Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I went to Café Press and I ordered an Obama sticker for my car. I guess that’s it. I’m in for Obama. I actually loved what he said about bitter people turning to religion and guns. Of course, I see it the same way. Oh I hope he wins, I really, really do.

I decided to take off the bumper sticker that I have had on my car for a long, long time now. It says, “Imagine no religion” with a rainbow on it. Before Mulan even knew what that meant she knew our car amongst all the other white ones by the rainbow on the back.

Once I got my car serviced and the mechanic gestured towards my bumper sticker and said, “You know some people could take that the wrong way.” I said, “No, I that’s the way I mean it.” He squinted his eyes at me. I was glad my car had already been fixed.

The only thing bad with having an anti-religion sticker on your bumper is when you intentionally or even inadvertently slide in front of someone a wee bit too close or you are speeding ahead or getting around someone and I think they must think, “See, no religion, what a jerk.” But mostly I get positive feedback. I have several times had people gesture to me to get me to roll down my window so they can tell me they feel the same way about religion. Sometimes I am not sure if they are actually taking it the other way, like, how awful would it be with no religion. Anyway, I liked it's abiguity and I liked it's reference to John Lennon too.

Now I say good-bye to it. I loved my rainbow and my “Imagine No Religion.” ( I got it from the Freedom From Religion Foundation at a conference.)

I could have both bumper stickers.

I guess I just want one bumper sticker on my car. When I see people with lots of bumper stickers, I think the stickers better be REALLY funny ones, or they’re nuts.

Now I feel that Obama and I are going steady. I’m committing to him, His sticker will adorn my car.

What's next? A sign on my front lawn?

That's too far and too fast for me and Obama for the time being. Let's just take this one sign at a time. First the car, then possibly the lawn, then - maybe a... T shirt.

Eventually I will send money to the actual campaign. OHGOD, I hate myself! That's terrible. But I can't afford that level of commitment at this very moment.

Oh Barack, can't you just accept my wee bumper sticker for right now? I can see in your eyes you want me to send you actual money, but I am not ready yet, I'm just not ready, darling. Let's talk about it later. Don't pressure me with your great speeches, taunt me with your veiled derisive religious comments. I will fully commit with money eventually, I swear! Just.. for now, let's celebrate the fact that I ordered a bumper sticker from Cafe Press. I know, I know, I didn't order it from your own campaign website. But my darling, Barack, your stickers on your website aren't that great. They have this eighties look to them, the bright blue and everything. I got the one with the peace sign made out of the "O" - that was way cooler, don't you see??

Last Saturday at Mulan’s school they had a “Culture Day Fair.” There were booths all over the playground representing different countries and selling little trinkets to benefit the school. My friends Lesley and Dave managed the China booth and they sold these little red lanterns for one ticket each. Each ticket cost one dollar.

The people running the Korean booth came over to them about half way through the fair and said, “We’re selling the same lanterns but for two tickets each. You have to raise your price.”

Lesley said, “Hey, we represent China! We will not be undersold!” Dave said, “There is no price fixing at this fair!”

The people at the Korean booth slinked away. They didn’t lower their price per lantern, exactly. They began to sell two lanterns for two tickets. You couldn't buy just one lantern.

I loved that. There was so much for Mulan to learn at the fair about business! But she was mostly concerned that her hip-hop dance went off well. (She represented the USA, I guess.)

I noticed though, that some other parents, I think in response to the Chinese booth, had put up a Tibet booth. It had books about the Himalayas and the Dalai Lama, but nothing to sell.

It was a lonely booth.

People just walked by and looked away. Oh yes, Tibet. Yeah. That place. Oh, dear.


cthomas2355 said...


Intergalactic Hussy said...

I personally prefer the "Imagine No Religion" sticker...
...what a lovely thought. :~)

Kitt said...

I wanted a Darwin fish for my old car. Someone told me the erotic pastry place was selling them. Seriously, it's a bakery that sells booby cupcakes and penis-shaped eclairs. So I go in, ogle all the x-rated offerings but see no fish and finally ask about them. Turns out they keep those behind the counter, because some people found them offensive.

Anonymous said...

how about this yard sign?

Anonymous said...

Were the fair booths run by the parents, or by the students? I remember in junior high we had a fair where each group of students created a product to sell and then had to decide on prices and advertising so as to make back at least twice the initial costs. It's definitely a good introduction to economics.

Anonymous said...

"I actually love what he said about bitter people turning to religion and guns".

Not just religion and guns! Every single hate statement made toward a group that doesn't think the way "we" think they ought to, is a bitter people. Intolerance is not seen in just the "religious" or the "rich white man". Look around at the advocates for peace and love and freedom...they are some of the hateful people I have ever seen. Intolerance is ugly no matter what platform you stand on.

Lyvvie said...

I found your blog by chance and think you're incredibly sweet. I hope Obama listens to your advice about the bumper stickers. My daughter's school doesn't run an International Fair. They should. I'd suggest it myself if the members of the PTA didn't scare me so much.

Ok, nicetomeetcha bye.

Jessika said...

Looks like you'd really like Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle. It says all the nice things he has done. Like bought you a puppy and set your voice as his ring tone. Such a nice guy!

Shirin Goel said...

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Eaton said...

I share your pain, Julia. I CAN'T vote for Mcain. I CAN'T vote for Clinton. Right now I'm trying really hard to believe I can vote for Obama. He isn't pandering as hard as the others- does this make him my man? I dunno...

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that I love your work and I'm inspired by the battles you have endured.

Many thanks...

Anonymous said...

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Michael McVey said...

My daughter (12) bought two Hillary buttons last year but still hasn't worn them. She's concerned that switching support to Obama would affect her perception as a person who is loyal to her friends. Loyal to the end. So she's making herself comfy on the fence.

reVAMPed said...

When I was a late teen, living in Chicagoland, (Brookfield) driving a '74 Olds Cutlass Salon, I had a bumper sticker that said "I Brake for Hallucinations" (stupid, stupid, stupid --- good way to get pulled over).

Now I want the FSM car sticker.

Avril Marchegiano said...

I'm crossing my fingers for Obama right along with you. He is the change America has been waiting for.

Rosie said...

I'm glad you are going steady with him...but you are right to take it slowly. How helpless we Europeans feel as something so important is being fought over...

Boutique Mix Fashion said...

i have a freedom of expression sticker :-)

M. C. Valada said...

I'm having a lot of trouble with the elitist label Obama is getting for the bitter remark, partly because I think he's absolutely spot on (I grew up in a small town about 30 miles from the N.E. Pennsylvania border) and partly because I want my president to be smarter and better educated and better spoken than other people in the room. Unlike some people we could mention.

Julia, I gave your blog an excellent award, which, if you like, you can pick up and copy from my blog at http://mcvalada.blogspot.com/2008/04/blushing.html, post to your own, and pass on to the blogs you think are worth reading.

Petra said...

Awww... I was really hoping to hear what was brewing that you couldn't talk about!

Trying NOT to pout.


: ) P

Anonymous said...

That, was a lovely and lighthearted thought, =]

Maria said...

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Anonymous said...

While encourage you to vote please do not send money to any politician. They have plenty of ways to steal all the money they need.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

After years of being cut off in traffic by people with "What Would Jesus Do?" bumperstickers on their cars, I don't feel a bit bad if someone sees my Darwin sticker and calls me an a-hole for whatever reason.

I'm not sure this is the forum for this but I have been a huge fan of your work, especially the stuff after SNL for years. Thanks so much for being so courageous in your decision to "out yourself" as a non believer.

Mark said...

I thought Obama's remarks were right on as well. AND Hillary knows it too, she's just being plain opportunistic to bash him for it!

Google "bumper sticker magnets" and you'll find places that sell blank magnet sheets that let you turn a bumper sticker into a bumper magnet. Sure, it may be seen as less of a commitment, but for a
campaign sticker its appropriate.

That bit about the Korean booth complaining about the China booth undercutting them is hilarious, and mirrors exactly the way the WTO talks usually go! A good lesson learned.

Lianne said...

Hi Julia, stumbled upon your blog. Just want you to know that religion in itself is dead and pointless, but a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the answer to every need and fear we have and it is truly every human's desire whether we realize it or not.
Everything created has a creator. God is yours. Contemplate his greatness in all of his creation. Contemplate his majesty. Contemplate your inmost being longing for home...in Heaven with your creator. There's more to this life.
Thanks for letting me share with you.

mjb said...

I found your recent post to be inherently derisive and confounded. Your slight exposit of "Oh God" yet your adamant insistence upon no religion forgoes the proposition of such a person. Now from a Christian perspective you are using the name of God in vain which would essentially break the third commandment. If I may posit that your predilection toward no religion could possibly be nothing more than dissension towards having to come to a realization that you might not be in control of every aspect of your life. I know that to some extent I felt that same way before I found Christ or better He found me. I found a multivariate compilation of excuses and experiences to fill the desire for what is pleasurable and meaningful. It truly wasn't until I accepted Christ that I was able to find peace. Yes it means that I can't always do whatever I want but I know that I am saved by a God who has chosen me to be a part of Him. I pray that you would know the God who waits for your acceptance of Him and seek Him out. May God bless you in your future endeavors and I hope that the peace that comes from Christ will come into your life in a powerful way.

toby said...

I don't see a lot of anti-religious bumper stickers except on cars in parking lots. Since I drive at a conservative pace, I'm often passed and cut off by other motorists, and it's on the road that I see mostly Jesus fish, the praying-Calvin, and the cheerfully reckless "In case of rapture this car will be unmanned" stickers.

RonStrelecki said...

I am trying to get a little campaign rolling where people take their "economic stimulus" checks (i.e. election year bribes) and sign them directly over to the Democratic nominee. The checks should be arriving right around the time Obama has secured the nomination. It'll be sweet, cruel irony as far as I am concerned. If you're ready for commitment then, it could be perfect timing.

Uncle E said...

Hey, just came across your blog. Great stuff, here! Loved you on SNL (bet you hear that alot here!).
Anyway, keep writing. You've got a severe talent!

julie said...

I think you are brave to voice your non-religious views. I feel the same way. For some reason, 12 years of Catholic school just did not stick. Just teflon-coated ted, I guess.

provine said...

I think it's great too (and I want a bumper sticker) my mom recently jumped my ass about my non-religious stance. I'm a grown damn man. She said I'm going to hell - of course I won't go to a fictional place created by man. I'm all for everybody else thinking what they want to think, I don't preach to them, I just don't like it when they feel they need to preach to me. I could go on about how religion is the basis for all the ills of mankind present and past, but you already know this. I also say "oh god" ... "good lord" and "jesus h. christ"

Keep up the good work. And go Obama!

Anonymous said...

I suppose you'd have to see Obama in person to realize that the only time he can follow his game is when he's reading from a monitor. Otherwise, he stumbles like a fool when he's in front of the class without his cheat notes.
If you're into reading bumper stickers you must be a senior citizen, I hope your vision improves

Megan Carr said...

I retold your international fair story last night at dinner and it killed. I cited the source, of course. Also enjoyed how you describe your support of Obama in relationship terms. I hear you; I'm a Clinton supporter but that doesn't mean I don't think about other candidates when watching her speak. Can't wait for April 22, it's nuts in PA right now.

Tina said...

Hi Julia:
"Life After God" changed my world. Sorry to see your bumper sticker go! Shrug.
Your blog rules.

Mr. Nighttime said...

While I gave up religion for Lent, (and having been raised Jewish, that is an accomplishment) I do have a spiritual side that found good ideas in the writings of Joseph Campbell. exploring other religions made me realize that it is not so much the religions themselves that are at fault, but the people that twist and pervert them, and take the literalism of the ideas instead over the metaphors they connote.

I am a big believer in science, but even I will admit that it does not have all the answers. There are things that are beyond our comprehension, that our science of today simply has not been able to penetrate. That said, people should be free to practice their religion freely, but they have no business trying to push it on me.

Angelina said...

Nice... Keep on doing like hat. Check my place... Kiss to you all...

John Bird said...

An absence of some religions would make the world a better place, but no Jesus Christ would make it a hopeless place.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled onto your blog. Cool!

Just a fan saying hello.

I hope he wins, too...

- Tommie

Meggi the TOTALLY awesome kid said...

Julia, I'm for Obama too. I totally love that post you wrote. And I KNOW how embarrasing someone publishing what you've said in the news. it HURTS!
Visit my blog @

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, Julia - but I've lost my faith in Obama. The more I research where these politicians came from, the more I begin to see the system for what it really is.. a system. All these people are controlled by big business. Obama is ::sigh:: no different. He's part of the machine. Only two things need to be done in order to see this: 1.) Look at the people standing behind the candidate(s) 2.) Follow the money.

Obama's foreign policy adviser is Zbigniew Brzezinski. He claims to be anti-war and then brings on this war-mongering psychopath? I was already struggling with Obama's "Global Poverty Tax" (which is so ridiculous it goes beyond comprehension) and now I've hit my dead end with Obama.

I'm voting for Ron Paul, at least he was legitimately censored by the media - which probably means something(hehe). It's sad when you have to take a backwards approach like that..

Larro FCD said...

I want a Flying Spaghetti Monster symbol.

Oh! Hi, Intergalactic Hussy!

Sorry, let me move on.
I like Obama much more than Hilary. After all she believes this country was founded as a Christian nation. One thing that caught my attention is that Barracks mom has been described as a secular humanist (can't be too bad with a mom like that).

You should submit this blog to join the Atheist Blogroll, that would be awesome and Mojoey would be honored.

Anyway, I'm glad I found your blog...actually my mom directed me here. Blog on and have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled on your blog. I might be going steady with Barack as well so you'll have to fight me for him! Hah!

Lanie Painie said...

I really want that Imagine bumper sticker now! I'll have to see if I can find one before we go to the renewable energy fair in june. It would look great on the Prius!

Micks said...

"Irish American Writers and Artists for Obama."

Among the signatories:
actor/filmmaker Ed Burns, Irish American icon Jimmy Breslin, Larry Kirwan of Black 47, Matt Hensley of Flogging Molly, Dicky Barrett of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Jill Cunniff of Luscious Jackson, Terry George ("In the Name of the Father" and "Hotel Rwanda"), Thomas Cahill ("How the Irish Saved Civilization"), actress/model Karen Duffy, actress Geraldine Hughes, Novelist Thomas Kelly, Broadway Writer Thomas Meehan ("Annie," "The Producers," "Young Frankenstein") ... There are 45 in all.

Actress Fionnula Flanagan just called to add her name to the list for Obama, so she is on now too!

provine said...

I've seen Obama work without "a monitor" both before he was well known and after... The man's as sharp as his image.

Considering who's president now, it shouldn't even be an issue. Unless a third grader gets the nomination.

Lunamor said...

Ha! Your little notes here in your blog, about not being quite ready to donate money to the campaign, made me giggle. You're such a sweet, funny person. And, being a mom myself, I love hearing about your "mom" stuff. Thanks for keeping up the blog! (and keep saying NO! to more bumper stickers, lol)

Letera said...

I really like Obama and his wife. I watch an interview on Ophra. I like what they stand for. I hope if he gets in he does a good job and we dont regret voting him in. I guess it cant be any worse then the last 8 years.

Anonymous said...

What's so bad about having the "rainbow" on your bumper sticker misinterpreted?! I'd like you all the more if you were gay!

Glaxona said...

There are currently two bumper stickers on my vehicle, but pleasantly irreverant;

That was zen, this is tao


What would Scooby do?

Amalie/Emma (take your pick) said...

Yep, Obama's official campaign gear is pretty generic. For really cool posters and T-shirts, try www.gotellmama.org. Very cool stuff created by a former graffiti artist in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

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