Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Of course the Pope can only bring himself to say he was sorry… that... people got SO UPSET by his remarks. I laughed so hard when I read his apology. It’s the classic non-apology, no? It’s the big fuck you apology.

“I’m sorry you are too stupid to be unable to interpret my real meaning.”

“I’m so sorry you’re not smart.”

“I’m so sorry you don’t agree with me.”

"I'm so sorry you don't see things the way I do."

That kind of apology. Where the person issuing it believes that merely using the word, “sorry” means that they have apologized. My experience with this type of apology is that later, when you let an exasperated expression graze your brow, the apologizer shouts, “What?!!? I apologized, didn’t I?” I don’t know how someone can even issue an apology like that one without laughing while they are doing it. It’s so embarrassing! It’s so transparent! It’s sooooo fake.

On the other hand, why shouldn’t the Pope make snotty remarks about the Muslims? My only complaint is that he didn’t quote the Bible too.

This is from the AP report of his initial speech:
"The emperor comes to speak about the issue of jihad, holy war," the pope said. "He said, I quote, 'Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.'"

How about, “I come not to bring peace, but a sword”? Jesus said that. Or how about when Jesus tells us a story about how he is like a King who wants those who are not willing to be subjected to his rule to be slaughtered before him while he watches? I would say that would qualify as violent and evil. In any case, it all amuses me. I am amazed that Ratzinger would accuse Mulsims of spreading their faith by the “sword” when that same means of spreading “faith” is a long and dear tradition of the Catholics, in particular.

WAIT a minute! Maybe that's what he was saying. We use the sword to make people convert and we did it before you Muslims did it, nah, nah, nah, nah!!!!

In the newspaper reports I read, the Pope said that his Cardinal Secretary Of State issued a statement explaining the true meaning of his words. I couldn’t find this statement anywhere. Also, the Pope said that his quotation did not reflect his personal thought. Then… why did he say it? There would be no reason to quote this unless it were his personal thoughts. The entire speech makes it clear that the quote parallels his personal thoughts.

For the record, I also enjoyed that the Pope stressed that the text he was quoting from was “medieval,” in his apology. Somehow suggesting that it was old and dusty and not modern. When the entire Catholic Church rests on texts that are old and dusty and even older than medieval! It read like he was saying, “That old quote? Why that’s OLD. I mean, come on. I don’t think that way, that’s not my personal thought.”

I actually am enjoying the stew he’s made of himself in this regard. I also love the Bush issued a statement saying he thought the Pope was "sincere." Ah... yeah. He sincerely wishes people wouldn't be offended by his remarks. Also, it's classic for me that Bush finds truth in "sincerity." Isn't that his whole way of divining what is real? By the sincerity of the speaker? Forget about actual truth, it's what someone feels that matters. It reminds me of when people email me and say, "People don't die for something that isn't true." As if the sincerity of the belief on the part of the dying person somehow makes it more true. AGH!!!!!!! All this makes me so angry and so giddy at the same time! Oh joy, how will this play out tomorrow I wonder. Did you notice that the Pope's "diary" showing he was not sympathetic with the Nazi's was released right... now? As if to say, "Jews, you still like me, right?"

Okay, for the record, I absolutely loved “The Girl With The Pearl Earring.” I was not surprised that women wrote the novel and screenplay. I was riveted. Many of my friends found it slow and unbearable. I would watch it again in a heartbeat.


Atheism Quotes said...

I do find it highly ironic that Muslims are offended by the quote about spreading their religion violently, while they are simultaneously destroying property and starting riots.

Seems to me the more I hear people insisting that the Muslim religion is about peace, the more I see huge groups of Muslims rioting, burning, and pillaging.

Are all Muslims like that? Obviously not. But there sure are enough like that to be worried that someone can't criticize them in any way without being targeted for death.

But as you point out, Julia, there's enough irony in the Pope's comments and apologies concerning Christianity to fill a stadium.

Did you hear that Fox is starting a FoxFaith division to make up to a dozen religion-themed movies a year? I'm guessing we won't be seeing any Muslim, Buddhist, or Wiccan movies coming out it.

Atheism Quotes said...

Oh, and lest I forget, re: "People don't die for something that isn't true"

Tell that to the families of thousands of American soldiers who have died fighting terrorism and WMDs in Iraq.

Of course it's unbearable to die for a lie. But that doesn't change it to the truth because people can't accept it.

Flippy said...

I always find it amusing that anyone takes the Pope seriously. He's a homophobic man in a gaudy dress, wearing a funny hat. I also have very little respect for religions who riot over cartoons, even offensive cartoons. Hey, in Iran, they had a contest to see who could, I dunno, come up with the funniest anti-Semitic cartoon. What did the Jews do? Nothing. They said it was offensive and moved on, and no pastries had to be renamed.

Life Behind Bars said...

I could tell when Entertainment Tonight was showcaseing the Pope's new shoes and fancy suits that there would be TROUBLE down the line.   

bookboy said...

How we love our garments that cover our nakedness. But when it all comes down to it we'er all just apes in underpants. My look how they strut and jester. Prance and condemn as we move swiftly to the edge of the abyss. Can you imagine the pope or bush for that matter being told that the next time they make an address to a crowd of people, they will have to be totaly naked. Do you think they could still deliver it? Could you?

Life Behind Bars said...

The main reason that I brought up that point is that was the first time in (that I know of) when the Pope was a fashion symbol.   In the Catholic Church you are told that Nuns, Fathers and the Pope are beyond all that.  They do not care for the careless things of common man, but the over all big picture of salvation and God's Love.  The vow of poverty seems to be very laxed at this point.

As far as Bush, the Pope or I for that matter giving a speech naked - one must do what one muct do. I am a bartender in a gay bar and I have to work in my underwear so not too far from what you ask.  I have learned if I can do that - still have my pride and be myself - I can do anything.  Bring it on!


Bruce said...

"People don't die for something that isn't true"

Turn it on it's head: So the hijackers on 9/11 died for the truth?

shannon said...

I really hate all Popes, all Catholics and all Jesus freaks. I really, truly hate their stinkin' guts.

SweetThursday said...

I can't stand apologies that are just words with no action behind them.

"I'm sorry, now, right this second, but give me five minutes or a day or a week and I'll do the darn damnable thing I did again. But don't worry I'll keep apologizing after."

Yeah, the whole Pope thing bugged me too. He is supposed to be an enlightened spiritual being and he can't even make a respectable apology?

And Bush's speech at the UN. What was that? I think Georgie thinks he is playing Leonardo DiCaprio's part in "Titanic", and he is King of the World, everyone should want what he is selling or they are evil.


How did this Country elect Clinton and then elect Bush? That is a real mystery.

Stephen said...

One wonders what the reaction might be should the Pope actually say all that he beleives about Islam. It doesn't take a great leap of "faith" to imagine what the leader of the "one holy catholic and apostolic church" thinks about Islam. So, we may be angry that he made that "slip," but can you imagine the explosion that would result from his actually saying what he believes about Islam.

LorMar said...

Interesting point of view

Tenesha said...

My mom and I saw your show last night in New York. You were awesome. You were also very beautiful. My mom is LDS and I was raised LDS. I live in CT and she was here visiting me. I was nervous to take her to the show because I didn't know if you would make it a slamming session. It wasn't of course. I want to take everyone I know back to the show. I left and felt so good. You share your experiences coming from a place of love and honesty and I feel very lucky to hear what you had to say. I work for an audiobook publishing company and I think your idea of the hotel bible is a good one. I am excited to see where you go. You are so talented and fearless... it was a pleasure!

Anonymous said...

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