere that Australian Aboriginees have different dentation than any other humans...something about the number of cusps. I wonder if you have any Aboriginal blood in ya!

Corey E. said...

I'm definitely buyng it as soon as it comes out, and sending an email to all of my friends about it.

My God Said Ha CDs are the only CDs that I have ever worn out. I turned so many friend onto GSH that I know they'll want to check this out, too.

Rozanne said...

I'd like to sign up as one of the 500 as well. Can you put up a quick post so we will all know where it is we should sign up?

Love your work and your blog!

SweetThursday said...

I am a little worried that some people might confuse you with Oprah and that the 500 is a give away/free for all.

I am buying it period/exclamation point! It doesn't matter whether I get an early copy or have to wait around pining until my independent bookstore across the street gets it. I support the 'moms & pops', first, but still love a Barns & Noble.

I hope you have a swift recovery from the root canal. And if you don't have the energy to blog, you might want to check out this site.

'The Brick Testament"
I heard about it on NPR awhile back, so you might know it too. Its pages show passages of the bible illustrated by using leggos, though some of it is not for kids.

Becky said...

I'm in! Add my name to the ellusive 500, por favor.

Glad you're back.

Douglas Byrne said...

Ohgoodness... I hope you are recovering nicely from the root canal!

With my boring, normal roots, I was in a tiny bit of pain for a few days, so I know what you're sort of dealing with.

(Granted... I would rather have a root canal than have my wisdom teeth removed again, which, thankfully, isn't a possibility considering all four are already gone... whew!)

Hope all is well...

~Douglas, you new best friend!

Tom said...

Seven roots? Sounds like intelligent design to me...

Me too on the 500!

Tom said...

Oh, by the way, we have a get-together of freethinkers-atheists-skeptics-"brights" up here in the bay area once a month, and we've been watching Cosmos one episode at a time. What a great series! So much of it still holds up, huh? I remember watching it back when it first came out, and it had a lot to do with my conversion to the hellbound atheist that I am...

Liz said...

How do we sign up for the book and CD? I can't wait! We traveled to LA just to see the show and downloaded your bit from This American Life for all our friends and family. We'd be honored to be part of the first round of 500. In fact we'd be good for five at least. Just let us know when and how.
What an unwelcome surprise with your tooth! Hope it gets better quickly for you.

reillym said...


I'm in for one. It's the least I can do after you helped me out on speech team...

Mike R
GPrep '77

Brian C said...

The pope at the speed of light!?

Geez I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia . Please don't forget your 500 contains some trans-Atlantic cousins . Should you ever consider appearing this side of the pond ? so looking forward to the cds . Dan

evany said...

I'm definitely in for a CD, yes please!

heidi said...

julia...i would love to receive one of the 500 cds. your piece on this american life was one of the most powerful i had ever listened to. it would be an honor.

heidi wallace

JosephCameron said...

>>>>>I decided that Paul says so many ridiculous, disgusting, sexist, delusional things that it really didn’t matter.

most great literature of the past is sexist and disgusting, because many, if not most, people in ancient times were sexist and disgusting. you have to wade through the metaphore and cultural contexts to take any spiritual understanding from the bible.

toomanytribbles said...

i'm rewatching cosmos too.. i haven't seen it since it was first aired.

great minds think alike.

Al Stewart said...

How about, “I come not to bring peace, but a sword”? Jesus said that. Or how about when Jesus tells us a story about how he is like a King who wants those who are not willing to be subjected to his rule to be slaughtered before him while he watches?

I'm sorry Julia, but once again where is the context? What was Jesus saying when He said "
think not that I come for peace, but w/ a sword"? Keep reading the next words!! "that a man's own enemies will be those of hisa household"! No where here is Jesus speaking in ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM of killing people or supporting anything as such! What He said IN CONTEXT here is that if you choose to make Him Lord of your life, then you better know that some of those who will oppose you may be in your own house! Thus He is lovingly warning us to "count the cost"! And as to your latter claim, where did Jesus ever say anything like that????

Sorry Julia, just want you to have the facts my dear friend!

:) Al

Anonymous said...

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