Friday, April 03, 2009

Last Friday, Jill Sobule and I did a "Jill & Julia Show" together at the Lakeshore Theater here in Chicago. We have two more scheduled: April 24 & May 29. We had a fairly packed house and the audience was really responsive and enthusiastic. I am hoping this is just the beginning as Jill and I start to do shows monthly for... for... EVER.

Jills’ fabulous new album, “The California Years” comes out April 14 and when she was in town she recorded for the radio show “Sound Opinions” which is heard here on WBEZ, the NPR affiliate, Anyway, I got to be her driver! And that means I got to hang out with Jim DeRogatis & Greg Kot, who are the hosts. This is a picture of all of us on the recording day. I’m a huge fan of that show and it was a thrill to see inside the WBEZ station.

I have to say, I'm loving it here. I actually really, really liked the cold weather. Now it seems to be turning into spring. (Michael says I should expect snow up till May! But it feels very springy to me.) Every day I walk to the beach – to Lake Michigan which is just over a mile away from our house. I take my dog Arden and we go to this little park in Kennilworth – we sit on the bench and look at the water. Wait, I can’t say honestly that Arden looks at the water. Today the waves were really crashing and it was windy and I tried to see if he was looking at the water, but instead I believe he was obsessed with the absurd number of crazed squirrels that are running here and there and everywhere because it’s spring and the squirrels have gone mad.

It may not seem like it, but in Los Angeles there are, in fact, seasons. Subtle fluctuations, more rain here, more heat there. But I'm dense and I need blunt, clear seasons. And Chicago seems to fit the bill. When it’s winter, it’s doesn’t fuck around. It’s COLD. And WHITE. And ICEY. Now it's spring. Squirrels are going apeshit, delirious with the sun beating down on them. They're so high on spring they don't seem to be very wary of my dog, who has ripped out the heart of a squirrel - right before my very eyes (and screaming mouth.) This was four years ago in L.A., but still - Arden means business when he goes after a squirrel. I have to be vigilant with the leash, I cannot space out. Lives are at stake.

The lake is spectacular when it’s cold and freezing. In February, there were days of all white and the lake frozen as far as you could see. I didn't know that could happen, but it did. At this little park it often felt like I'd stepped into a painting. I would stand and stare at the still icey water and when I moved I half expected someone to yell at me - don't! - I was ruining the whole frozen scene.

I am happy to report that everything I hoped would happen by moving here has happened. Which means that my head is much less jumbled and I feel much less frantic. My parenting duties – the part I don’t so much like - shuttling Mu around for example – has been reduced by 80%. Where Mulan had to be driven 5 times a week for 7.5 miles each way in terrible traffic to get to gymnastics in Los Angeles, here it’s 2.4 miles in absolutely no traffic. And when you get there, there are so many parking spaces you want to pray in thankgiving (THERE IS NO GOD BUT THE PARKING GOD.) I keep hollering out to Mulan, (as I drive the minivan - she sits in the way, way back...) “Look, just look at all the parking spaces!!! Isn’t it just… beautiful?” I nearly wept the first time I pulled into the recreation center here. I thought I had gotten mixed up and it was some shut-down day. No, it was not. It's just... the space. The space.

Also, Mulan walks herself to school. I cannot emphasize what a change in my life this is. Did you hear me, she walks to school on her own?!? That means she gets herself out the door, and walks home too. She's her own person, and she loves it. I didn't know my dream was to be a mini-van driving housefrau with a school a block away, but here I am. I am living the dream. And I didn't even know this was my dream. I just stumbled into it.

Mulan has adjusted more quickly than I expected. She has friends, she has playdates, she’s getting good marks in school. She liked the snow when it was here, and is signed up for lots of summer classes at Gilson park right on Lake Michgan. She wants to learn how to sail. What’s not to love about this?

Well, it’s not cool. That IS true. It’s not hip. It’s very, very white – I mean Caucasian - where we live. (It’s not just the white snow, it’s the people too!) When I recently went to a benefit performance at Mulan’s school put on by the parents, I was shocked at how lilly white everyone was. And young. (I was actually asked if I were Mulan's grandmother by one teacher. !!! &*%$#@)

Y'know, I'm used to L.A., in the heart of the city, and Mulan’s old elementary where the, ahem... western european americans... were in a minority. I had gotten accustomed to that, it made me feel more “in the mix” of the world than out of it. Now I live in the suburbs. It’s not vibrant with immigrant life just outside my door – and that makes me feel sad. Even though I live not far from the village of my village. Not Larchmont village in L.A., but still... it's its own place. It has cobble stone streets. Seriously. Streets, cobbled.

Lots of days I don’t get in the car. I have a treadmill in the basement and I can work out there. I have a post office a block away and I can send DVDs off to Amazon there. The Metra (commuter train) is very near and downtown Chicago is 28 minutes away. I have time to think. And it’s glorious. I told Michael recently that I was so glad I hadn't died before now, I wouldn’t know I could be this happy.

It's become clearer, now that I’m here, that my life is focused on four partnerships.

Me and Michael.
Me and Mulan.
Me and Jill Sobule doing stage shows together.
Me and Jim Emerson. Jim has been one of my closet friends since we met when I was 17. He lives in Seattle and we are writing something together right now. It’s such a joy. Why didn’t we do this years ago? Well, we did. We wrote several things together. Jim even wrote for a bit on SNL. But Jim moved back to Seattle. Now we work by phone. It’s so enjoyable and ten times more productive than when I was writing on my own. Jim has the best blog, btw. He is the editor of Roger Ebert’s website and also has his own blog. Go to

Jill’s website is

Well, that's all for now...


Your escalator operator said...

Good to have you back blogging again. I'm a recent transplant from Chicago to L.A. - glad you're enjoying the Chicagoness of it all. It's a great great town.

meno said...

Ah, those three little words we long to hear; Ample Free Parking.

John Lacey said...

Yes. Praise be to the Parking God!

I'm currently on holiday in Canberra (Australia) with a friend. And when we go into the city we do laps of blocks over and over again looking for a spot. Whereas where I live on the South Coast of NSW, there would be some sort of freak occurrence for me to take longer than say a minute to find a spot.

I don't want to gush like the fan I am, but I did want to say that Letting Go Of God was a real revelation for me. And In The Family Way was heart warming and hilarious. Meanwhile... you have a dog now? Does this mean your house is just a house and not a home?

Petra said...

I have to be vigilant with the leash, I cannot space out. Lives are at stake.

I didn't realize how much I missed your writing, Julia, until I read that and chuckled outwardly!

So glad you are happy in your new surroundings.

: ) P

Movie Maven Gal said...

It's so wonderful to read your posts again! I didn't realize you had moved to Chicago. I live out in Naperville, and spring is my favorite season. After a Chicago winter, it is just so glorious to see flowers and green grass again! We lived in California for a year, and I missed the seasons.

I also give thanks to the suburban parking God. Can't stand visiting my brother in the city where there is no place to park a mini-van!

Sarah said...

It's nice to see you posting again. It's been awhile! Congrats on all your success and happiness! ^_^

TimmyB said...

I'm so glad to see your posts pop up again on my RSS feed. Looking forward to hearing about life in the 'burbs.



Anonymous said...

Julia, I am so happy that you are happy! And I'm happy to see you posting here again. :-)

-- Lisa W.

Anonymous said...

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Jenn said...

It's nice to have you back :) I'm glad you've been so blissful!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I know what you mean about moving from a crazy place to a quiet one. I go from NYC to visit my parents in South Carolina and its almost confusing not running everywhere, being smiled at, and not bumping into humans every 4 seconds. I love Manhattan but I think sometimes, do I really need it?

Susan Sink said...

Chicago is the greatest-- and I'm so happy someone who has lived in LA so long can appreciate that. Consider moving to Evanston-- it's not perfectly integrated, as it still has lots of segregation issues, but it's so much more multicultural than, well, points north. And you'll find lots of moms your age as well-- educated, artistic folks who got happy late.
Keep posting! Such an adventure!

And if you can, make contact with other good monologue and theater folks-- Jeff Dorchen and the Magnuses are a place to start. And go see something by Red Moon Theater when you get a chance, just for the spectacle of it all!

Anonymous said...

i am sooooooooo glad u r back!!! i love u julia sweeney!!!!

Andi Wolfe said...

Julia - it's so nice to have you posting again. Congratulations on a successful resettlement. I hope things continue to go well for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

You were asked if you were Mulan's grandmother because you won't dye your hair. It makes you look years older than you really are.

Lois Lane said...

I am so glad you are doing so well, and that the move was so positive!!! It's great having you back on the blog. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you are loving your life. I LOVED "Letting Go of God." BTW, the platinum hair is beautiful and only dweebs who buy into the nazi american advertising culture would think that you should dye it. My daughter lives in Chicago. You are a breath of fresh air to the religiously unafilliated.

Anonymous said...

Hello. Today I took a day off work (I'm a teacher) and when I was passing by Lakeview theater,carrying some groceries, I saw the Jill and Julia show. I had seen Letting Go of God there a couple years ago. . . I loved it so much I brought my friends to another performance. Anyhow, seeing the Jill and Julia show jogged my memory to a performance you did with Jill S. on, and that got me to look you up again, and lo and behold you live in my neighboorhood! I hope you enjoy Chciago. From the sound of your post, it sounds like you're up north in Evanston or Wilmette. I'm sure you are already settled in and content, but if you're looking for tips on things to do/ eat in Chicago (sorry but I love chicago food) Here are some tips: 1. Visit Women and Children First -- great feminist book store. It's on Clark street in Andersonville.

2. Eat a hot dog at The Wiener's Circle (best hot dogs in town, seriously). Last time I was there, they were closed down. It wasn't due to sanitation, it was due to pipes. I'm not sure if they've opened up again, but do try it (if you eat meat--not sure) They're on Clark in Lincoln Park. 3. There's a dog beach at Montrose Harbor. Dogs can run around off the leash and play with each other. A lot of fun. 4. Have some italian ice at Marios Lemonade stand, and while you're at it get some italian beef at Als. They are across the street from each other in little italy on Taylor street. Just take 290 (Congress) get off at Racine head south to Taylor and turn left. Can't miss it. If you pass the United Center, you've gone too far. 5. Catch a play at Steppenwolf or Navy Pier's Shakespeare Theater. Both are awesome. I'm sure you already know that though. Right now they've got something going on about Blago--the idiot. He's an embarassment. 6. If you're looking for a good vet I use Blum on Belmont. Dr. Marks is phenomenal. Oprah's dogs go there too, at least they used to. There's a piture of the owner with her in one of the waiting rooms that the vets use. 7. If you are a vegetarian, try The Chicago Diner on Belmont in Boystown. Good meat-free food. I have a lot of vegetarian friends. 8. Speaking of Boystown, if you're looking for some good martinis, try the Kit kat Club, they have half priced martinis on Tuesday and Sundays along with annoying drag queen performers (my opinion-they're just too loud. But the matinis are too good. I love the Cherry Coke Martini) 9. If you like good jewish food, I love The Bagel on Broadway right down the street from Lakeview theater. 10. Visit the museums. I don't visit them nearly as much as I should. All are good, but my favorite is the Shedd cause I love dolphins or the Museum of Science and Industry... I don't konw why. . . it's just fun. 11. If you're looking for good views, the Hancock is better than the Sears in my opinion.
Sorry about this lengthy post. You probably already know this stuff. . . Enjoy. Summer is right around the corner.

Karen said...

There's something special about that area of the country. I just read a lot of what you wrote about frozen Lake Michigan out loud to my boyfriend and it truly made me miss my hometown of Buffalo, NY more than I could have ever anticipated. I recently moved to Portland, OR (talk about being in a lily-white area!) and just find everything out here so ... strange!

Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit (right up there with Boston, in fact) and I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying yourself. Can't wait to hear more of your adventures!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The sheeple continue getting fleeced.

This is huge!

mim said...

Great reading your blog. I've listened to Letting Go of God, which my send gave me SOO many times, that I hear your voice as I read this blog. I grew up in Chicago, my family now lives in L.A. (I'm in Virginia) and I miss Chicago! So happy for you! Life sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Just finished listening to your talk on TED. You are exceptionally bright and funny. Sadly you use your talents against the Church about which you clearly know so very little. I'm sure the monologue will be a gas in the moments following the end of your earthly life. It would be disingenuous of me to say I will pray for you because I know I won't. Hope it all works out for you.

Pantheon Zeus said...

thrilled to hear this Julia.

If you want to read about the gritty world of Rogers Park/Uptown just south of you -- check out Lorraine's news site. (she sells ads and has calendar section too)

nurnduffy said...

Hi Julia,

I'm a new fan from Ireland. Saw your 'letting go of god' and loved it. I didn't realise you were the Julia Sweeney on Jonathan Richman's 'Just Because I'm Irish', but yay!

I also lived in Chicago in my childhood and again in my 20s for a little while - weather too cold/hot for me - west of Ireland's easier to deal with; but otherwise I love Chicago.

BTW, I'm never gonna dye my hair (in late 40s now); it's a never-ending treadmill!

Sheldon said...

I can't believe a month has gone by since you posted this and I didn't notice. Wait, yes I can. You haven't posted anything in a LONG time! LOL

Glad to have you back and all that. Looking forward to more.

And we'll miss you this July at TAM7!!

tmissis said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the Chicagoland area. It's a pretty great place. I agree with Susan Sink, though. There are diverse communities, such as Hanover Park where I live, in the suburbs. My brother lives in California and he loves it, but Chicago will always be the place for me. Welcome!

Lisa said...

Hi Julia,

I live in Wilmette and saw your show with Jill at the Lakeshore in March and in May and I just loved it. I see you'll be coming to SPACE in Evanston and I know that will be a wonderful venue for you; it's a great place.

I have been living here for about 11 years and love it. It is an adjustment from Chicago city life, but I agree the parking is to die for and also the peacefulness, the lack of traffic, and the beautiful lakefront, too. You have to work a little harder to find bohemian friends, but they are out there.

Just wanted to say welcome to the neighborhood; we are so lucky to have you here!

Natalie Young said...

glad to hear you are settling in!! Tell the family HI for me. Many hugs ...

Anonymous said...

so glad i stumbed onto your blog! in my eyes your comedy and writing put you into this generations "erma bombeck" category. no other writer/actor is so down to earth and real, all the while keeping me giggling at life, and loss! thank you for your work ms. sweeney :)

Anonymous said...

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Rachel said...

I have missed your blog and am happy to read it again! Congratulations (belated) on the move to Chicago, it sounds lovely.

raxerman said...

Chicago is a great town. At least to visit. I visit every day after Thanksgiving to taste gleuwine at Daly Plaza. But I'm tired of snow. Indianapolis had the first snow yesterday and I'm tired of snow already. I want to move back to L.A. where I spent a majority of my adult life. Humans weren't meant to live somewhere where is gets below 0 degrees F.

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