Saturday, May 26, 2007

You know, I can’t even hear him anymore. When President Bush is on TV, or on the radio, I almost always instinctively change the channel or the station. I can tolerate listening to Bush in post script – I mean, I can hear people making comments about his speeches or “quips” or whatever he does that constitutes talking. I can hold by breath and just barely take it when there is commentary about his speeches, but I can’t actually listen or watch them as they occur. I just hate him too much.

And it doesn’t feel like a cerebral, intellectual choice. It feels like it’s instinctive, and I am repulsed. Like he is not just a president who I really don’t like, but instead spoiled milk in my fridge, milk that I innocuously lift to my nose and then recoil from and nearly gag. I can’t help it. When I am in the car and his voice invades my otherwise thoughtful sanctuary, I watch my hand change the station even before I am aware that he is speaking! Yes. It’s that bad. It’s below the level of awareness, and I cannot control it and I don’t want to control it. Usually, if it’s an important speech, I will read it in the paper the next day. Then, I can digest it -- nearly. But I cannot hear his voice, I cannot watch his cocky arrogant teenagish demeanor, I cannot peer into his chicken eyes and I cannot stomach his permanent smirk. I hate how he rests his body weight on one foot and leans in with one shoulder, like the smart aleck in junior high (see how I’m making him less mature with each analogy?) and I hate his superior snicker. I hate him. It’s beyond anything rational, I just HATE HIM SO MUCH.

Unfortunately, yesterday, at the gym, I was on the stair master and Bush was in the middle of his latest speech (which I think was actually given the night before) and the spectacle of him was on both the TV channels right in front of me and I have no idea how to change them and other people were watching, so I really couldn’t. The sound was off, but you could read the text of his speech below him.

All I can say about this is, every time I write off this last eight years or bemoan how we have injured the world by electing this pig, or worry, worry, worry that we will never regain any sort of respect in the world, and every time I think of other president’s blunders and think how bad Bush is compared with even the worst other presidents we’ve had and then I just think I’ve settled that in my mind: Bush is the worst, he’s taken us closer to the brink, blah blah blah end-of-story: every time I’ve done this, when I am confronted with the man afresh – when I can’t avoid him – when he is there before me as I step up and on the stair master for example…I am again shocked and flabbergasted that the specter of him is so ghastly. So much worse than I had thought before; before when I thought he was the WORST POSSIBLE. How does he do that? It’s like he had broken some physical law or something.

And I have to admit, I have a hard time listening to the news about all the violence in Iraq. I can’t really do anything about it in the short term. It upsets me so deeply and I don’t know what to do with it. I don’t want to get jaded, or thick-skinned about it. I think doing that is somehow to lose my humanity, to lose my real compassion, it’s almost an insult to those who are dying. I am tired of having Mulan watch me well up in tears as we drive to gymnastics as I listen to another report about another death squad. Another group of bodies found in the morgue, of another bomb in a marketplace or another group of soldiers turned up burned beyond recognition.

I think, back when I believed in God, I thought that - my being upset about something meant something to the Universe. Like God was listening. It must have been some extension of being coached to pray about my troubles. This idea that collective anger or fear meant something, changed something somehow. But now I see little reason to get upset repeatedly about something that I can do nothing about.

I am doing probably the minimum that each person who is reading this blog might be doing too – I am contributing money to different candidates and to the Democrats, I am teaching my daughter, bit by bit, about how to be an informed citizen. I send in the occasional letter that someone sends me to then send to my representatives. And when I think of doing more, I think I am barely able to get the stuff done in my life that I have to get done right now! I know, I’m just a complainer. Oh! I hate that too! I’m just a complainer!

So in the meantime, I jerk my arm at the radio when Bush is speaking and recoil from my stair master as he blathers on and sometimes I have a news blackout just so I can drive around town without getting distressed. And now it’s been going on so long! It’s become a way of life. Mulan, for example, knows of no other President than this one. She does not know what it is like to be living in a country not at war.

And you can’t believe what it’s like (or maybe you can, maybe you are in the same boat) to be explaining how and why we are in this war to a seven year old. I’m watching Mulan become aware of the world while I explain to her what she just heard on the radio, or how we see people in military fatigues at the airport, or how – when we were at my brother’s house recently and his wife’s brother, who is a pilot, had recently returned from a tour in Iraq and why he and his wife were hoping so much that he didn’t have to go back. And it isn’t glamorous and it isn’t even manly or exciting, it’s just tragic, the whole damn thing. And I have to explain it again and again and it’s a tricky dance because I don’t want her to become cynical or resigned to government being so awful. But so far, that’s all she knows.

Ug. I don’t know, I just needed to rant about this this morning I suppose.


Linda said...

Julia, I am so happy to hear someone else say exactly how I feel about our excuse for a president. I too immediately turn the channel if I accidently hear him on radio or tv. I am so sad that he has dragged our country down to his level and possibly irreparably damaged us. And I also realize that we are in more danger than ever. My biggest fear is that he is going to want to do something to make a big statement before his term is bomb Iran. Rosie O'Donnell's statement on the View where she said "665,000 Iraqis killed; who're the terrorists" is so true! I just can't understand why people still support this administration. And the best statement I've heard is Bill Maher's, "I'm so pissed off because more people aren't pissed off!"

What will it take? Riots in the streets to bring our troops home? We've destroyed Iraq and we have no hope of ever fixing it. So why do we insist on staying? There's no solution. It's so depressing. The best bumper sticker out there is the one saying "Would someone give Bush a blow job so we can impeach him". Amen to that.

Stephanie Lewis said...

Dear Julia,

I couldn't agree with you more about President George Bush. I have been saying since before we invaded Iraq that he is positively the worst president in US history. (Howard Dean was my choice from the first time I heard him on the radio and nodded my head at everything he said. I'd never heard of him then, but he made absolute sense. I still am disappointed that it took only a moment of exuberance to kill his presidential chances, and shame on the public for being so shallow. But I digress...) This man has caused so much damage during his presidency, not just in our country or in Iraq, but around the world! It will take years, maybe decades before we recover all that he has lost for this country. Not to mention the lives lost in Iraq that can never be recovered. I'm still in a state of disbelief that MY country, the country that I love so much, actually STARTED a war, and that the President of my country approved the use of TORTURE! It's inconceivable to me.

My biggest disappointment though is in the American people for taking so long to wake up to this nightmare (does that make sense?). George Bush and his administration can NOT tell the truth about ANYTHING! John Kerry was right on March 10, 2004 after speaking to the AFL-CIO. If you remember he was caught off-mike saying, "These guys are the most crooked, lying group I've ever seen." There have been the big lies, e.g., weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the air at Ground Zero is safe, "Mission Accomplished", ... and "small" lies such as denying he knew about the Mission Accomplished sign, etc. When he said that I thought, This man is incapable of being honest about ANYTHING, even relatively small things like that sign. There has been the total disregard of the separation of church and state. (Our Founding Fathers must be rolling over in their graves!)

But most shameful of all are the many crimes George Bush has committed: putting himself above the law, ignoring FISA and without obtaining warrants, secretly conducting surveillance on US citizens; compounding that crime by lying about the extent of the surveillance, and then continuing to change his story as facts emerged; the Iraq war crimes of torture and secret imprisonment; and many, many more. There are 750 laws broken in all. (Please see Boston Globe article:

Why this President has not been impeached is beyond me.

And finally, the sneakiness of this administration is astounding. Everything done seems to be under cloak and dagger, and, forgive me, but George Bush acts more like one of these dictators (a/k/a "deciders")that he rallies against in his speeches.

Thank you for allowing me to vent. One of my sisters won't even bring up the subject of George Bush with me anymore because she's afraid my blood pressure will rise.

Thanks again, and keep fighting the good fight and getting the truth out there. Maybe after he leaves office Bush will be scrutinized by the media the way Nixon was scrutinized during Watergate. Too bad it will then be too late to impeach him.

Sincerely, a real fan of yours,

Stephanie Lewis

Stephanie Lewis said...

Forgot to say one thing...

George Bush killed Tony Blair's career. Chalk up another casualty of the Iraq war.

Whew, better now. Thanks.


Cliff O'Neill said...


You have no idea! I have been so depressed thinking this very same thing (well, except for the kids part as I have none) and thought I was alone.

Thanks for articulating this so magnificently!

Cliff O'Neill

Bjorn said...

Remember, oh so long ago, when people looked at Bush and at Gore, and how people used to think that it didn't matter who won, that it was a choice between an idiot and a bore? Sure, the streets get plowed in the winter, you still get your mail delivered, life goes on, but is it better, or worse?

Politicians have a one dimensional view of the world, a product of living in the political bubble of black and white, and we have a one dimensional view of politicians. Is it fair, yes. The problem is, how do you interact with the one dimensional, the white or black? If you call an office, and you want to voice your concerns over something, be a little prepared. For one, you'll find that politicians, while speaking, are much more one dimensional then their offices are. If you have a problem, say with how much Internet radio is going to cost, you'll find a rational answer from their office. Their answer would be something about striking a balance between people who use material and the people who own or created the material. Sure, that's all well and good, but your office won't do anything about it, and you should! The response is, we can't do anything about it.

I suggest people call, or write in, you know, a physical letter, just take the paper out of your printer, and write it. Send it in. Be hard on everyone, and skeptical. Just with religious figures, don't give a guy a pass because he's a bishop, and don't give a guy a pass just because he's a democrat. Be hard on everyone, hard but rational.

Anonymous said...

Irrational... supid... shortsighted.. Even France was smart enough to elect a conservative.... You and the rest of your ilk had better wake up to the FACT that YES VIRGINIA THERE IS A WAR OF TERROR! Actually Julia, considering the fact that all you loonbats out there don't think we are in battle for our way of life, maybe you should rethink the "there is no God" thing... and start praying your ass off. P.S. you are not funny.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Iraq Exit is Up to Us
The president of the United States does not have the sense God gave a duck -- so it's up to us. You and me, Bubba.

I don't know why Bush is just standing there like a frozen rabbit, but it's time we found out. The fact is WE have to do something about it. This country is being torn apart by an evil and unnecessary war, and it has to be stopped NOW.

This war is being prosecuted in our names, with our money, with our blood, against our will. Polls consistently show that less than 30 percent of the people want to maintain current troop levels. It is obscene and wrong for the president to go against the people in this fashion. And it's doubly wrong for him to send 20,0000 more soldiers into this hellhole, as he reportedly will announce next week.

What happened to the nation that never tortured? The nation that wasn't supposed to start wars of choice? The nation that respected human rights and life? A nation that from the beginning was against tyranny? Where have we gone? How did we let these people take us there? How did we let them fool us?

It's a monstrous idea to put people in prison and keep them there. Since 1215, civil authorities have been obligated to tell people with what they are charged if they're arrested. This administration has done away with rights first enshrined in the Magna Carta nearly 800 years ago, and we've let them do it.
-Molly Ivins

But where, and how does it end? Those that SCREAM for this madness to stop become the butt of the joke in the right wing dominated media. Rosie O'Donnell was slandered and crucified brutally by the media for asking essentially the same things that Molly asked for, Julia. It saddens me to no end. Anti Bush = anti American?? Shouting about it made Rosie the lunatic, the maniac, the slob, the loser,the blob, and the imbecile. Will Rosie ever recover from all of this? I certainly hope so. She doesn't have a cowardly bone in her body. But if she never returned to television, I would not blame her.
What are they fighting for? Why are they so hell bent on keeping this madness going? They can like it or not- the numbers are the numbers, the facts are the facts.

Linda, the blow-job line was hilarious! I know a few righties whose noses are already so far up his bum- a few more inches won't matter. :^)


Roz said...

Julia, You're right on the money, honey. OH, YOU ARE SO VERY RIGHT....I feel like puking, too, whenever I hear that preznit speak. Did you catch Bill Maher last night? He had a great it if you didn't see it. This week has f'ng sucked. The Dems went limp; rosie o'donnell got run off; Monica Goodling PROVED they're all lying sacks o shite; the shrub signed that new law that makes him king of anything and everything if ever there is any kind of ill=defined problem .... YE GADS! Pass the tequila and limes....I'm startin' early.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, welcome back...

The other day George Bush was defending the war in Iraq by saying the world is better off without Sadam Hussain in power. Well guess what, the world would be better off without George Bush in power too. But that does not mean I'm ready to have my country invaded and destroyed to get him out of power. On another note, I just can't believe the democrats caved on the defense spending bill. Is there anybody left in Washington with a spine?
just my $0.02

Pete said...


I used to feel exactly the same way about Bill Clinton. However, I have found that responding in hate (even when this response is called "righteous hate" by some} is not good. (I mean, really, there is nothing righteous about hate.) Now I have gotten rid of hate-instead I may feel sorry for that person or those that feel that way, etc. (whatever it is)-but I don't let hate overwhelm me. It doesn't yield anything good. I don't mean that you shouldn't express yourself or try to do what you think is the best thing. I just mean that, for me at least, there is a difference between "righteous anger" and "righteous hate". Maybe you're just expressing yourself when you say "hate"? Either way, it's OK--I'm just sharing about myself. I just thought it would be interesting to chime in here since I'm coming from a different political perspective. I don't have the same political views as you or probably most who read these pages, but I've heard you on NPR and I've seen some of your work, and obviously you are very talented. Even though I don't agree with you politically {and other ways}, I do wish you the best. You certainly at least have a perspective!

Take care,

Petra said...

Shrub makes me physically ill... or embarrasses the hell out of me. To think *HE* is our representative to the rest of the world is quite simply frightening.

It cheered me to see your post, Julia, because you expressed my feelings almost exactly. I can't say exactly I HATE W, but my disgust, disdain, and devastation over the man and the job he is doing couldn't be greater.

Keep venting, Julia, it is refreshing!

: ) PEtra

Sunny said...

Ms. Sweeney,
I am a listener of WKTI in Milwaukee, WI. I really enjoyed and rather looked forward to listening when you called in on Tuesdays. I sure will miss you and the morning team. Just wanted to say thanks and good luck to you and family.

Barti Ddu said...

Hi Julia,

For a long time, and probably regarding many more politicians than you're talking about, I've had similar reactions of revulsion. I can also get wound up by journalists/news commentators who are blatantly missing the point with regards the essential causes of that about which they’re reporting! As you say, in a way feels so wrong because I’m the one who’s worked it out so it’s not me who should be feeling bitter about the world!

What works for me is cycles. Sometimes for long periods at a time when listening I listen to music, when reading/watching, I read/watch fiction. When driving I may have nothing on (on the stereo I mean of course – I’m not driving naked!) - simply (or complexly) appreciating my life, what’s around me, those in the car with me etc.

During these ‘disinterested’ periods I may run across some news now and then which I won’t switch off. Someone may raise something that’s grabbed their attention. Maybe I’ll have caught a glimpse of a headline that will briefly draw my attention enough to read the beginning – or the whole article. But then I can return my attention to whatever it is I'm doing.

I don’t feel I’m ‘running away from’ the reality of what’s happening because at other times, in contrast, I’ll immerse myself totally in whatever has grabbed my attention. The consequence may be (if it’s current – e.g. the Northern Ireland signing-in recently) I’ll buy all the ‘broadsheets’, spend hours on end flicking around the news channels, being on-line finding reports, relevant blogs/video blogs, reading fourms etc. I follow questions that arise as to what may be the more essential underlying questions. I also tend during this time to do a lot of pacing and thinking to establish where I really stand. It’s likely I’ll write a fair bit – primarily for myself though I may publish what I’ve written online and/or participate in forums. I also tend to bore those around me by talking about it in terms of it being the most important thing in the world right now! Sometimes it may result in my writing to a paper or to a politician too.

Then I can relax and get on with my life again :) The ‘immersion’ periods can be a bit intense and disruptive in terms of not going out or whatever because I let myself be taken over by it but it means for the rest of the time, it’s easy not to get wound up and my appreciation of where I am in my life is fantastic.

As a technique I recommend it!


Barti Ddu said...

btw, I just remembered I 'published' my thoughts on aforementioned Northern Ireland signing-in of a former terrorist and a the-Pope-is-the-devil preacher, so I may as well link to it from here. But be warned. It was written primarily for me and is very long, very not-easy reading and very un-edited!

Click here if you think you're brave enough!

Anonymous said...

It's terrible... I yell at the television, like some drunk football fan. And as a general rule, I don't get physical with inanimate objects, but it's the hopelessness of the situation that has me. I've had to take that car out of gear. Of course, that doesn't keep my foot off the gas, and every once in a while, when I see his face, I remember why this engine is so revved up and I can't help but drop it into gear.
GWB, I've flicked you in the head and it sounds and feels like a 30" cathode ray tube.

milkman1096 said...

This blog is great!! Just another self righteous liberal spitting venom at anyone who knows there is a God. Julia it's not to late to repent.

Anonymous said...


You are positively enchanting,and I love your site.
It is smart, and funny, and always so captivating.

It is generally filled with respectful and peaceful debate,for even those that are at crossed purposes.
I love that even more.

I myself have encountered so many controversial responses to the fact that I have listened to LGOG-(my own sister telling me I was going to burn in firey hell for even hearing it), and that you, as well as I, were most certainly- (LMAO) the anti-christ. I share my beliefs with you. Although, it is not because of you.
LGOG has never once failed to be respectful, of not only the journey, but of it's conclusion. I have never once seen a negative review, not even from those who profoundly disagree with your perspective.
The delivery is dignified, incredibly intelligent, and loving every step of the way.

So it strikes a nerve when people converge on this site to name call, and to urge you,as well as all the rest of us,to pray our asses off, and command us all to repent. (The word "loonbat" did make me smile, though).

This is the very thing that has always made religion so absolutely repellent to me. The strong arming tactics, and bullying that can only be parallelled by some sort of gang initiative.

Here is something interesting that I stumbled upon today:

Do you suppose they think that this tactic is working?

As for being against this president, and against this war- the more compelling arguement is, why are they for it?

As we near the 80% disapproval rating of this president, how many billion are self righteous venom spitting loonbats?
For those that come to blather.
I don't really get your way of thinking, but I promise you-these guys are going to LOVE you.

Have a great day!

Dahan said...

Heya Anon who hates Julia andis so worked up. Lemme explain something to you. You cannot have a "war on terror". Terror is a tactic, it's a weapon. It would be like having a war on guns, or a war on intelegence gathering. This is a war on radical islam...being led by a guy in office who is a radical christian. This is a religeous war. My former Marine buddies are dying because you and a bunch of other folk all have "the truth" and can't wait to enforce it on others. Get a hold of yourself and realize YOU are the problem.

Anonymous said...

I have EXACTLY the same reflex when I hear "President Bush spoke today..." or some other hint that the Resident of the White House is about to spew some vile lies. I turn the radio off as fast as possible so I don't have to suffer through one syllable. I can't even stand to hear him being called the President, because in my mind he is an illegitimate pretender. This weekend I was wondering whether I will ever again hear "The President spoke...." and WANT, or even be able to, listen.
Who ARE these 30-some percent of idiots who still support him in polls? Are they real?

Anonymous said...

To the first "anonymous" poster who seems to be defending the "war OF terror" (well you got that right)- I can only assume you've been praying, as Bush has asked us all to do since he hasn't a bloody clue what else to do or say. How do you think that prayer thing is working for you? And for the rest of the world? Is God on your side? Because s/he sure as hell ain't on the side of the almighty U.S.

Mule Skinner said...

If you dislike George Bush so much perhaps you should not have voted for him in the first place.

That whole thing could have been avoided if Gore had just carried Florida.

Dan said...

Aside from his posturing and the sound of his voice while he's speaking, I think the other thing that bothers me about Bush is when he is giving a speech from the autocue. Bush seems to be the one public speaker that gives a speech but doesn't seem to make it his own. He speaks as if he is reading and I am not convinced that he believes what he is saying (in some cases I don't think he even understands what he is saying).

During his speech to Congress after 9/11 I spent the whole time thinking to myself "I hope he doesn't screw it up" and found myself paying attention to his delivery and not the message.

Unfortunately for him, he took office after one of the more eloquent public speakers in the form of Bill Clinton. This just makes his appearance of a fish out of water just that much more obvious.

martha said...

Bush is a buffoon. A trained chimp that is still learning to speak. He over-enunciates every word - he sounds like a stroke victim trying to re-learn how to talk.
But the one that really scares the crap out of me is Cheney. HE is pure evil.
I found your site via Rosie's blog. Lots of good stuff. Thanks.

Jan-Willem Bats said...

I have the same thing. I just wanna break his little neck every time I see him on TV.

That's normal, right?

leolabeth said...

Thanks for your work on behalf of science and rationalism and of course your sense of humor. I came here because I was "Cheering" you in dailykos's Cheers & Jeers and wanted to link you to readers.( BTW, your regular website seems to be down.)

So, about Bush. I've found the one thing I can do that makes me feel like I have some influence is I ask every young woman I meet, waitresses, postal clerks, dental hygienists, reservationists, every single one, whether she votes. My stats pretty much bear out the research that less than 50% of single women do so. I give them a pep talk about news, blogs, changing their lives, healthcare, what ever seems vaguely appropriate. Then I go a little maternal on them, too.

Don't know how many respond, they may think I'm simply nuts. It makes me feel better, though.

Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same reaction to the moron that you do, however my syndrome is a little worse. If I don't have the remote nearby so that I can immediately mute the moron's voice when he appears on television, I find myself compelled to shout eptithets back at him just to drown out the sound of idiotic blathering.

Thankfully, I am able to contain this impulse in public.

Anonymous said...

DAN: I didn't know he could read!!!

Muleskinner: Gore DID carry Florida.

Toe said...

it's as if you stepped inside me and said all the things that i sometimes can't seem to articulate - thank you - a new fan, Toe

Loves said...

Great blog Julia! I can't for the life of me understand why he and the bush buddy haven't been impeached.

Mule Skinner said...


It is a real problem, this lack of leadership for progressives.

W isn't the problem, and we cannot secure the Whitehouse by complaining about Florida 2000, or Ohio 2004, both of which Bush won.

As it now stands, we are fached with a paucity of real talent...a virtual smorgasboard of political weaklings... Hillary Rodham, The Son of a Mill Worker and Babakazama.

I like each of them, but I just don't believe they can beat Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, Rduy Giuliani or John McCain.

Here we thought November was a big win, but Democrats have not done a bloody thing other than get backed down by the G.O.P. in Congress. It is sickening. Cindy Sheehan is right...our party is utterly inept and we will suffer another Republican President.

As well, they may take back one of the houses of Congress. A disaster in the making.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! When do we get to impeach him? How many people in the administration have to be brought up on charges before someone asks the question: "What's going on here?"

Let's see... you can attempt to impeach a president for a hummer, but not for having several high ranking officials, at your appointment, involved in numerous shady deals and lies?? What? If all it takes is a hummer to impeach, then maybe we can get Barbara to admit to.... well, on second thought, if I were married to him, I wouldn't blow him. Why imagine that Laura would? *sigh*

Glad to see you posting again!

Anonymous said...

Ewww... I said Barbara and meant Laura. *gag* I'm sorry to those who read that without knowing I was momentarily forgetting that Barbara is the Prez's mom.

Mule Skinner said...

Atheist in a Straight Jacket:

The conondrum is the fact that the Democrats are ignoring the will of the electorate. They won't end the war and will never impeach Bush.

I had high hopes when the domestic eavesdropping program came to light, but as long as he is listening in on Mullah Omar and not John Kerry, the 'leaders' in the Democrat Party won't touch him.

One of the things I have heard athesits talk about is dropping mythology. Part of that for us Progressives has to be dropping the myth that Albert Gore won in Florida in 200 or that John Kerry won Ohio in 2004. These myths have held us back. Even now, that battle, long lost, is being fought over again every day.

As far as 2008 is concerned, what a bitter disappointment! Hillary Rodham still thinks Iraq was the right thing to do, The Son of a Mill Worker twists in the wind, and Babakazama tries to convince us that he would never have voted for the war in 2002 were he in the senate then. But he is so tepid and untested, how could any Progressive take him serously?

What we Democrats have this time out is another smorgasboard of LOSERS! I am so sick of this.

Vickie said...

You are totally on my wave length! My husband and I make the same face everytime we see or hear him! He makes me physically sick! 2008 can't come soon enough!

Brian said...

What so many people don't unfortunately realize is that George Bush is ultimately one of the "terrorists" that he speaks of so often. Our policies in the Middle East have led us to this place in our history. No one denies that there are fundamentalists who seek to destroy us. But, why? We need to examine our involvement in this region and we will see why we are so hated. Attacking sovereign nations, however, is not the answer to dealing with these fundamentalists.

Julia, I completely agree with you. GWB makes me physically ill. I can't watch or listen to him without feeling rage. I feel this rage because he is robbing us all of a safe future because of his feckless policies and decisions.

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister! I feel the exact same way about him. He's pure evil. I'm glad I've come across your blog. Thank you and God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I am a former Republican because of this administration and am embarased and enraged at all of the worldwide damage and ill will that this evil President has caused. I have never had strong feelings towards any politician other than this president and could totally relate to the turning off the TV and not even being able to hear what that man has to say. I get nauseated when he speaks and when he says "Nucelar"
the remote goes flying out of my hand towards his face on the TV. IMPEACH!!!!!! And keep speaking out people, we need to let the world know how we feel about our supposed "leader"
And a word to you soldiers, We love and support you. You are doing what your boss told you to do. Just like any job, we are not responsible for what our bosses want us to do but and we all still have to do our jobs.

NJ Patty said...

What an idiot

Angie said...


Jan said...

Thanks for expressing it so well.

Anonymous said...

I used to do the same thing to Clinton. Still do, in fact. To both of them.

Steve said...

Julia, I share your feelings. Some days I feel like the dog or cat in a horror movie that barks or hisses at the villain while others try to figure out why. Everytime I see or hear Bush, I hiss and pray for 2008. Wake up people, it's 1984.

Anonymous said...

The only reason Bush won the 2000 eletion was because he went crying to (Mommy and Daddy)saying"i want a recount in Florida"....... Waaaaaaaaaaaa........... waaaaaaaaaaaaaa........ Waaaaaaaaaaaaa............... Hehehehehe.......... LMAO.

spinifex said...

I must confess I share many of your sentiments regarding George's mannerisms and countenance, especially that smiley smirk! I've heard his tv presence is awful because he is nervous in that venue; I heard him in a radio interview recently and the difference is like night and day-- he sounded relaxed, lucid and comfortable.

If you dig around a little in the second tier media and forget about George, and forget about the anomaly and, yes, the tragedy that is Iraq, you will discover news reports that abundantly document the global jihadist/Islamist movement. This rapidly developing threat is about reinstating the central Caliphate and implementing Islam as the only religion for the entire human race. Before you smirk or snarl, consider that I am speaking of direct quotations from Muslim clerics that have been reconstituted for decades. The evidence is known and reported; the Bush administration does not need to make anything up in this regard. What they have made up is that it is only some 'tiny number of extremists' that is the problem.

Are you blaming Bush for increasingly frequent beheadings of peace-loving Buddhists in southern Thailand? Or school girls beheaded on the way to school in Indonesia? The women who are still stoned to death for crimes of 'indiscretion' or dishonor? Did you know there are urban zones in France-- over 100 of them-- that are Muslim "no go" zones where even the French police dare not enter? Are you even aware of these continuing reports? You are grossly uninformed if you believe that they only hate us and Israel. The reality is that there is a lot more going on right now than just anger over Iraq or Israel/Palaestinians.

The general public typically has no appreciable knowledge of Islam and so lumps its followers together as one "umma". A closer look will tell you that there is a sizeable contingent hell-bent on violent jihad, while many other peaceful Muslims want no part of this. By treating them as one "religion of peace" (Thanks for that, George!) you commit a grave disservice to worsening human rights around the world.

Mule Skinner said...

Spinifex is really saying some scary things...words meant to hurt and divide, instead of bring people together.

How does he know that Bin Laden did anything to anyone? Michael Moore pretty much proved, and I am sure that everyone reading this blog agrees that Bush, Rove, Cheney, The Mossad and Bill Clinton probably engineered the whole 9/11 thing.

The only intelligent commentary on it was from Rosie O'Donnell, who has now been fired for speaking truth to power. Just absurd trying to censor the truth.

God Bless....

spinifex said...


All you can ask of a reasonable person is that they look into the subject for themselves. The facts are there, and those that are most concerning are the basic news reports, mainly from Europe and Asia.

I'm sorry you see my entreaty as divisive, that is not my intention. My point is that all people who value human rights by established international standards should be concerned about what people are facing everyday from fanatical Wahabbi Islamists in dozens of countries. These acts are committed in the name of religious mandate and the accompanying statements declare as much. Whether they are "misinterpreting" Islam or not (an extremely contentious point) is really irrelevant.

Whatever you believe about 9.11, these more mundane horrors are visited upon millions of Muslims and non-Muslims on a regular basis. You seem to preach compassion in an odd way-- how about some compassion for the Mulsims who are silent against these injustices for fear of persecution and being killed?

If your belief is that it is not ok to draw lines between any groups of people, for any purpose (such as self-defense) then you are truly in denial of human history and somehow unable to accept human nature. Our nature is to live peaceably with one another, yes, but anyone who does not see the value in countering unprovoked violent assault has taken leave of his senses. If you really want to understand the motivations of these people, the implication of the idea of "provocation" (from their standpoint) is a good place to start.

The Boni Family said...

You expressed it so well. Thank you for that!!!

Lisa said...

Julia,What a refreshing,honest,and so truthful blog. How I so agree with you. I thought I was alone in my feelings regarding this so called "President". Everytime I see him on tv and hear his voice,I start yelling at him,as if he was actually going to hear me. I just want to see him gone. This country needs help desperately and why he is still in office is beyond me.We need a miracle. God help us all.

Anonymous said...

You expressed my feelings exactly. I also instinctively change the radio or turn my head away from the TV when I hear his voice or see his face. I have never detested any politician in history the way I detest him. When he first took office I told my husband that he would not be wasting any time running this country straight into the ground, and that is exactly what he did - only faster, and to a greater degree than even I thought he would.

Jesse said...

Julia; I am a 13 year old Agnostic, and I stumbled onto your blog while trying to Google a "what's pat" episode. I think your hilarious, but, here's where you and I differ. You are a bitter liberal, and I am an enlightened conservative. You heard it: An agnostic conservative. The true meaning of "compassionate conservatism." While I disagree with President Bush's handling of the Iraq war, I don't disagree with the good purpose behind it. You should check out my blog Admit it: Two nights ago at the Democratic debate, they all looked like idiots.

Anonymous said...

This country is so bloated with morons and complete idiots, amply represented in your cheering section here, that I almost wish we'd follow your wonderful advice to reject the situation as Bush (and the rest of us with half a frickin' brain) recognizes it and retire our military.

The jihadis will kill at least HALF of you morons (probably more since they attack cities and not rural regions) in their zeal to take over the country except that...they probably won't. When they come again, and they will, you guys won't be able to scramble quick enough into your burkas. You'll be lining up for your clitorectomies, with your daughters in tow.

Re-reading the comments sickens me. How the people represented on this screen could so immediately lap up the narrative spewed forth by america-loathing 'journalists' without so much as a cross-check.

Without us, they'll get you. And you'll deserve it, sad to say, but reading what you think in these comments, you do.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot.

GO Jesse!

lrntoswim said...

On the View the other day(although I don't want to watch now that Ro is gone) I think they all said they would not vote for a President that did not believe in God...or something to the effect that they would not trust such a person. Even Joy made me see that she is just as prejudice as our current President is POLITICALLY LEGISLATING into our laws. I do not believe in God. I went to church when I was a child. I prayed. I just do not believe it. I lean toward some of the ideas of Buddism. I love people. I just am now feeling terrorized by people who cannot trust me...They can't trust someone who does not break laws, who does not speak behind people's backs, who does not look for dissent but rather is constantly racking her brain on how we can all live together. If MUST be possible or there is no reason to fain civility. I love our country for the most part. I am a native american yet that is somehow always construed to mean something annoying to everyone. I feel the need to watch this train wreck happen and a need to fix it...for my three children...for their children if there is still a viable planet for them...for your children...for everyone's children. Thank you for your focus to bring my dream to light. The truth I see...I see in you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

lrntoswim said...

clitorectomies? If they were here they would have as much of a SLAUGHTERING PROBLEM as we have now in Iraq. I wouldn't just let them do that to me or my daughter. I would kill them just as they are killing our soldiers. Have an original thought. This country was built on hypocrisy. Slaves that we now laugh at their ghetto music..."indians" that we now laugh at their casinos when that is all they have. They are not even allowed to be a "They" because they have to be the "americans" they were terrorized to be. There has to be a way to bridge this gap...not kill the other side. UNDERSTAND THAT! I don't hug trees. I realize their infinite importance for both creating paper, homes and OXYGEN FOR YOUR STUPID ASS TO BREATHE! BEING ENLIGHTENED MEANS YOU CAN BALANCE MANY FACETS OF LIFE...NOT JUST ONE NARROW ONE! America should be ONE OF THE GREAT NATIONS OF THE WORLD...not the only one. The idea of patriatism has turned into a religious fight not a nation including all. I love when people say they aren't for the way the war is being managed like we are discussing upping the minimum wage....oO(oh I don't like that...oh well...lalalalala.) wake up.
I'm sorry that Julia has to see this hatred here...But she would never want you killed for saying how you feel...THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE I SEE IN HER. What have you done to make the world a better place? I doubt you've ever done anything? All people who agree with Bush should be in this war. Go.

Anonymous said...

Your reaction to Bush is a human one, and reflects a healthy loyalty to your body and it's visceral response. Would that conservatives could trust their bodily responses in the same way! Religion and gods are constructed precisely to deny and block out such humanity, to assert false and unnatural power over self and others, and always lead to destruction, near and far. Thanks for your honesty.

maweeble said...

I was reading Rosie's blog and found a link to yours. Your Saturday, May 26, 2007 entry made my day. Maybe I should say it made my day easier to get though since I am so torn up by what is going on in this country.

I can't believe the damage George W. Bush has done to our country and our world.

Unlike you I do still firmly believe in God. It is that belief which keeps me personally going. That belief assures me that Dubya is NOT the one in charge and that
the horrible situation in which we find ourselves currently will "one day pass". At 56 I am signicantly older in you in that I went through the same feelings when the Vietnam war was in progress. It was as though that would never end and it did.

That last statement brought to mind the fact that WWI was nicknamed "the war to end all wars". To me that indicates that the frustration people felt then and then the relief that it was finally over made them think that people could never be so stupid/foolish again.

Oh well. History has proven yet again that they are that stupid/foolish. And now those of us who see the senselessness of it all have a means to express ourselves not available in WWI or Vietnam. And we need to do whatever we can to make the voices of reason heard.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Rich said...


I've enjoyed reading your thoughts and those of the many responders to your blog. On many levels, we are of the same mind. However, I respectfully disagree on President George W. Bush. While I wouldn't even try to defend all that he has done during his term, I believe the actions he has taken in the Mideast, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran...........are sound. He understands that Islamic Terrorism and its followers must be eliminated now and forever. On that fact alone I am behind him 100%. People are talking about the damage President Bush has caused both here and in Iraq. Maybe you and like minded others are damaged but please don't speak for the country. I guess you all have forgotten the murders of September 11, 2001. Oh I know, there are no links to Iraq. Please, pull your heads out of the sand or wherever you have it. A little sidebar story. On September 11, 2001 there were customers in a store here on Long Island where the workers were of middle eastern background. The workers were watching TV, cheering and jumping up and down for joy. Some customers went to see what the excitement was all about. Much to there horror was the World Trade Center in flames. So again please don't ignore the fact that birds of a feather flock together and for many muslims, our national tragedy was their victory.

Afghanistan was a no-brainer. Agreed? Iraq was the next perfect starting point to put a large American front in the job of eliminating Islamic Terrorism. The "world" wanted and was rid of a tyrant (I didn't hear much complaining about that)and we were now in the enemies backyard. The only reson the democrats are now backing away from Iraq is because were still there and it's an election year. What a bunch of hypocrites. So I want to thank the brave men and women of our armed forces who have sacrificed their minds, bodies and lives in the elimination of Islamic Terrorists in Iraq and throughout the world.

lrntoswim said...
I love this idea that our military is our sacrificial lamb. They are very heroic. They are supposed to be there for a specific purpose, not to take over countries. If you consider jihadists as terrorists then that is just what bush has done. Found people willing to kill themselves and many others in the name of all that "we" consider holy. You're right they had nothing to do with 9/11. It's like killing someone who hates you...which I believe is still a crime in this country. You should PRAY it stays that way...or surely no one will be free at the hands of those who have MONEY. Stupid people with money to be more specific. Where is GW's heart felt apology for ignoring global warmning? There isn't one. He is just pacifying us by almost admitting it. All the while doing LITTLE TO NOTHING ABOUT IT. He claims it will cripple our economy...but where is his pious attitude now that we need it for something that is real like this? The truth is he would never rather throw money at that like he did this war. Just consider every bullet or bomb that kills an Iraqi as coming out of your paycheck...instead of ways to come up with less wasteful ways of living. They are opposites to me. The justifications are horrendous and only allowable by people with very limited thinking. Not all people in the military are for the war. They are for doing what they are called upon by US to do. That is why they are brave. There is a reason you are too chicken sht to go do it for yourself. Because it is all bs? Afghanistan is easier to stomach b/c we actually thought the leader of 9/11 was there. We don't even have him by the way. So much for leading by example. We'll never convince islamic terrorists that we deserve to die if we act the same INSANE way. Go sign up for the war or shut up.

lrntoswim said...

we 'don't' deserve to die. Sorry. You almost thought you had me there. My uncle knew many people who died on september 11. He also knows that americans who support this mass killing jump up and down when they hear that we killed more people over there. It's all sick. Both sides. It takes two to tango and it sickens me to think we look nothing at how we can become better people and instead look only at blaming innocent people for what some people who belong in a mental institution did. GW included.

and if you say I deserve to die for saying this...then you have proven my point. You'd love to see anyone who differs in belief die...having done nothing to you but disagree.

Angela B said...

I feel the same way. But I also feel it for a select other few. Cheney for example, he seems like pure evil when I look at him , so if he is in a magazine I have to tape a piece of scrap paper over his face otherwise I keep getting shivers. ( I use to have to do that in my highschool history book on a picture of Rasputin, I find it funny I have to do it with him as well.)
Also Bill O'Reilly's face just makes me angry, my face gets all hot. There was a little 2 by 2 picture of him on MSN the other day, and my work computer automatically makes it my home page. I had to remember to immediately scroll down when I hit the internet button, otherwise I would see it and get a little sick.
Oh I long for the day when they are no longer in my day.

Rich said...


What a bunch of disconnected rambling. Maybe if you actually paid attention, you wouldn't have to put words in my mouth and tell me how I believe. Reading over your posts, it is apparent that you have nothing better to do then insult people that disagree with you and then imply they wish you dead because of it. I for one wish no such thing.

catlovr456 said...

OMG!! I experience exactly the same
physical/emotional symptoms every time I hear/see, that sad excuse of
a "leader" we have. I am only one person, but I am one of thousands who march for IMPEACHMENT,& that's when I don't feel so alone & that we just may accomplish this feat(along w/Cheney),before their term has ended!! Just hoping & praying!!

Mule Skinner said...

I agree with Cat Lover and Angela that something shouldbe done about W, but I don't think the chimps we elected to a congressional majority are quite up to it.

And, if Hillary Rodham, The Son of a Mill Worker or Babakazama is the Democrat nominee, we will be straddled with another G.O.P. presidency....probably Mitt Romney.

I am taking a hard look at Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader.

lrntoswim said...

Disconnected, yes. I am busy. I didn't say you wanted me to die. Other people who commented said that someone like me should. I said if you think that...or anyone for that matter. It still lends nothing to the fact that what you say is completely unfounded and garbage. Your little sidebar story was twisted. Do you think those who were cheering should die? Or just the Iraqis? Or just the Iraqis who have terrorists living in their country? Or is it that we have done nothing to curb the real problem? I say you should be there Rich. Bring along with you everyone who agrees with you. If not, you are a coward.
I read Julia's blog and whole heartedly agreed with her sickness when hearing GW's voice. It is my right. Just like all those who agreed and have commented. Also, as those who oppose have commented. You came back to comment AGAIN also. You will not put me down with your insinuations. I'm arguing a real issue. You are just trying to argue me.
Just for your much needed clarity - no where did I say you want me dead. That is what conservatives of late are putting on those opposing the war...that WE are paranoid? Ok. Ok. I see your logic. ha

Anonymous said...

I'm looking at The Bush Countdown Clock at
and it's less than 600 days until he and his VP are out of office. That much, at least, is good news.

FZ said...


Thanks for your comments, but please be fair to sour milk. It's actually quite good to use in baking. I can't find anything that the current administration is good for.


David in Boston said...

Bush and FOX "News" both make me cringe. They both go hand in hand.

I'd love you to blog about Fox "News" by the way. Both Bush and his cheerleaders on that station are just so horrible.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Julia I'm so disappointed in you. Truly.

I had all but forgotten about you and then wham, there you were on cable, a one woman show, "God says Hu?" or something like that. I watched the whole thing and loved it! This was just recently too. So I looked you up and found your blog. I was hoping to find out more about your CA ordeal, instead I find you Bush Bashing.

I could say so much here and now about how I hardly know anyone who thinks like you, in real life - off line-, how more times than not (despite THE INTERNET and bogus polls) I hear great appreciation for the likes of GWB, the mission, the war on terror, and the reality and history of how this whole Arab-Muslim-Middle Eastern GLOBAL JIHAD has been cooking, simmering, boiling, simmering again, rapid boil, boiling over for pretty much the last century.

I hear, realize, research, then ultimately gather together with equally informed individuals to try and find ways in which we can all help our United States of America during these perilous times - despite the deceptive agendas of the liberal left and their apparent aiding and abetting those who would kill us all tomorrow...

But I won't say anymore. I'll just cut this short mainly because it's not so easy writing in a little 3X3 blogger box and I think you get "me" sufficiently.

Well at least I now get "see" where your head is at. Shame, Shame, Shame.

But... let me say, I was tremendously happy to hear you have a daughter now, after your ordeal, per your stand-up show... that show which is still so fresh in my mind. I

If not for your severe Bush Bashing here, you would have gained a new fan. I would have liked to see your other shows, book, so on . . .

Peace out.

Ryan said...


I came across your CD about a month ago when a friend let me hear it believing I would enjoy it. And I did. A lot! I now have a copy of it myself. I was just now looking up the numerous names you quoted and referred to in your dialog, and in the process decided to give you a look up to - which led to coming across this blog.

I'm sure people have sent you numerous messages gushing on and on about how wonderful "Letting Go of God" is - so I'll spare you the repetition, though I share the sentiment. I will say that my appreciation of it comes from your way of adequately describing the process of trying to find your faith and in the end loosing - your line, when letting go of your religious faith, that says how it's "really a sign of respect" captures how I so clearly felt when I reached the same conclusion. So thank you. Among my books of Stenger, Dawkins, Harris, Dennett, Howard Bloom and many others sits your CD.

I scanned through your blog, and while I have other things to do aside from stalking you on the internet (I am a soldier in the Army about to leave for some good old training), I was intrigued about your reference to "The World Without Us" and will be sure to look it up.

I will have to check out your other works, and do hope that there will be more to follow on your rather insightful opinions and experience of life.


Jane Devin said...

I had no idea others were as repulsed as I was. Like you, Julia, it's an instinctive, guttural action. I can't shut the TV or radio off fast enough when he's on. His smirk, his conceited presence. . .the 3000+ lives he sacrificed for his own vainglorious purpose. Bush makes me feel physically and spiritually nauseous.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with being a complainer?
I'm a kvetch, and I don't see that
as problematic. If I would
ever disgorge my sticklach, the
socio-political ditties I compose during the long, lonely,
livid "rush" hours, the final
bit, done with that diminishing spotlight you might have seen
in a 50s tv show, I would sing
This stupid f'ckin planet is a tiny dusty mote,
this stupid f'ckin planet is a tiny dusty mote,
and when y've done with vis't'n it
don' forget your coat,
'cause it's cold out there.
---fade out.

Anonymous said...

The twirp?
yeah, a criminal schmuck.
The Dubyah regime is
the most negligent,
the most corrupt,
the most criminal regime
in the entire history of
this here republic!
Shticklach about Dubyah?
Well it's kin'o like this:
And now Ronnie Mayhem the
new comic from Reseda:
How about that Dubyah?
Yeah, well Dubyah was in a
diner restaurant in Crawfish Tx,
and he mentioned "nucular"
and they brought him texas
ice cream with a red cgerry!
---rim shot
--boom! boom!
How about that Rupert!
makes Goebbels writhe in envy
in his grave!
--rim shot, --boom! boom!
get the drift?

Kevin said...

Julia, I just got through watching (and listening) to a video of 'Letting Go of God'. I have to tell you, I was mesmerized. Your path to this resolution was so very similar to my own.

Although not a Catholic, I was confirmed in the next closet church - the Episcopal Church. And my conclusions were arrived at a much younger age (fifteen). But much like you, I read the Bible and the more I read, the less it made sense and the more it seemed like a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. Finally, I remember staring out my bedroom window one night and asking myself, "but what if it's not real. What if there is no God."

After having heard how you arrived at this, I wonder how many others have come to this conclusion in the way we did.

Anonymous said...

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