Sunday, November 09, 2008

Like everyone else, I am breathing again. I am exhilarated. I am giddy, I am relieved, and I am a little concerned about my new internet-news habit. I went from, only a few months ago, being a person who read the articles on few-times-a-day to an impulsive online checker of the Huffington Post, Politico, The Daily Beast and others. I thought that once Barack won, I would calm down, but no, I have not. I am becoming obsessed with a whole new cast of characters. I knew who they were, like Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod. But now I am oh-so-much-more interested. I am reading their Wikipedia entries, mulling over their life choices as I shop at the grocery store. It’s like West Wing is now Real Life!

I can’t write much, but I wanted to post something. I was so overwhelmed election night I got up and watched Obama’s speech again online and then read the text again in the morning. Brilliant, simple, eloquent, moving, perfect. I only wished for one thing that wasn’t there. When he said America was a country of black, white, asian, gay, straight– and then disabled, etc… I wished he had added religious and not religious. But I don’t want to criticize. I am so happy he is our new President. What a relief.

I am surprised at how much the weight of President Bush being our embarrassing and terrible president had on me. It’s all lifted now. I know, Obama hasn’t started yet and he will surely have an uphill battle and will make some false moves and all that – but what a RELIEF! I am over the moon. I am asking myself things like, “What would Obama do?” when it comes to personal and professional matters in my own life!!! I admit this is over the top. But I think that what impressed me the very most over these last few months was Obama’s temperament. As a person who works in Hollywood, when every script or character choice is all about maximizing emotion and pizzazz (most of the time) it’s nice to be reminded that being quiet, determined and forceful is a great way to win. I began to see McCain’s temperament (minus the backstabbing dirty politics) as me at my worst – emotional, impulsive, without researching enough, and Obama’s temperament more like the one I aspire to have: methodical, un-ruffable, plodding, thoughtful.

And how satisfying is Palin’s fall from grace? Is that bad to be giddy over it? I love that Obama didn’t have to do anything at all, she just revealed her true self and it was terrible and I was so glad! I know that doesn’t reveal my most charitable side, but GOD THAT WOMAN. I admit to relishing in her lack of knowledge about Africa being a continent and not knowing the countries in NAFTA. I admit that it’s petty! I love that she hanged herself. She did it all to herself. Oh, lord, it is true after all Character Is Fate.

I could not be more satisfied. Well – I hope Al Franken gets in, but all in all, I am really happy. Well, prop 8 won, that was terrible. Really bad. But it is all a matter of time for that one, I think.

p.s. my brother told me yesterday that Sarah Palin named her son Trig, Trig Van Palin because she is a Van Halen fan and... I guess rhyming Van Halen with her name is some sort of tribute. That gave me many good laughs yesterday. My friend Chris said if she was a true fan she would have done that with her eldest child and not waited so long.

p.p.s. The picture I posted (blogs always seem so much better with a picture) is of an American Girl doll bed that my friend Julia made for my daughter Mulan for her birthday. Mulan is best friends with her daughter Coco and there is much sadness about the fact that we are moving at the end of the year. The adults involved are all gaga over the bed, more so than the kids. We change the arrangement of the pillows, we turn the bed from winter time to summer time spreads, it's all very fun.


superlative said...

Even over here in England, where we really don't need to have an opinion, everyone is equally pleased at the exit of Sarah Palin from the world stage.

In fact, on our Fireworks Night last week I think a town up the road burnt an effigy of her on a bonfire. A little harsh perhaps? Maybe it was witch-hating poetic justice.

Anonymous said...

I found Obama's election night speech inspirational as well.

I just hope our children, when deciding whether or not to use drugs in high school and college do NOT say "What would Obama do?"

Come on folks, is this really the BEST America could do?

*someone who used cocaine for years and sat in a church listening to a racist preacher for TWENTY years
*a man who can barely open his mouth without putting his foot in it and /or lying (I am from Delaware and know much more about Biden than is really comfortable)
*a tired old man who should have retired and had a terrible campaign/ organization
*a woman who, for whatever reason, should never have been nominated for VP

Frankly, Julia, I find your comments about Sarah Palin to be so unkind and malicious. For someone who has been the brunt of criticism yourself, I would have hoped for more from you. I am very disappointed.

Although I am non-religious, I still espouse the Quaker belief that being a good person is what is most important in life. Your comments were not indicative of the good person whom I thought you were.


Petra said...

I imagine that Sarah Palin is a nice woman and a good friend. But her appointment as VP candidate was an abject insult to smart women everywhere.

I understand that not everyone knows what the Bush Doctrine is, or knows that Africa is a continent, or can name the countries in North America, or even a magazine or newspaper. I do understand that. But I would LIKE TO BELIEVE that the people we trust to RUN OUR COUNTRY know at LEAST as much as the average college graduate does. (And FWIW, my 8 and 10 year olds don't know the Bush Doctrine, but could answer the rest of those questions.)

President-elect Obama returns to us a modicum of respect for America in the world at large. The dunce-cap can come off the top of the White House. He is a brilliant, thoughtful man, and an eloquent speaker. He gives us something to ASPIRE TO. He returns the position of POTUS to one of honor, dignity and respect.

For the first time, in a long time, I have HOPE.

: ) P

Kitt said...

Huzzah! It is heartening that so many people voted on their hopes, not their fears.

I'm sure we have not seen the last of Palin, and only time will tell whether the rumors of her ignorance are substantiated. At least that won't happen while she's in the White House.

That bed is gorgeous! I'd want to play with it, too.

bluejonah said...

Well, first I must say that I find the comment by "Anonymous" hilarious. So, I guess it's not ok to be a good person for the sake of being good. I knew I should have shoved that old lady out of the pasta line in the college cafeteria! Anyway, I am glad that Obama is president for the fact that it's nice to see someone else represented in the White House. But, I just felt anticlimactic on election night. It was just so obvious Obama was going to win. The moment McCain chose Palin I knew it was over for sure. On election night, there were some black people here on campus celebrating out in the streets. That was pretty cool. And then there were some black people yelling "White Slaves! White Slaves"! That was soooo hilarious! Anyway,I have no idea what he's going to be like as president. It's just nice to know that Bush is done. Finally, I can relax. It's so weird, for the last eight years I just felt so tense and nervous about... everything. Now, it just is what it is. No fear or nervousness. I guess just relief. It's like when your a witness to a really ugly argument between people. When it's over your like "Well, so who wants pasta?". I know it sounds silly. On a lighter note, I do love that bed. It's adorable! I hope your loving your new home!

Dave said...

Julia, I love this post, because I can relate to your difficulty coming down from the news and analysis obsession. I'm still not sure this is all real.

I suppose explaining irony to Lily would be like trying to explain why a joke is funny to someone who didn't get it the first time. For the rest of you though, it's rich, isn't it? :-)

Axinar said...

"Even over here in England, where we really don't need to have an opinion, everyone is equally pleased at the exit of Sarah Palin from the world stage."

Oh, don't get too complacent ... she'll be back ... unfortunately ...

Petra said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Petra said...

Oh, don't get too complacent ... she'll be back ... unfortunately ...

Apparently more than 60% of Republicans wants Sarah Palin to run in 2012.

As, Bill Maher said, "100% of Democrats want Sarah Palin to run in 2102."

With the right teachers and training, she may well be as good a puppet for the Cheney/Rove machine as W was. I just hope that voters don't become complacent in the next four years.

: ) Petra

cognitive dissident said...

I'm definitely with you on the overwhelming feeling of relief. I knew it was over after PA and OH closed, but I stayed up to hear the speeches and revel in the moment.

Going forward, I no longer feel compelled to stay on top of all the GOP scandals...and that free time will translate into reading more non-political books, listening to more music, spending more time with family and friends, etc.

We need to keep Obama on-task, and fight the occasional backward movement like Prop 8, but it feels like we're actually headed forward again...let's get the repair work underway!

Anonymous said...

Me, too, Julia! I am sooooooo relieved that Obama won and that Palin will not be embarrassing us with her ignorance.

Whomsoever said...

All intellectual considerations aside....


I am so happy in so many ways... all happy threads sewn together into one big, comfortable, happy blanket. w00t.

Lanie Painie said...

So good to hear from you Julia. Take heart that even "good people" have bad impulses - especially against Sarah Palin - and that speaking them may not be popular, but only following through on them would make you a bad person. I know that you must be worried sick over that anonymous coward's comments and losing sleep over the fact that he/she and the rest of the non-quakers are judging you. Hope you can pull through despite that harsh, cruel criticism.

Brought to you with sarcasm from your forever fan.

superlative said...

"Oh, don't get too complacent ... she'll be back ... unfortunately ..."

Well, at least in 2012 she'll be running against an incumbent (who hopefully won't have screwed up anything in the last 4 years). And then in 2016 she might be running against Hillary, who would surely demolish her in any debates!

She's got 4 years to learn the names of some countries, and who knows maybe even visit some. She better use them if she wants to be taken seriously next time round.

timmy B. said...

Hooray. I'm so glad to have you blog on this Julia.

My "husband" and I watched them call it for Obama at 8 pm and we were elated! Finally, finally this long nightmare can be over.

It was my night to walk the dog, so I took him on a little detour down to Santa Monica Blvd. The streets were full of honking cars and cheering people holding Obama signs. Folks were streaming out of the No on 8 office holding up signs and one gentleman came out on the sidewalk to offer me a glass of champagne. People were also coming out of the bars to cheer on the street.

Back home again we waited to hear what was happening with Prop 8. We heard that exit polls had it losing by over 50%. Unfortunately, when the vote results started coming in it was the opposite of that. I think many voters were confused about which way was for or against marriage. The Mormons and the Focus On The Family (ugh) crowd really harshed our buzz on what should have been a night of pure elation. I still must use the quotation marks for my "husband."

But not for long. This atrocity will be overturned. Every night an energized community has been taking to the streets. I'm glad we're not afraid now to take our message to the doorsteps of the massive, tax-free church buildings where the destruction of our families was funded. Will my little brother and his husband be sent to jail? They were married in July. I just want my full equality back -- like I had it one week ago today.

I'm signing petitions. I'm joining Lambda Legal Defense Fund. I'm giving $ to Courage Campaign. This thing is going down. Schwarzenegger's lip service to the cause should be ignored. He had two marriage bills hit his desk that he vetoed both times. He's been useless. This is now OUR movement and we are driving it.

So come on, people. The religious hate groups have elevated this to a whole new level and we're up for the battle. Facebook's started organizing protests at the Mormon temple in NYC it seems too. Who knew they had one in NYC? I guess they can afford the real estate just about anywhere. Let's start taking away their tax-exempt status and show them for the political lobbyists they really are.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I know "irony" and I know meanness. They are not synonyms. I just expected more from Julia, who has so often been subjected to meanness.

I see that no one, in their elation, has said that they want their children to do as Obama did concerning the use of drugs. Interesting.

And, yes, I know Bush supposedly used drugs and abused alcohol. Probably why he is practically brain-dead.


Robert "kebernet" Cooper said...

Speaking of the West Wing...

I honestly got fed up with the race the last couple weeks, so I went back and re-watched the whole thing on Amazon.

You know, it is SPOOOOOKY how much the last two seasons track with the 2008 election campaign.

Anonymous said...

I'm just where you are, Julia. For me, it's reminiscent of 1992- I had tuned out for BushI, but was heavily involved in the Clinton campaign, and obsessed with his transition period and administration. And I know he didn't turn out to be perfect but he, like Obama, at least stopped the hemorrhaging of the country, and did as much good as he could with the little help he got from the Democrats in Congress.

Hopefully this time will be different. Obama surely has more of a mandate, and the country is desperate for help- this makes me think the Congress will act quickly and reasonably.

As for Palin, I shudder at the thought of her re-emerging. But, I think she will. Already it seems the party is trying to rehabilitate her image, and even McCain is saying his loss is not because of her. Yet, many voters said it was- so is he a bit clueless, or lying? Let's hope Obama has a strong 8 years and a good successor ready(I'm not sure Biden is that person). Or that Palin loses her gubernatorial position and does not get a chance to run for U.S. Senate.


Anonymous said...

Van Halen? Van Halen??? VAN HALEN???

When I was in school in another "Nordern" state -- Michigan-- around the same time as Palin, girls who were big Van Halen fans were the dumb girls who were pot-heads who wore tube tops and were "easy".

I would love this woman to "head" the Republican party. It needs to be killed off, and she would be the one that could do it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: "someone who used cocaine for years and sat in a church listening to a racist preacher for TWENTY years"

First, if you want to talk about cocaine use, Bush was a long time user ADULT who wouldn't own up to it, but that didn't seem to stop the Republicans from electing him. Obama experimented as a teenager. This did NOT make him" long time user" and he talked about it in his book.

Have you ACTUALLY listened to or read the sermon this so-called racist gave? You can listen/read it here:

FYI the name of this sermon was “The Day of Jerusalem’s Fall” and was delivered on Sept. 16, 2001. It is a reaction to 9/11. If you haven't heard/read the sermon, how can you call it "racist?"

As for Sarah Palin -- Unkind? Malicious? The woman is clearly unqualified to be VP. How she was elected governor is a mystery. Just because someone is pretty doesn't make them smart.

No_Newz said...

I don't know how I missed this post of yours. Must have been so giddy myself that I scrolled on by.

Wait until you get to Chicago, pride oozes through the streets.

When you see a cast of characters running for office, does it make you miss SNL days? I think Palin (Fey) put that show back on the map.

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